Why Zoro Rush is so strong in OP2 Meta


Zoro-rush is declared the strongest deck in OP2 meta (Tier-0), this deck won so many big tournaments, including the championship that Bandai hosted in Japan. Both the winner and runner-up decks are Zoro rush deck.

Here is the 1st-place deck:

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Why Zoro deck is strong

Onepiece Card Game is the game that relying on Don!! cards to play the character or event or stage cards. So the cheap-cost rush deck like Zoro totally has more advantages compared to other decks. 

One thing in the OPCG that we don't like is the limited draw power, but thanks to mulligan we can avoid brick-hand for our first draw. Still, we need more cards to use when countering opponent's attack. 

For this Zoro deck, except for Edward Newgate who is a solution for late game, every other characters play-cost are just 3 or less, many of them give 2000 counter and enough power to attack opponent's character thanks to the buff from Zoro leader.

Nami and Curly Dadan are the draw-power for the deck, with 1/2-cost to play. Name can only search for Straw Hat, but Dadan can help to take the Otama or Makino, those are good cards for counter (2k) or use to work in other combos. Searching to draw is very important in any OP decks. Name and Dadan are also decent attackers thanks to the leader Zoro. On top of that, Makino can also buff another 3k for 1-cost character like Nami and Sunny-kun, a cheap tech to get 5k/6k power easily.
To deal with opponent's big character, Gordon promo or Otama is used to reduce 3000/2000 power and then Jet Pistol.
The promo Gordon, with only need 1-cost to play, also works perfectly well with OP1 Nico Robin or OP2 Vista to deal with opponent's normal characters.
The 3-cost "rush" OP1 Zoro is the main power of this deck. With the buffing from the leader Zoro, this character can have 6k power. At the late game when we have around 8 to 10 DON!! cards, Zoro can gains power from many ways, easy to destroy opponent's big characters or attack leader for life without worrying that they can counter back.
(Zoro can be recycled back by OP1 Uta effect.)


There is no blocker in this deck, so it need to be rush and fast enough before opponent can setup board to block the Zoro attacks or clear our board.

The character like ST4 King purple or OP1 X. Drake green are the threat to this deck. Green Wano Country deck now is in spotlight because the great level of controlling the board, but regarding of speed, Zoro rush deck is still faster in early game.

Destral: The Green Kinemon Wano Country Deck

Invited Author: Destral
Country: Singapore

About My Deck

The deck I used to won the recent Standard Battle is Kinemon pure Wano country, my deck's strategy is really depending on I will go first or second.

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  • If I go first I’ll call Okiku or OP2 Yamato (4 cost) and one Momonosuke. Then I won’t play anything else so by the time I’m turn 4, I’ll have Oden on the field and my win condition is just keeping Oden alive and attack the opponent's leader for life.
  • If I go second, I’ll play tempo so Oden will be like turn 6-7 play or it might not even be needed as I’ll be flooding board with Yamato and Okiku to tempo kill opponents units and just attack leader after, hence I play 4 Waterfall event cards.


The VIP are definitely Oden, 4 copies of Yamato and Okiku. These three, in my opinion, makes the deck strong. Abuse Kinemon leader skill to early rest and kill the opponent's characters with Okiku if you go second. In case you go first, just call Yamato and rest and swing units, don’t call blockers early at all to abuse combo-ing Kinemon leaders skill with Yamato and Okiku, your main object is to clear board early and get Oden out as soon as possible. Basically, the main combo in this deck is use Kinemon skill to call Yamato or Okiku, that’s the only important tech that you should be caring about, and also need to protect  Yamato and Okiku at all cost.


Rush decks like Zoro and Red/Green Law are super tough, probably hardest matchups in this meta besides purple, especially red/green Law if they high-roll your dead.  X drake is star in the deck, all you need to do against these decks are constantly killing their characters and not attack the leader to give them hand to flood board, only after killing their board then you attack leader for life slowly, basically hit all their units (ALL) and pray RG Law don’t highroll.

Purple Kaido: this match up is real tough. If they go first you are pretty much gonna lose if they have every card they need, there is no counter play as they just bomb your field. What you can do in this matchup is spam call everything and get Oden out as early as possible to attack the leader and go for game as fast as possible, protect Oden at all cost or it’s GG for you.

Black Navy is just so so matchup if they have Kuzan SR on field, you can’t call Oden down at all or it will be K.O.ed next turn, so kill Kuzan SR first before calling Oden. After haveing Oden on field, protect Oden at all cost and keep attacking the opponent's leader, they can’t guard because they have no hand (weak draw power).

Doflamingo is actually easier match up for Kinemon than Kid leader because all they can bounce are your blockers or resting characters. But in this matchup, X drake really shines hence I play 4 copies. Against blue Doffy deck I just out tempo them anything they spawn early and kill it at all cost except Pacifista blocker so by the time they summon Mihawk your board should already have around 4-5 units. At that state, you just attack the opponent's leader, don’t be afraid to take early life in this matchup you need more cards to summon the characters early.

Whitebeard: get Oden out as early as possible and and also build your field before getting Oden, protect Oden at all cost unless Whitebeard has no life.  After Oden is out just rush them, don’t bother attacking any of their units just all in their leader you need to rush them asap before they get many Whitebeard on the field.

Mirror Match: a bit coin-flippy, this matchup is all about each players 1st to 3rd turns who ever can protect Okiku and OP2 Yamato better who wins need drop all your hand to protect your cards. Basically whoever has board in this matchup will wins, hence early hand try to have OP2 Yamato, Okiku and Cat Viper in your hand and blockers.

Any other matchups should be able to win easier compare to the ones I mentioned above.

Good thing about Kinemon is going second is also decent, although I prefer going first.

[Deck Idea] Blue Vanilla with Green Swirls


Here's a deck idea that I've piloted recently and would like to share with you. This deck is built around the the new OP02 Sanji leader card, which allows me to play vanilla cards very effectively! 

Vanilla cards trades-off their card effects for big power-to-cost ratio. All the vanilla cards in OPCG currently have a +2*1000 ratio, which means a 3-cost vanilla card will have (3+2)*1000 = 5000 power and likewise 4-cost/6000 and 5-cost/7000.


The strategy of this deck is simple: fill my board with cheap and powerful cards to overwhelm the opponent. Using vanilla cards, a 3-cost character will have 5000 power allowing it to swing at your opponent's leader without needing any DON!! booster. With Sanji leader, this strategy is further amplified by reducing cost of vanilla cards. For example, a 5000 power card will only cost 1 to play!
While Bandai may have originally designed Sanji leader to be played with the new OP02 Film cards (many are vanillas), I prefer to play him in a Seven Warlords Blue/Green configuration since I do not like the art of Film characters.
I maintain a default pool of vanilla characters: 15 copies of vanilla 2-cost/4000 Jimbei, 3-cost/5000 Weevil, 4-cost/6000 Moria, and 6-cost/8000 Mihawk all Warlords searchable using the OP02 Kuma and retrievable from trash using ST03 Moria. In addition, ST03 and OP01 Boa Hancocks supplies the deck the basic blockers and since the ST03 Boa may not be the most efficient card to play from hand, I use her for a basic Counter+1000 card or recycle her using OP02 Boa. 
I also play a handful of Impel Down cards in this deck: 1-cost Buggy for search and 4-cost Inazuma for blocker that suddenly becomes bigger when I use counters from hand, also compatible with the 0-cost Gum Gum Rain which is really an effective card for counter and trigger. Together with OP2 Boa, there are enough Impel Down cards for Buggy to search.
And finally, OP01 blocker law glues the deck together as an imposing 5-cost blocker that can retrieve Buggy/Kuma or any attacked/rested vanilla to play another 2 or 3 cost vanilla (and regain 2 cost) or Kuma for search. There are not many cards in OPCG that can easily deal with a 5-cost character.
This deck runs enough (12 copies) triggers to add some value to Sanji's precious 4 lives, and notably OP02 Diable Jambe will let me play a 4-cost or lower vanilla so I will always keep 1 in hand just in case.


I find this deck is really straightforward and fun to play! Every card I play has a default high power that can swing at my opponent without needing additional DON!! cards, and while rested they are also not easy to be dealt with, causing your opponent to waste DON!! resources and counter cards from hand.  

Thank you very much for reading! 

Pavel's Black Deck Experience from a Blue Player


My name is Pavel, I live in Japan and attend 1-3 standard battles weekly, ever since I started playing One piece, I focused on a blue deck (First Crocodile then Doffy and then back to Crocodile), it always felt like I could gain control and deal with most of the characters on the field, but, when it came to 8 cost Kidd, 8 cost bullet and 9/10 Kaido, it felt like I had no option other then just attacking and hoping the opponent would not counter or block it.

Having only being able to deal with up to 7 cost (or below) characters (Return to the bottom of the deck, return to hard) did not feel enough, that is until I saw the Black cards and the huge protectional it had dealing with the previously mentioned characters and even the new ones (White beard, Oden) allowing me to easily K.O them using 3-cost Koby, 7-cost Sakazuki and 10-cost Kuzan and gain control rather easily. 

matchups and strategy

Here are some examples of the experiences I had; Playing against red Zoro is the most difficult so I will start there. What I learned is that you always want to find your 2-cost blocker and place it early and make sure to use it as soon as possible if you do not it can be easily destroyed. By placing and using your blocker early you can slowly stall to late game, if you make it to late game with 3-4 life cards you are golden at this point. Moreover, using your 2-cost Garp as a bait for the user to try to destroy (Jet pistol and such) is also a great way to stall, if you do not get to place him on field, he is still a 2k counter which is crucial for the matchup, Another card that you want on your field is 4-cost Borsalino, 6k body that cannot be K.Oed by effects is simply insane and I wish I could use more than 4(lol). That is a simple explanation to red Zoro battle from my perspective. 

Moving on to a tad easier battle would be Purple and Green. This is just a free match for Black decks if you can stay above 3-life at late game. Against Green you always want to make sure to use your K.O effects on Robin and if needed on Yamato (4 and 5 cost) and after that save your K.O effects for Oden (do not let him reach the next turn or allow him to attack).

Purple is trickier, by turn 6-8 you want at least 2 Borsalinos on the field (to avoid Kaido's KO effect) and make sure to try to find your stage. At turn 10 you can simply -1 cost to King and K.O with your Kuzan. 

And finally, the last deck that I wanted to save for the last is Whitebeard. This match up is very tricky: as you would with Zoro, get your 2-cost blocker in early and use it early and stall for late game. Make sure to K.O Marco before whitebeard has 2 life card left and after you reach late game your best friends are your blockers. Populate your field with blockers and take the game slowly from there, make sure to be in control and stay above 1-life at least in late game.  


One final note, I noticed that it does not really matter if you go first or second, as it mostly depends on your hand. Since you can see your hand before choosing to go first or second, I always choose to go first, although it might be a small disadvantage for me, most of a time is also a disadvantage for the other player.

Any questions, please email pavelzilb@gmail.com or add me on Discord Pasha#7489 for questions.

Thank you for reading, I hope you find this information useful. 

Singapore: Interview JianHui, The winner of Kavdeans Den SG Championship (500+ players)


The biggest One Piece tournament in Singapore was hosted by Kavdeans Den with the participants of 500+ pirates. 

We did an interview with Jiahui, the winner of this event, bring back home the Championship Luffy promo card. His deck is not the consistent tier-1 green Kid, also not the high-power Kaido force, but flexible and aggressive Red/Green Law. Let hear out what he will share with  us his experiences.

Click into the image to go to this decklist

1. Could you introduce yourself and how you enjoy/experience the OP Card Game so far?

Jian Hui: Hi everyone, Jianhui here! I have been playing TCGs competitively for the past 10 years and I’m definitely still going strong! I have an amazing playgroup that I practice and build decks with, introducing @TeamSeafoodKing !!! Shameless plug here but we have recently started our Patreon page! It’s currently free for now so do check out our page for valuable insights on the game. Link on our Twitter page! 
OP card game is actually one of the best TCGs I’ve played throughout my TCG stint. Being a competitive player, I enjoy TCGs that requires a high skill ceiling so that it is easy to differentiate the best players from the better ones, and OP TCG definitely stands out for me in terms of deck-building and gameplay. Not to mention that I am a diehard One Piece fan! 🙂 
2. What is the reason you brought your Green/Red Law deck to this tournament, and what is the strength of your deck in the current OP1 meta?
Jian Hui: Red/Green law is definitely one of the most consistent decks in the meta with searcher cards like Nami/Bonney to search your deck for relevant cards to deal with each matchup you face. It generates board presence quickly with Law Leader skill to gain insane value by exchanging a cheap cost card to summon potentially 8 Don worth of units with OP-01 Blocker Law! It is also one of the most intricate decks to master and greatly rewards you if piloted well. 
Personally, I chose a more control variant of RG law as compared to the more common aggressive variant with more copies of Luffy and Zoro. It fits my playstyle more and it has generated better tournament results for me at my local card shops. Really glad it worked out in the end for me!

3. How were your matchups against other color decks in the tournament?

Jian Hui: The majority of the decks I played with are Green and Purple decks. Green decks are generally easier to play against due to my RG Law’s ability to dominate board presence, which will cause a problem for Green decks due to their dependency on a strong board to win the game. I definitely had an easier time playing against Green in the tournament.
Purple decks are more challenging and unpredictable due to their ability to high roll into the ‘nuts’. I went 6-1 in swiss and only dropped my last swiss game against a Purple Kaido, who went Castle -> 6 King -> 6 King into 9 Kaido. I adapted a more aggressive playstyle when playing against Purple by searching for Rush characters to put maximum pressure on them while aiming to end the game quickly before it snowballs into an unwinnable situation. 
Last but not least, I only played 2 mirror RG Law games the entire day. For this matchup, it’s pretty much dependent on each player’s skills when piloting the deck and luck is also a relevant factor in a mirror game of course!

4. Please give us some comments/feelings regarding the event ? 

Jian Hui: I was definitely excited and was really looking forward to participating in the first-ever major tournament hosted in Singapore for One Piece CG. It was a nail-biting roller coaster ride, especially in the Swiss rounds as only players who attained a perfect score of 7-0 are guaranteed a spot in the top 16. Nonetheless, the event was really fun and I had a really good time there! After this win, I would also hope that my team and I can recreate the same success in the upcoming major tournaments be it in Singapore or other countries =) 

5.  Which Deck will you play in OP2 Paramount War?

Jian Hui: I’m a HUGE Marine fanboy and will definitely be building all the Black decks for OP2. Do let me know if anyone of you is interested in letting go of your Black AAs from your pulls! 🙂 
6. What are some of your future goals for you/your team? 
Jian Hui: We hope to recreate the same success at the upcoming One Piece Championships, not just in Singapore but overseas too! Just as I’m typing this, my fellow teammates Alfred and Hanyong, have won the One Piece Championships hosted in Manila!
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