Why Zoro Rush is so strong in OP2 Meta


Zoro-rush is declared the strongest deck in OP2 meta (Tier-0), this deck won so many big tournaments, including the championship that Bandai hosted in Japan. Both the winner and runner-up decks are Zoro rush deck.

Here is the 1st-place deck:

Click into the image to open deck in decklist.

Why Zoro deck is strong

Onepiece Card Game is the game that relying on Don!! cards to play the character or event or stage cards. So the cheap-cost rush deck like Zoro totally has more advantages compared to other decks. 

One thing in the OPCG that we don't like is the limited draw power, but thanks to mulligan we can avoid brick-hand for our first draw. Still, we need more cards to use when countering opponent's attack. 

For this Zoro deck, except for Edward Newgate who is a solution for late game, every other characters play-cost are just 3 or less, many of them give 2000 counter and enough power to attack opponent's character thanks to the buff from Zoro leader.

Nami and Curly Dadan are the draw-power for the deck, with 1/2-cost to play. Name can only search for Straw Hat, but Dadan can help to take the Otama or Makino, those are good cards for counter (2k) or use to work in other combos. Searching to draw is very important in any OP decks. Name and Dadan are also decent attackers thanks to the leader Zoro. On top of that, Makino can also buff another 3k for 1-cost character like Nami and Sunny-kun, a cheap tech to get 5k/6k power easily.
To deal with opponent's big character, Gordon promo or Otama is used to reduce 3000/2000 power and then Jet Pistol.
The promo Gordon, with only need 1-cost to play, also works perfectly well with OP1 Nico Robin or OP2 Vista to deal with opponent's normal characters.
The 3-cost "rush" OP1 Zoro is the main power of this deck. With the buffing from the leader Zoro, this character can have 6k power. At the late game when we have around 8 to 10 DON!! cards, Zoro can gains power from many ways, easy to destroy opponent's big characters or attack leader for life without worrying that they can counter back.
(Zoro can be recycled back by OP1 Uta effect.)


There is no blocker in this deck, so it need to be rush and fast enough before opponent can setup board to block the Zoro attacks or clear our board.

The character like ST4 King purple or OP1 X. Drake green are the threat to this deck. Green Wano Country deck now is in spotlight because the great level of controlling the board, but regarding of speed, Zoro rush deck is still faster in early game.

4 thoughts on “Why Zoro Rush is so strong in OP2 Meta”

  1. unsure if im reading it incorrectly

    "The 3-cost "rush" OP1 Zoro is the main power of this deck. With the buffing from the leader Zoro, this character can have 6k power, haven't take in Makino can boost another 3k power"

    Makino can't boost Zoro.

    1. What?

      Yes she can. OF course she can: Zoro is a red character card. What Makino *Cannot* buff is the Leader – but that sentence is talking about OP1 3don Zoro char card, not the leader.

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