JP: OP03 Pillars of Strength Tournaments

Country: Japan; Championship 2023 3on3 Spring; Date: 13 May 2023; No info about how many teams joined, but this is considered a very big event in Japan.

1st Place and runner-up teams decklist are below:

Country: Japan; Bandai Big Event; Junior Friendly Cup; (More than 100 players). Date: 5 May. Top-4 Decks:

Country: Thailand; Flagship Battle; 120 players; Top-4 Decks

Country: Thailand; Host: NxGallery; Date: 16 Apr; 42 Players; Top-4 Decks

Country: Singapore Grand Asia Open No.Participate-435; Date 26 Mar

Top-32 Leaders:

Winners and top-32 Decks:

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