All the big tournament's top-4/8/16 decklist are recorded here.

Country: Japan, date: 4/Dec;  Total participants: 192. Format: 3on3. Winning team's deck:

Country: Japan, date: 29/Nov;  Total participants: 53. Top-2 Decks

Country: Japan, date: 26/Nov;  Total participants: 64. Top-4 Decks

Country: Japan, date: 19/Nov;  Total participants: 154, Format: 3on3 (3-man team)

Result: Winning team deck (1 Green Oden-Kinemon, 1 Green Kid and 1 Zoro rush).

Country: Thailand – FAM Battle ; Date: 13/Nov; Participants: 160; Decks: Top-4

Country: Japan; Date 12/Nov; Participants: 112; Top-4 Decks below:

Country: Thailand; Date 10/Nov; Participants: 130; Top-16 Decks below:



Country: Japan – 1st and 2nd Summit Battle; Date 6/Nov; Participants: 106; Top-4 Decks below:

Country: Thailand – Preliminary 1st Round; Date 15/Oct; Participants: 400; Top-8 Decks below:

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