JP: OP04 Kingdom of Intrigue Tournaments

Country: Japan; Host: Bandai / Yokohama Championship 2023 (15 Jul)

Participanst: around 894

Leader Distribution and top-16 decks are below:

Country: Japan; Host: Bandai / Aichi Championship 2023 

Participanst: around 1500

Leader Distribution and top-16 decks are below:

Country: Malaysia; Host: Toysbar (One Piece Championship 2023 Preliminary Round in Asia – 3on3);

Format 3on3; Total 60 teams

Leader Distribution:??

Below are top-2 teams decks:

Country: Japan; Host: Bandai / Fukuoka Championship, Big Event.

Leader Distribution:??

Below are Top-8 Decks

Country: Japan; Host: Duelguard2, players: 64; 

Leader Distribution: Whitebeard 16, Katakuri 10, zorro 9, Rebecca 5, yellow mom 4; green purple dofla, blue crocodile, zetto 3; Black, Queen, Red Green Low, Blue Doflamingo 2;Nami, Ace, Kid 1

Below are Top-4 Decks

Country: Japan; Host: Sippohai; Format: team 3on3; Total: 20 teams.

Below are 1st-place team and 2nd-place team decks:

Country: Asia; Malaysia Championship Qualifier. Players: 203. Date: 24/25 Jun

Top 3 and top-16 Decks:

Country: Japan; Shumai CUP! Total: 100+ players. Date: 24 Jun

Deck distribution for top-16, and top-4 decklist are below:

Country: Japan; Kita Kanto CUP! Total: 115 players. Date: 24 Jun

Deck distribution as below:

white beard 27;  zoro 17;  Dofla 15; Law 10; Ace 8; Katakuri 7; Rebecca 6; Nami 3; Queen 3; Blue crocodile 3; Zetto 2; Ivankov 2 ;Yellow Yamato 2; Others: 10

Top 4 decks:

Country: One Piece Card Game CHAMPIONSHIP 2023 Preliminary Round in Asia; 

Format: 3on3, estimated: more than 300 players. Decklist of 1st Place team and 2nd place team as below.

Country: Thailand's Championship Qualifiers; 238 Players; Date: 17/Jun; Top-8 Decks

Country: Japan; Championship 2023 1st Qualifier Area Tournament Miyagi; Estimated more than 100 players; Date: 17/Jun

Some top-16 decks below:

Country: Thailand, 160 Players. Date: 14/June Top-8 Decks:

Country: Japan (Bandai); Hiroshima Championship; Players: More than 100; Date: 10 Jun;

Info about tournament:

Total of 350 battles.
Column: Deck Name | Win | Lost | Winning-Rate
(So we don't have total number of decks for each leader, just the win-lost summary result of all the battles.
Following in row info (leader name):
Whitebeard Edward Newgate
Red Luffy (ST1)
ST6 Bigmom
Blue Crocodile
Doffy (blue)
Green Kid
Rob Lucci
Red/Green Law
Green/Purple Doffy
Blue/Yellow Queen
Blue/Black Rebecca

Decklist: Top-16 Decks:

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