[JP/OP07] 3 Flagships, 14 Wins – 1 Lost with Yellow Black Luffy (ST13)


Hi! I’m @ItsEnigmaaa on twitter from Malaysia, and I recently piloted a Black Yellow Luffy deck, winning 2 straight flagships and losing in the finals of the 3rd. I was previously an Enel player for the past 5 months, but kept losing to Lucci, so decided to switch to BY Luffy and was able to go 14-1 from my first flagship with it! The deck I used and original twitter post can be found below. Also, shoutout to my small TCG team CB9, I was originally a Yu-Gi-Oh player, but got dragged into One Piece by them and haven’t looked back since.

Click into the Image for the decklist in One Piece Top Decks

The post gained a lot of traction from players in the west still in EB01 format, and fellow players in the east for running raitei and only 1 kid ace. Thank you for your interest! This article will explain BY Luffy’s position in the 07 meta, my personal construction and how to play each matchup. At the time of these tournaments, these were also the last flagships in 07, so I think of this as the solved construction I would run, at least in Malaysia meta. It’s a long article, but I hope to cover a lot. 

BY Luffy position in OP7

BY Luffy’s strengths can be broken down into:

  1. Make your opponents midgame characters useless. Once you start your engine, any character that your opponent played below 9k power in early turns is just a card they never get back.
  2. Fill board quickly with high power characters
  3. Loop Sabo to prevent board removal

A 10 don Moria turn from BY Luffy is the strongest turn in the game.

The top decks in the 07 environment are RP Law, BY Luffy and Lucci, followed by t2 decks Enel, Bonnie and Perona. The 07 meta is a bit rock-paper-scissors ish, where every deck has one extremely hard matchup. However, for BY luffy I think the matchups are:

VS RP Law 50-50

VS Lucci/Moria 75-25 favoured

VS Enel 50-50(depending on build)

VS Bonnie 30-70 unfavoured

VS Perona 50-50

Once you start your engine against RP Law, all their characters have to invest at least 2 Don to hit you, making their turns suboptimal. Lucci/Moria decks just lose because their deck cannot remove anything due to Sabo. Enel is a deck that never has extra Don to swing you because they have to play a big character, and you can avoid KO effects from Perona while all your characters are 5cost.

The only tough matchup is Bonnie because of 9c Zoro, but as Bonnie struggles against RP Law and black decks, the deck isn’t very popular. This makes BY Luffy one of the best decks in 07, having at least a 50/50 matchup into everything, and the power floor of the deck is so high that rogue decks don’t threaten you.


The decklist is pretty standard across all BY Luffy builds, the only new additions are

  1. 5c Rocket Luffy
  2. 3c Ivankoff
  3. 2c Raitei
  4. 10c Kuzan
  5. Lastly, 2 adult ace and 1 kid ace

I’ll explain when these cards are used in which matchup in the matchup section below as well, but to put it briefly:

5c Rocket Luffy – RP Law counter. KO shuraiya and bon clay. Also KOs Rebecca in black decks, and allows you to draw 1 and sustain engine

3c Ivankoff – RP Law counter. 4k base so the opponent must Gordon to remove it. Against RP Law we want to Moria bring back Ivankoff standing, and only transform 1 kid to become 7k base and 1 life

2c Raitei – RP Law and BY mirror. It’s my favourite card in the deck. The don management matches up perfectly for starting your engine in turn 4: Against RP law 2don raitei, 2don leader ability, 2 don play a kid. Against mirror, 2don raitei KO their 5c Luffy and play a 5 drop.

10c Kuzan – Enel and Bonnie counter. The general strategy playing against BY luffy is to not touch their life and build board, forcing them to drop cards from hand like Hiyori and kids to start the engine. Against slow decks that go wide and don’t touch your life early, you have time to drop 10c Kuzan, which also makes 9c characters like zoro and Yamato in KO range of rocket luffy. This slot is usually Kuzan or Ice Age, but I prefer Kuzan as its stronger into Ener and the Mirror, reusable, and having to ice age zoro 2 turns in a row makes it so that you have to drop 4 cards from your hand instead of playing Moria.

As you can see, a lot of the tech cards are for RP Law haha, but it’s currently one of the most common and strongest decks of the format. Lastly, regarding Ace ratios, I just never need Ace. Adult ace is a counterless card, and when I think about when I want to play Ace over another adult, there is none. We will always drop sabo + 5c 8k luffy on t3+t4, and we have to start the engine on t5, so there is no space for Ace. It can be useful as a surprise lethal, but good players will always be aware anyway, so I only want to see it late game after I finish playing all my Morias, at which point if you played 2-3 moria, you will probably win anyway. 3 copies because I only need to see 1 Ace by turn 8. Finally, the most important part in One Piece, how to play each matchup. 

I try to go second in all games as I run 10 kuzan, and starting engine on t4 is nicer if you can follow up with moria t5.

Matchups and how to play

BY Luffy is a timer deck. You will always be starting your engine on t4 and t5 against good players, and every moria turn late game is basically a -2 cards from hand (Play Moria, leader ability discard 1). As such, when playing for and against BY Luffy, every late game turn is basically a -1 to hand(draw for turn).

You can do the math pretty easily on how many cards you will have when you start your engine: Start engine on turn 5, you have 5 cards starting hand + 4 cards from life + 4 cards from draw phase – 2 cards from 5 drops = 11 cards, which you will have to use another 4 (kids + makino) to start your engine. This means starting from t5, you will only have 7/8 cards in hand for the rest of the game, and you can expect to lose 1 each turn after. You will lose the game if you cannot kill your opponent by then. Thankfully, because all your characters are 8k and below, you don’t have to guard rested characters.

VS RP Law:

Mulligan for 5c 8k luffy, 5c Sabo, kid luffy. Against RP Law, 5c 8k luffy is the only character that sticks around due to 8k base. The RP Law player will try to poke you with leader to 2 life while setting up a wide board, and then go for lethal when we are 2 life and haven’t started engine. We want to just survive the initial 3 turns while taking as much of their life as possible, and then start engine on turn 4. The general turn progress is:

2 don play garp->4 don leader 5k garp 6k->6 don leader 6k play 5c luffy to trash life->8 don start engine->10 don moria bring back ivankoff and rocket luffy to KO shuraiya/bon clay

Key thing to note here is that you only need to be 7k base against RP law, since investing 2 don for card in hand is awkward for RP law if they use their leader ability multiple times early. Going 9k + sabo is also risky as they can just bot deck the sabo with Gordon. The ideal late game is to play Moria, bring back Ivankoff standing and a kid luffy, then transform into rocket luffy to KO shuraiya/bon clay and keep smacking face. The toughest part is dodging the turn 4 lethal from rp law without losing too many cards, but once you have rocket luffy in rotation and can play moria late game, they don’t have a way to efficiently remove 9k base and you will outvalue them with rocket luffy.

VS Mirror:

Mulligan for 5c 8k luffy, Moria and sabo. Go 2nd, because I play 10kuzan. I won’t touch my opponent’s life early, and will only start hitting with leader if I can threaten lethal. Against BY Luffy, you want to force them to start their engine by dropping cards like flampe and kids. Never put a BY player to 0 life for free. Unfortunately, the matchup is quite dependent on who draws more Moria, but its important to create chances early game by threatening lethal: if you have 3 attacks and opp has 2 life, start with 5k leader swing and see if your opponent wants to save cards in hand or drop more cards but start their engine.

In the mirror, know when to swing and when to let characters die. Basically, I never swing unless I can get 3 cards out of my opponents hand by threatening lethal, and in the late game, when both you and your opponent become 9k base, cards like 8k luffy lose value. I don’t mind having my characters like 8k luffy die because late game they’re useless. Your ideal moria targets are sabo and rocket luffy, so that you can get a blocker + draw 1, this makes it so that your net card loss a turn is 0. Please use rocket luffy first, then sabo after so you can throw usless cards drawn with luffy. 

I considered playing 5c Sabo from ST13, as you can KO your opponent’s 5c 8k luffy on curve, but Raitei is too good into RP Law, and you can always Raitei+5 drop on turn 4, so Sabo was cut from the list.

VS Lucci/Moria

Go second. Mulligan criteria is just 5 sabo. This matchup is straightforward. The only way you lose this matchup is if they can set up 2 9ks(issho and moria) in the early game, and then just 4c Rebecca-5c Sabo blocker loop you while punching 9k twice every turn. If they only have 1 9k attacker a turn, then you will automatically win by drawing moria since you lose net 0 cards each turn: remember, rocket luffy draw 1 + draw phase draw 1 – leader ability discard 1 – play moria 1 card = net 0 card loss. As long as you can start your engine before 2 9ks show up, you have a 90% chance to win. Just punch life until they die. If you have a chance to play 5c luffy or 5c sabo on turn 3, please play sabo first, so that you can at least have 2 characters on board if you cannot draw a second sabo. This makes it harder for the black player to KO both characters in one turn. 

VS Enel

Mulligan criteria is 10kuzan, 5luffy, moria. Enel’s wincon is to delay the game enough to set up enough big bodies to go for lethal. Enel players won’t touch your life and play katakuri to put your 5drops into life before swinging to botdeck them. The reason for this is because once by Luffy starts their engine, only 9c yamato and 10c ace are able to touch the leader, and the enel player will fall behind if they only have 2 attacks each turn vs you that can just smack 5k base leader. This slower gameplay gives you time to play 10c Kuzan, which allows you to rocket luffy KO everything except 10c ace. 

A common boardstate is:

The Enel player has just played 10c ace and is 2 life. Start with luffy attack leader 8k. If the enel player blocks, I will go 11k leader swing into a Yamato or ace, and then 9k leader with moria. If they eat the initial 8k, swing moria 9k to leader, then 11k to leader if they didn’t block, or 11k to character if Enel guarded. The beauty is that enel will always have to drop at least 6k a turn when against by luffy. It seems obvious, but please remember Enel’s ability. You will naturally win by outtrading Enel.

VS Bonnie

This is the worst matchup for BY luffy. Basically, I want to pressure them early on as much as possible by attacking life. After dropping the first sabo on turn 3, I will never have a chance to swing with my leader again without losing my sabo, so the attacks before the first 5 drop are your only chance at hitting Bonnie. After that, I will stop hitting, and will drop rocket luffy on the turn before 9c zoro, so that I can drop 10c kuzan the next turn and ko zoro. This is the only way to beat Bonnie. Good Bonnie players will have to guess between ice age and kuzan on your build, but dropping a rocket luffy before your 10 don turn is like publicly announcing ‘I’m playing 10c Kuzan’. Dropping rocket luffy before the zoro turn forces your opponent to either hody jones and clear kuzan, or attack you and put you to 0, forcing you to start engine and not play kuzan. This is the most important turn for BY luffy. If you can survive this turn and drop 10c kuzan, you have a chance. As you can rocket luffy KO everything in bonnie’s deck while recovering resources. 

I also always want to have 2 sabos in rotation. Its obvious that 1 sabo will get rested whenever my leader attacks, so remember to have 2 on board.

Thank you for reading this far! It’s a long article, but I wanted to cover the different matchups. If you enjoyed reading, please follow me on Twitter (https://x.com/ItsEnigmaaa) where I regularly post flagship results. 

[JP-OP07] Nadon: Won Flagship (7-0) with Black Yellow ST13 Luffy


Hi I am Nadon (Tanadon Teethapong) or keep calling on my X Account name Goddog as a TCG Player from Thailand . Top 4 Southeast Asia Area Final 2022 but maybe my deckchoice is not always good so I miss another qualifier and continually high standing on flagship tournaments (In Thailand Flagship is a big scale start with 64 up to 256) .

The topic today is about my black yellow Luffy (ST13) deck that I used last weekend for 2 flagships, it ended up with 12 wins 2 loss. I got 1st place in one flagship and 11th place in the another.

Saturday : 1st (178 players)

R1 : Katakuri W; R2 : BY Luffy W; R3 : Perona W; R4 : Reiju W; R5 : Nami W; R6 : RP Law W; R7 : Lucci W

Sunday : 11th Place (114 players)

R1 : Moria W; R2 : RY Sabo W; R3 : Nami L; R4 : Moria W; R5 : Nami W; R6 : Reiju L; R7 : BY Luffy W

Click into the Image for the decklist in One Piece Top Decks

ST13 Luffy Leader - Deck Profile

This season (OP07 saka bans) I choose Black Yellow Luffy to play because the position of this deck is on top tier leader with slightly advantage on many matchups with 7k-9k leader power, recycling power, matching with 2 strong black card like sabo and moria, and with 8 searchers that's increase a lot of consistency for combo deck.


The spotlight for this deck for me is dependent on 3 cards 1.Luffy(St13)  2.Sabo(op04)  3.Moria and coin has two sides because you are a combo deck is mean hand filter is very important. You will need Sabo for defensive and cycle also you will need Luffy(St13) for offensive, a 2cost child Luffy, life drawing, and Moria to form a board without consuming resources so mulligan is hard if you make wrong decision you can lose even on 80:20 Matchups.

About the matchups

Talking about matchup for now environment for this ordinary leader deck;

RP Law 50:50
Lucci 80:20
Moria 75:25
Bonnie 10:90
Boa 60:40
Nami 60:40
Enel 70:30

So it is truly clear you instantly lose to Bonnie that's why both Kuzan is here.

I will explain my idea 3 10cost Kuzan and 4 4cost Kuzan instead of a pair of Ace.

Why Ace ?

The answer is, in many matchups you can win without Ace *If you can remember all of pattern gameplay and do everything correct*. He would help you a lot on offensive play + lethal turn, I do not cut him because he's useless but why you need to play a deck that facing Bonnie and go home while you did good for other matchups.

Kuzan does not help a lot like flip tables for 90:10 in the Bonnie matchup but it can make you have a window to win.

The plan is play 4cost Kuzan as much as you can and quickly play 10cost Kuzan on 10Dons while 4cost Kuzan can KO 9cost Zoro if you can stay alive till here = you win. Egghead Luffy(OP07) will solve everything with 9 cost bullets. This game plan also affects when you can stay on 3-4 life while you have 10Dons.

About matchup agina with kuzanpair list

RP Law 45:55
Lucci 80:20
Moria 70:30
Bonnie 70:30
Boa 50:50
Nami 50:50
Enel 60:40

The ratio is a bit decreasing on some matchups but you do not have the worst matchup now.

**Disclaimer** Consinstancy while being lower than normal list and is not guarantee to beat Bonnie. You are still losing to her if you do not draw and deploy at the right time.
Basically, you will play Luffy(St13) on a turn of 5 Dons and 6 Dons, so Garp, 2 brothers, and Luffy(St13) will be the keep standard.
In the Bonnie Match up will be EggHead Luffy, Both Kuzan, and Moria.

I'm glad to see people are so interested in my deck. Hope this helps you a little. And continue enjoying our favorite One Piece card game.

[EN-OP5] Jason Pan: 1st Place OCE Treasure Cup with P Luffy

Hello everyone, my name is Jason Pan. I’m from Australia and I’m apart of Team PX3. 

I started off playing Zoro with my highest achievement being 3rd place at Treasure cup.

1. Tournament and my choice about the deck.

With this tournament being an online tournament, I knew I had to win every game in order to be champion. Therefore, I wanted a deck that was consistent and could beat everything else in the meta. 

I have a personal preference for playing aggro decks (played Zoro before), consistency and efficiency are 2 important factors I look at when choosing a deck to pilot. So, looking at the current meta, Purple Luffy (PCP) was the best choice for me. 

PCP is efficient in most if not all areas. Defensively, being able to play 14x 2k counter, 2x blast breathe, 2x jet gatling (which doubles as clearing any dead cards in hand) means you’re able to protect your life and characters. In turn, this creates pressure for your opponent. Having access to some of the best blockers in the game, specifically, 5 cost kid and 5 cost queen which double as attacking threats. Offensively, having access to Paulie, Kaido and Magellan allows you to gain tremendous advantage by simultaneously ramping, clearing board, and messing up opponents’ curve whilst establishing a big body that’s difficult to remove and hit into. 

PCP is without a doubt one of the most consistent decks within the whole game. Having an inbuilt ramp system that doubles as a card draw is ridiculously powerful. Although it is limited in card draw, this can be alleviated through the use of queen and Kalifa. 

The typical gameplan is 1 -> 4 -> 7 -> 10 or 2 -> 5 -> 9 (if going second). Ramping as fast as possible to 10 don is typically the gameplay as then we’re able to drop multiple 5c bodies which creates even more pressure.

Click into the image to see decklist in One Piece Top Decks

2. Match ups on the day

I versed 2x Sakazuki, 2x PCP, 1x Katakuri, 2x Enel and 1x RP Luffy (which I wasn’t expecting this especially in round 7). Below I’ll briefly go over my match ups on the day and strategies going into these match ups.  

Round 1 – Sakazuki 

Magellan + ulti page one -> Kaido FTW 

Round 2 – Sakazuki 

Saw all my Sundays and played them all, which allowed me to have great hand advantage and take a gamble with dropping Kaido to swing for game.

Round 3 – Katakuri

Paulie MVP

Round 4 – Purple Luffy mirror

Magellan MVP

Round 5 – Enel

This was a close game, as I didn’t see any 5 cost blockers. But my board was wide enough to swing for game. 

Round 6 – PCP mirror

Opp pressured me very early on by dropping ulti page one turn 2, I managed to stabilise and set up lethal for the next turn and dropped 7 cost kid, which ensured he couldn’t kill me if he went game. And if he didn’t go for game, I could still get lethal. 

Round 7 – RP Luffy

Always ensured I was cautious of 10 Luffy turn (staying at 2 life) and slowly chipping away cards in his hand. 

Round 8 – Enel  

Paulie -> Kid + queen -> kid + queen 

3. General Guide

I’d like to start off by saying one piece is a very situational game, the same play may not be optimal in every situation. Please take the below only as a general guide on how to play your turns. 

Sakazuki – Without a doubt the hardest match up for PCP. Ice age, great eruption, hina, lucci, and hound blaze are great tools Saka can use to clear our board. The game plan is to apply pressure and establish board faster than Saka can clear. 

Going first – your curve ideally is 1-> 4 -> 7 -> 10 -> 10 

4 don – Play 4 6 vanilla (Apoo). Typically, I wouldn’t play page one here as he’s an important combo piece for later on. You can play one of the 4 cost blockers if there is no Apoo in hand. Important to note DO NOT use law effect even if your opponent has 7 cards in hand as this will hinder your curve. 

7 don – Paulie or miss all Sunday to ramp. If opponent has 4 cost Borsalino it means our 4 drop we played the turn before is still alive. In this scenario definitely drop Sunday and use extra don on characters/leader to swing. If no Sunday dropping Paulie to ramp is still good. 

10 don – Magellan + Ulti page one is our absolute best play we can make here. Not only are we establishing 3 bodies on field, but our opponent will only have 7 don to play with. Alternatively, queen + ulti page one is also good. We must ensure we play at least 2 bodies down which forces an answer from our opponent. I would avoid dropping Kid + queen as most likely these blockers will go to waste. If hand is bricked dropping Sunday + Paulie (no effect) is ok. 

10 don – Depending on the board state drop 2x 5 costs is good or kaido or don on characters  is good. It is very situational and I’m unable to give a best answer. 

Mulligan – Paulie/Sunday, ulti /page one 

Going second – Ideally ramp 2 -> 5 -> 9 -> 10 

5 don turn – Sunday/double finger to ramp or Magellan (if playing Magellan you’ll be at 7 don next turn see above)

9 don turn – Kid (or any 5 cost that doesn’t neg don) + ulti page one, once again by having 3 bodies on field we create pressure for our opponent. Try to avoid playing Magellan/Queen + ulti page because then our next turn, we’re at 9 don. However, everything is situational and sometimes mag + ulti page one is the best play. 

10 don – 2x 5 cost or Kaido, situational once again. 

Mulligan – Magellan/ Sunday, ulti + page one.

Uta – I didn’t verse on the day, but with uta’s rise in popularity I thought I would include this.  I would say uta can be a hard match for PCP depending on what each player sees and if uta is playing 10 doffy. 

Going first, the curve is mostly the same as above. However, sometimes on 7 don it’s better to drop one of the 7 cost characters in preparation for 8 cost kid. Even possibly dropping Kaido without using effect can sometimes be viable. 

Going second dropping Magellan on 5 is so powerful and it delays 7 cost Luffy and 8 cost kid by a turn. 

General tips – swing for 6k is ok as uta only runs 8x 2k counters. Be cautious of life as uta can always 2x 12k with leader with I’m invincible. 

Mulligan – Paulie/Sunday, 7 drop. 

Kata – Establishing a wide board and chipping kata’s hand size whilst praying for no TB trigger LOL. 

Going first – 1 -> 4 ->7 -> 10 

4 don – Any 4 cost.

7 don – Paulie, Sunday, 7 kid, Urashima  

10 don –Kid + queen 

Mulligan – Paulie/Sunday, Kid/Queen 

Going second – 2 -> 5 -> 9 -> 10 

5 don – Magellan, Sunday, kid 

9 don – 5 cost + 4 cost, Paulie. Situational  

Mulligan – Paulie/Sunday, Magellan, Kid/Queen

RP Luffy – I’ve read that this is a bad match up for PCP but I wasn’t really expecting to vs into it so didn’t test into it. 

Be careful on how many times you use leader ability, establish 6k bodies and being aware of 10 luffy turn is important. 

RP luffy is a strong deck but is quite linear. Predict what RP luffy can do next turn and play around it. 

Mulligan – TBC need more testing. 

Mirror – I’d say it’s the most coin flip mirror in the whole game, mostly dependent on what each players draws. However, there are still things you can do to make it more favourable for you. 

Going first – 1 -> 4 ->7 -> 10 

4 don – Any 4 cost 

7 don –7 kid, Urashima, Sunday 

9/10 don – 2x 5 costs. if you only have one blocker in hand, try to avoid dropping as this is easy Kaido target. 

If your opponent plays Magellan on their second turn, the curve is in their favour. Ideally you Magellan them back or play Sunday. 

Mulligan – any 4, Magellan, Sunday, Kaido 

Going second – 2 -> 5 -> 9 -> 10 

5 don – Magellan, Sunday, kid – DO NOT play a 4 cost as this is an easy Paulie target. 

7 don (if played Magellan) – 7 cost 

9 don – 5 cost + 4 cost 

Mulligan – Magellan, Sunday, Kaido 

A well-timed Kaido can turn the tide in your favour instantly, choosing the right turn to ulti + page one and 4 cost law is also very important. 

Enel – by far the easiest match up for PCP. 

See Katakuri 

4. General Tips

  • Defend life as you’re taking life through leader ability.
  • Knowing when to don characters and swing big vs playing extra character is important knowledge and situational. 
  • Swinging face the vast majority of times and using Paulie and Kaido for board clear, sometimes you need to swing board though.
  • Playing Kalifa on 4 don to help cycle hand and also double as a target they must attack into next turn.
  • Take your time!!! Think about each move you can make (this doesn’t mean slow play LOL) just think of each play you can make; what your opponent can do in response etc. I typically try to predict 2/3 turns ahead. The first play that comes to your mind might not always be the most optimal. 

5. Conclusion

Although PCP may seem like a linear deck, sticking by the same play each and every game will not always guarantee the win. Being able to change your gameplan and adjust is a very important skill. I’m unable to explain everything in this article but feel free to ask me any questions on X (twitter) @Px3_Pan (https://twitter.com/Px3_Pan) 

Alternatively, my team (PX3 – https://www.facebook.com/TeamPX3) is pleased to announce we now offer coaching! More details can be found on our Facebook page, feel free to PM us any questions!

Thank you for taking time and reading my article, I’d like to give a massive shout out to my boys Choyang Yu, Kevin Ngo, Zhao Tee, Shannon Cole and Brandon Ngo. Also, to my teammates Nicholas Koh, Kenneth Chiew, and boss man Jimmy James for the constant testing and support throughout the day and in general. Shout out to the whole Perth community! And a massive thank you to our sponsors Eternal Magic (William Chong – https://eternalmagic.cc) for the team drip (playmat, deck box), Beyond Odyssey and Team Card Titan. 

Finally, thank you to One Piece Top Decks for giving me this opportunity.

[EN-OP5] Felipe Arze: Winner of OP Latin America Final with Purple Luffy

Felipe Arze is the winner of One Piece Latin America Final with his OP5 purple Luffy Leader. There were 512 players participated this tournament.

1. Quick self introduction (when did you start to play OP card game) and your achievements

Hello to all!. My name is Felipe Arze and I am from Santiago, Chile. I started playing OPCG 2 months ago in the last part of Op04 playing Rebecca.

I do not have any previous achievements in the game since this was my first major tournament and dont play any other tcgs at the moment (Last one was WWE RAW DEAL like 20 years ago =P)

2. How do you generally play this deck?

I love Purple Luffy because of his versatility and strategy. You can be very defensive or really oppresive if you want to depending on the match-up.

The principal advantage is you can get to 10 Don by turn four either going 1st or 2nd using the leader ability and the cards in my deck. The MVP of my deck is Paulie if I could run more copies of him I definitely would!. 5 cost characters are the heart of this deck, like Queen, Kid, Magellan leaving my big bodies to go for the finish.

I play Kaido and Luffy G5 Nika, which is an excellent card in my worst match up Sakazuki

Click into the image for the decklist.
3. Generally how do you deal with all the current tier-1 decks (Sakazuki, Katakuri, Purple Luffy , enel etc)
Sakazuki: I truly believe is PLuffys worst matchup and the main reason it wasnt so favored prior to Finals by many top players. Basically you have to draw perfect and expect an average or less draw by the Sakazuki player. My main tech in this matchup is the Luffy G5 and Sheeps Horn so I can go for game in a turn in which the Sakazuki player isnt expecting. This won me 2 out of 3 of the sakazukis I played on the swiss wounds at Finals.
Katakuri: I believe is a favorable match up, and the only thing as with all yellow decks are the triggers luck that you can encounter. You should try to anticipate those possible triggers, and be very aware of what the player does when he uses his leader ability. My main strategy is try to make a big board and leave Kaido in my hand in case there are last minute triggers like Bege, Sanji or Brulee.
Enel: Also a favorable matchup, however the most difficult game I faced on my way to the championship was the top 4 against Mexican player Agustin. The pressure of the rush Enel is really something that makes you lose the game especially when there is more than one on board. My main strategy is to be really aggresive from the beginning attacking life from the start and not letting him get resources at hand.
Mirror: Like every mirror is a lottery and usually results in which player had a better draw or won the dice roll. I always prefer to go first on the mirror since I can start to put pressute frome the start and not let him ramp comfortably. Usually the one who finds Kaido first has a big advantage
4. What do you think is this deck’s weakness?

My deck weakness is concistency since i dont have searchers to look for the cards I need. In that regard cards like Kalifa and Queen let me cycle and are really important. My main weakness is Sakazuki since he can basically answer all my bodies including Magellan

5. How were your matchups during the Latam Final and how did you play to win against those opponents?


R1 Katakuri W
R2 Enel W
R3 Sakazuki W
R4 Katakuri W
R5 Enel W
R6 Katakuri W
R7 Sakazuki W
R8 Pluffy W
R9 Sakazuki L

Top 16
Katakuri 2-0

Sakazuki 2-0

Enel 2-1

Enel 2-1

My main approach was not a competitive one, I just wanted to have a nice time and that took a lot of pressure out of me so I could play really confortable and secure.

The only match I experienced real pressure was the top 4 against Enel, where I had the second game dominated and my oponent made a remarkable comeback.

6. Any tips or hints that you want to share with other players?

Play the game for love, for fun, to have a great time, to make friends, to enjoy. Not to win prizes or prove you are better than everyone.

Be friendly with your opponents, be a good sport and the result will eventually show up.

8. Do you have any message or shoutout to your team or your local community?

Shoutout to everyone who supported me this weekend, my wife, my kids, my brother Matias, my friends Seba, Manu, Cedric, Carlos, Nico, Javier etc. Big shoutout to Poison and Potion my local store and I will see you all at the World Finals!

[JP-EB1] Ryu-san: ST13 Black Yellow Luffy Deck

Ryu-san used Black Yellow Luffy and won a clean result of 9-0 in Asu Championship. He wrote some note on his deck build and the reason to use or not use certain cards for the deck.

His matchups:

Swiss: Win Red Purple Law, Moria, Moria, Sakazuki, Red Green Law, Sakazuki

Top Cut: won Sakazuki, Red Green Law, Sakazuki.

Click into the Image for the decklist in One Piece Top Decks
The reason why I don't use yellow Newgate

In team format 3on3, it is easy to hit Sakazuki and I will try to go 2nd. I will try to mulligan for Gecko Moria because it is important, because you don't know if whether you can draw the remaining 3 cards later.

Backstory of The Deck Construction

In team battle, we focused on Sakazuki, Moria, Katakuri, Red-Purple Law, and Black-Yellow Luffy as virtual enemies, and aimed to consistently win against opponents other than Sakazuki.
So, I decided not to use Newgate, which is the main character that faces Sakazuki, and instead I used Yellow Sabo, Makino, and Great Eruption (ST06-015).

2-cost Yellow Sabo

I mainly used it to suppress the lower rate of 5-cost yellow Sabo and to destroy the opponent's character in red-purple Law or mirror. In addition, it can be used to increase the hit rate of search, slightly increase the evolution success rate into 5-cost Sabo, and increase the number of life self-harm cards, increasing stability.


I wanted to accumulate 10 cards with 2000 counters, so I wanted to chose 5-cost Yamato, but by using Yellow Sabo, the number of 5-cost characters has increased, so I chose 2 copies of Makino  to make it 10. Makino also can use to reduce life, look at your life and sort them in your desired order.

Great Eruption

It is mainly used in the early stages or when there is unused active Don, and plays a compressive role in the deck. The probability of drawing cards from the entire deck increases slightly.
Even if I drew it in the second half, it wasn't that much of a hindrance because I could cut it off with leader effects and Sabo effects.
Sometimes you can defeat your opponent's 7 Borsalino with Great Eruption + Yellow Sabo! ! !

In individual battles, it is highly recommended to use 4 Edward Newgate and 2 copies of 5-cost Yamatos in those 6 slots!

Original Note in Japanses





今回のチーム戦で仮想敵としてサカズキ、モリア、カタクリ、赤紫ロー、黒黄ルフィをメインで考え、サカズキ以外に安定して勝つことを目指しました。 なのでサカズキ対面メインのニューゲートを不採用とし、そこの枠に黄サボ、マキノ、大噴火を採用しました。






主に序盤やドンが浮いた時に使ってデッキの圧縮的な役割になります。 デッキ全体のカードの引く確率が少し上がります。 後半に引いてもリーダー効果やサボの効果で切れるのでそこまで邪魔にはならなかったです。 たまに噴火+黄サボで相手の7ボルサ倒せます!!!


[JP-EB1] Guan Rong: Finished at 1st Place in Asia Final with Saka, I am heading to the World Final.

Yesterday was Asia One Piece Final (Feb 4 2024), the battle of 23 best OP players in Asia (outside of Japan). We got the winner is Guanrong with Sakazuki from Malaysia, and 2nd place went to a Singapore representative, Benjamin with Gecko Moria. 

Here we have a quick interview with GuanRong for his tournament report.

1. Quick self introduction and your achievements?

Hi my name is Guan Rong, from Malaysia. I have been playing OPCG since it release. My Biggest achievement is Asia Champion, other than that I am also MY Region Champion and multiple CS Top Cut.

2. Why did you choose this deck for the Asia Final?

I choose Saka because I like the Leader effect that gives me changing my card once per turn and with its system it helps to build up the trash at the same time so it makes this deck more flexible and changeable. This deck is more on skill base so I kinda like it. I didn't really prepare for this Asia Final due to some personal issue and I have been informed that EB01 is illegal until yesterday late at night they change. So I been force to change my deck build yesterday and I slept at 5am.

Guan Rong Sakazuki Deck
Click into the image for the decklist.
3. How were your matchups during the Asia Final and how did you counter those leaders?

R1 Free Win
R2 Saka from PH
R3 Moria from HK
R4 Saka from HK
R5 Saka from Indo

Top 4 Moria from HK

Final Moria from SG.

I personally feel that in this current meta Saka needs to go first when it is against mirror or Moria.
For Sakazuki Mirror the early game plan is to set up Tashigi and Brannew so that u wont lose your hand and have body in the field. They can be a good attacker when you use hound blaze to add power for them. In the Sakazuki mirror match, the most important thing is to have more resources and use less resources to respond to your opponent. In late game we need those 7c Borsa and Moria to build boards and because they are high cost characters it is harder to clear. I will always try to predict my opponent's move and keep a set of responding material in hand.
For Moria Actually if I have 4c Borsa it will be much easier to fight against it. But I didn't expect so many Moria in this Final. When fighting against Moria the best move they could have in the first few turns is a few Perona to discard your hand and call the 4c Thriller Bark remover to clear the board. Late game is Moria gaming so I would prefer to check their trash because Moria can't really drop their puzzle into their grave so I just need to double check and predict their move so that I can always respond. When fighting against Moria, Sabo is a very important card with the combo of Rebecca, they are two unkilled Blockers. It's good to use to stop Moria to end the game. Remember to check their trash on Lucci and Helmeppo so that you can predict how many Characters will be KO if they drop off Moria with Eruption or Ice Age.
P/S: I didnt use 4c Borsa because I feel that there will be less Moria and 4c Borsa in the  mirror matchs and other matchups that does not feel that good in EB01 format
4. What do you think is this deck’s weakness?

I didnt expect that to meet so many Moria because in my perspective I feel like Moria is not a good meta in EB01 format. When I built this deck yesterday I was more concerned about the matchup against Mirror /Kata Enel/BY Luffy. For me I feel like the hardest matchup is against Katakuri. If the opponents are lucky with the trigger it will be the biggest challenge Saka will face. So my plan is to use Kuzan and Sabo to counter Katakuri.

5. I heard that the host only informed about EB01 format to be legal for this tournament just the night before. Then which cards in EB01 that you included into the deck?

Ya I only got informed that EB01 was legal yesterday late last night. So I considered putting T-bone for the 2k counter and the 3c brook to my deck but due to lack of time and testing on using Brook in Saka so at the end I decided to just replace Vego to T-Bone.

6. Any tips or hints that you want to share with other players?

I would say practices make perfect. This is my dream to qualify for the World Finals. I put a lot of effort and practice before just to win. I realise that I put too much time and energy into it, ignoring what's really important and losing something good in my life. I recommend people to distinguish between hobbies and what is really important in their life. Be grateful for what they have. Stay Happy

7. How was the tournament's experiences, is there anything that the host can do it better for the tournament?

I dont realy like online tournaments. I prefer to play face to face. The TO did their best. The experience for 2023 Asia Final is good but I think offline will be better

Asia finals (23 man)

Singapore 5 players: 4 Moria 1 BY Luffy

Taiwan 3 players: 1 Saka 1 RP luffy 1 Moria

Malaysia  3 players: 2 Saka 1 RP Law

Thailand 4: 3 Saka 1 Reiju

Hongkong  4: 2 Saka 2 Moria

Philippines 2: 2 Saka

Indonesia  2: 1 RP law 1 Saka

[EN-OP5] Zhao: Top-16 Place OPTCG Oceania Finals with Sakazuki


Hi everyone, my name is Zhao and I’m from Eternal Magic. Last weekend I have reached top 16 at the OCE Championship Finals in Melbourne. I would like to thank One Piece top decks giving me this opportunity to post this on their website, also thanks to Eternal Magic (William Chong) providing me a kit and also my boys from the PX3 team constantly supporting me and also testing with me, without them I definitely will not be able to achieve this result.

Its a long story, but I started off with this game as a collector and I thought to myself, since i have got all the cards I might as well play the game. So here I am. I have been playing games my entire life. I have played both PUBG and CSGO competitively before, and this is probably the third game that I am trying to be competitive at. 

I still remember the first time ever when I played locals in Goodgames Rockingham WA, as whitebeard. I fell in love with the game and also the community. I won in my first ever event, and pulled my first ever winner nami card, thinking that it worthed millions of dollars. That’s where i start playing the game more seriously and i meet my boy Nicholas Koh and Jason Pan from PX3 on my second/third event. They gave me lots of tips on how to play whitebeard during the set and they have now become one of my closest friends.

I have only played 3 tournaments so far:
2023 Online Regionals Top 64 (Whitebeard)
2023 Online Treasure Cup Top 128 (Whitebeard)
2024 Offline Championship Finals Top 16 (Sakazuki)

And I’m so ready for the upcoming treasure cups and regionals.

My matchups for the OCE Championship finals

P Luffy (W) I went second, i highrolled everything i needed to answer the board and top decking literally everything i needed.

Saka (L) didnt see a single rebecca and hina. Went second

Kata (W) Went first. Saw both my 7 don and 9 don turn characters, which was Borsa and  mihawk, literally creating huge character and removing their board.

Enel (W) Went first. I saw all three of my 7c borsa, allowing me to remove their board, and my opponent gave me 3 life by putting all 3 borsa at the bottom of my life with katakuri.

Enel (W) Went first. Mihawk once against came in clutch allowing me to clear board and establishing bodies. And i used ice age + great eruption + hound blaze on their yamato, +3k on my mihawk, swinging 13 to the other yamato and setting up a 4c blocker borsa literally won me that game.

Saka (W) Went second. Just saw all of my RHL’s constantly answering my opponents board, until he runs out of juice.

Saka (W) Went first. Top deck mihawk when i was out of RHL. Opponent setup blockers borsa, and i swung 6 leader 9 cost mihawk with 1 life up when my opponent got 0, and top decking houndblaze next to remove the rebecca and swing 13k and 13k leader to end the game. 

Saka (W) Went second. My opponent mulligan and his facial expression told me that he bricked. So i was constantly removing his board and applying pressure putting him to 0 life with 13 cards in hand.

My Sakazuki Deck

Click into the image for the decklist.

What do I think of sakazuki deck:
Sakazuki is actually a very complicated deck if you would like to perfect it. Is not a deck like whitebeard where you just play characters on curve and doing maths for counter, which is exactly why I like it. There’s so many options on every situation in every different matchups. However, being efficient in what you do, making the right decision and thinking 2 turns ahead is generally how it differs a good play and a not so good player.

People have been asking me why the mihawk, why not 10c kaido, why not just play an extra hina. The reason behind it is it help against all yellow match up and also mirror. Is a 9k body that yellow cant remove and also 9c character which require your opponent to have great eruption to remove it with RHL for all mirrors.

How do you play against all the meta decks:

Sakazuki (mirror):

I generally want to go second, but I really do not mind going first if i see the right cards. How i see it is if you are going first, your goal is to be answering your opponent’s board. On the other hand, if you are going second, your goal is to constantly establishing board and answering your opponents board. So if i got first and see my 7c borsa and 9c mihawk that pretty much wins me the game, if im constantly seeing RHL after.

Going second my curve is normally
Turn 1 – Brannew
Turn 2 – Borsa
Turn 3 – Borsa/Kuzan +Hound Blaze.
Turn 4 – Great Eruption Borsa
Turn 5 – RHL or setting up blockers

For my starting hand for going second, I always look for brannew/rebecca/rob lucci/hound blaze. Brannew and rebecca will the number prioritiy as one help you build trash and the other one help you grabbing what you need from trash.

Going first my curve is normally
Turn 1 – Leader’s Ability
Turn 2 – Hina/Brannew depending on your hand, I will always prioritize Hina
Turn 3 – Great eruption + Hound Blaze + Brannew/ 7k 7k swing.
Turn 4- 7c Borsa
Turn 5 – RHL or Mihawk.
Turn 6 – RHL or Blockers.

For my starting hand for going first, BHina/Brannew/Hound blaze/7 borsa/ great eruption/rebecca. As you do not need to do RHL for your early games you will prioritise more to get hound blaze or characters so you can constantly apply pressure and also develop your board with constant 6k+7k swings.

In the end the mirror is whoever can consistently remove board efficiently and setting up characters efficiently is the player that will win. The best way to tell is in your turn, if you have more cards in hand than your opponents, then you are very ahead.


For Katakuri, I generally want to go first to stop their curve. I find that 7c Big mom is very annoying if they drop it on their turn 4 if they are going first. However, know where to take a life or give a life is very important, making the wrong decision can make you lose the game.

Going first my curve is normally
Turn 1 – Leader’s Ability
Turn 2 – Brannew or Hina
Turn 3 – Answering the Perespero with either Hound Blaze, or Lucci or playing sabo/4c borsa
Turn 4 – 7 Borsa on a 4c Character
Turn 5 – Mihawk the katakuri
Turn 6 – Sabo + Kuzan or ice age/ 2 GE Borsa the big mom.

Normally going first, I’m looking for Sabo/4c Borsa/ 7c Borsa/Kuzan/ Iceage/ hound blaze. 4c Borsa/Sabo is extremely important as it allows you to defend efficiently especially katakuri will either consistently swing 7k or 5k to ur leader. Borsa/sabo can save you lots of cards. As long you can consistently remove board and building board, this should be quite easy to defeat.

Going second my curve is normally
Turn 1 – Brannew
Turn 2 – Borsa/Kuzan but always borsa due to gedatsu.
Turn 3 – Hound blaze and Kuzan or Roblucci Great eruption to answer the board
Turn 4 – 7c Borsa GE for 7c Big mom or RHL
Turn 5 – Mihawk the Kata
Turn 6 – Consistently removing board with Kuzan that has been either set up before or ice age.

Going second borsa is really important, i will always mul for 4c borsa, because katakuri curve will be 3c Pero 5c Gedatsu 7c Mom 8/9c Kata or Yamato 10c mom. Which means he will be consistently swinging 5k every turn which allows you to have a free block every turn with borsalino.

This is the easier matchup compare to katakuri, however you will still want to see the same thing just like against katakuri. I love to go first against all yellow decks as it put them off their curve, and most katakuri or enel player prefer to go second anyways for some reason, which is even better for you.

Constantly swinging 5k is also important, because its an easy guard and it will bait your opponent onto guarding rather than taking life. You wanna be consistently taking cards out of their hand if possible. Imagine you have 2 attackers. Your leader and a 4c borsa, the enel have 11 cards, you have 10 don open, swinging 5 with your leader first will make your opponent think, what if he swing 5 and 15k to lead, i would have no life if i take, they will normally counter out and you just leave your borsa standing. If they dont you can easily swing 7k to his lead forcing him to counter or he will be at no life and establishing your board. So swinging 5k constantly is better than swinging huge normally for this match up.

Going first my curve is normally
Turn 1 – Leader’s Ability
Turn 2 – Brannew or Hina
Turn 3 – Answering the Ohm with either Hound Blaze, or Lucci or playing Borsa
Turn 4 – 7 Borsa on a 4c Character or great eruption houndblaze swing into the rested character
Turn 5 – Mihawk the 7 mom or katakuri
Turn 6 – Sabo + Kuzan or ice age/ 2 GE Borsa the yamato.

I normally look for my sabo and ice age in this match up and also most of my removals. If you play sabo on the turn before he plays yamato. This allows you to make a them make play inefficiently, which can help you win. Ice age is mainly for enel as they will be -5cfor the whole turn, double roblucci or hound blaze will totally remove it from the field and making them trashing life at the same time. I love it when they play ohm, I really believe that is one of the worse cards in yellow deck, as it might bottom deck the cards they need like yamato or katakuri or 7c bigmom to the bottom, and when it happens, you can tell by just looking at your opponent’s face.

Going second my curve is normally
Turn 1 – Brannew
Turn 2 – Borsa

Turn 3 – Answering the Gedatsu with either Hound Blaze, or Lucci or playing sabo/4c borsa
Turn 4 – 7 Borsa on a 4c Character
Turn 5 – Mihawk the katakuri/7 mom
Turn 6 – Sabo + Kuzan or ice age/ 2 GE Borsa the Yamato

I normally look for 4c borsa just like the kata kuri matchup so you can consistently guard a 5k leader swing which helps you manage your resources efficiently. Consistently removing board is super important in this match up and keeping 1 life up can also save the day as Amaru 16k leader when you have no life will ruin the day.

Purple Luffy:

This should be an easy matchup,  however watching Allen Lu, which is the OCE championship finals champion, make me doubt myself as his deck focus on ramping so quickly and spreading the board which makes it hard for us sakazuki removing the board efficiently. I generally want to go second in this match up as i feel like its easier to deal with a paulie on their turn 4 than dealing with a magellan on their turn 2. But hearing from lots of good players, they prefer to go first, and I really think is personal preferenced.

Going first my curve is normally
Turn 1 – Leader’s Ability
Turn 2 – Brannew or Hina
Turn 3 – Answering the 4c with either Hound Blaze+ GE, or Lucci + GE or playing Borsa/Sabo
Turn 4 – 7 Borsa on a 4c Character or great eruption houndblaze swing into the rested character
Turn 5 – Mihawk the kid or 7c fatty
Turn 6 – Sabo + Kuzan or ice age/GE houndblaze kaido or RHL the board with iceage/GE

I normally look for hound blaze for the magellan and also borsa as a early blocker for the swing. For this match up having removals are very important as they spread the board with character too quick, you need to be having answers for all character they established and constantly putting pressure to their life early game to chip cards off their hand and put them off when they leaders ability for more don. You also want to be countering his attacks early game as you always need to assume that there might be there one player that run 10c gear 5 luffy in their deck.

Going second my curve is normally
Turn 1 – Brannew
Turn 2 – Borsa/ answer board with Hound blaze

Turn 3 – Answering the Magellan/5c character with either Hound Blaze, or Lucci or playing sabo/4c borsa
Turn 4 – 7 Borsa on a 4c Character or 7c character with ge
Turn 5 – Mihawk the magellans or setting up blockers, or rhl or hound blaze to remove the board.
Turn 6 – Sabo + Kuzan to prepare for the kaido or ice age/ 2 GE Borsa the Yamato

Is the same as going first, I like to see borsa so they can’t paulie me and also having alot of hound blaze so i can remove their board constantly and applying pressure. Sabo in late game is very good as well, as it helps protecting your character from getting bombed by their kaido.


In the end as a sakazuki, there is no games where you actually play everything on curve, as you might not see all the cards you need. But playing efficiently depending on what you have in hand is there maximise your chance on winning. As this is a card game, luck is always required to do good, sometime you could be unlucky and not see the cards you need, that where you need to close the gap with your skills, because sometimes your opponent can also whiff and brick their hand.


I would like to thank the boys from PX3 Team, especially Kevin Ngo, and Jason Pan, that is constantly practising with me whenever i needed, to further master my deck. And also the owner of the team Jimmy James giving me the opportunity to practise with his team.

I would like to thank the owner of Eternal Magic, William Chong for providing me a kit to compete under his banner, if you guys are ever looking for one piece cards, go check out his website https://eternalmagic.cc.

I would like to also thank the whole perth community that has been supporting me from the beginning and throughout the whole journey

I would like to also use this opportunity to share my personal patreon with you guys where i offer online and offline coaching (if you are in perth), and also content where can help you strive to become a better player. https://patreon.com/user?u=38446056. If you have any enquiries, feel free to message me on my twitter too. https://twitter.com/ETN_Zhao.

Special mentions: Choyang Yu, Brandon Ngo, Nicholas Koh, Ethan Silverton, Kenneth Chiew, Hugo Meneghella, Darcy Healey, Nathan Nguyen, Armin, Matthew Smith, Connor Nicholls, Amon Kioshi, Matthew Franchi, Harrison Kneeshaw for the constant support. LOVE YOU ALL. AND THOSE THAT I FORGOT TO MENTION, YOU WILL ALWAYS LIVE IN MY HEART. <3

[EN-OP5] Antonino: 3rd Place OPTCG European Finals with Sakazuki

Hello, last weekend there are 2560 players from around the world (mostly NA and European) traveled to Utrecht Netherlands to play One Piece Card Game European finals. The top-3 decks are all Blue Black Sakazuki.

Today we caught up with Antonino, a player from Italy who managed to make 3rd place and he will share with us about his deck and tournament review.

1. Quick self introduction (when did you start to play OP card game) and your achievements?

Hello everyone, my name is Antonino Borzi and this past weekend I reached third place at the OPTCG European Finals in Utrecht. First, I'd like to thank OPtopdecks for the invitation and for this interview and to say hello to the whole community, Italian and not, who followed and supported me even from home during my journey in these European finals, especially to my team: K2Tcg.

I started playing OPTCG exactly when it was released in December 2022. Initially I approached the game purely for collecting as I was a big fan of Oda-San's work and really liked the card art. From there I started going to local tournaments to be able to win shop exclusive promos and on the advice of my girlfriend Romi who I salute I convinced myself to go to my first competitive tournament and first official one piece tournament in Europe in Birmingham. It was an experience that made me fall in love with the game and the community in general and despite having no experience in any other TCG or games in general I managed to place 33rd out of 512 with purple Kaido winning a chopper treasure cup, a card that seemed impossible for me to win at the beginning. From there it went all downhill, I won my first serial at the treasure cup in Barcelona by making top 8 with Red luffy where unfortunately I had to clash in top 16 with a close friend Juan Mendez (Gato) to whom I send my regards and wishing him luck this year to get his serial. After this top I made top 16 with Black lucci CP at the regional of bologna thanks to Alfred Goh who inspired me to play the deck and taught me a lot seeing him playing at the Grand Asia Open and few Asian Flagships. After that, post op3 ban when everyone thought the dad was dead I made first place at the 1024 players treasure cup online with red Whitebeard (miss you dad) closing 10-0 and top 16 at the regional of Milan with the same deck. 

2. How do you generally play this deck? (Early, mid, and late game decisions).

Sakazuki is a deck that is as fun as it is difficult to play. It makes you feel a mix of emotions, sometimes you hate it and sometimes you love it, but you still know that there is no better deck that rewards the pilot more if it is perfectly piloted. Lately you often hear players (Yellow players mainly 😊) complaining and shouting about banning certain cards because the deck is very strong compared to others and I totally disagree. The deck is definitely very strong, but I can say with certainty that it's the deck that needs the most skill from the birth of the game and needs an excellent pilot. It has so many micro decisions to make, starting with the trashing ability of the leader that if not used properly leads you to lose most of the times.

During early and mid-game I usually tend to control the opponent’s board developing mine by using as few resources as possible (keep this in mind) to avoid being short of hand cards in late and not being able to remove big threats of the opponent. Apart from cleaning board you also want to mix it with pressure to setup lethal in late with cards such as hound blaze. 

3. Generally how do you deal with all the current tier-1 decks (Sakazuki, Katakuri, Purple Luffy , Enel etc)
Rebecca Blocker: The ultimate combo

Sakazuki Mirror: It's obvious to say that you want to go second because you are in a card advantage position, which is why I decided to put pilaf in because on T2 and not only (there are too many strong spots) it allows you to even that advantage or to put you in a win position. A key card in this matchup is Rebecca because it gives access to the so-called "combo" in combination with Lucci and Hina that allows you to clean up your opponent's board every turn and in case your opponent can't respond to the combo anymore the game could almost be over (bottoming pieces of combo he doesn’t have in trash is OP). Be careful not to easily get to one or 0 life as cost reductions plus hound blaze could easily override your blockers and allow your opponent to find the lethal

4C Kuzan: The Yellow Nightmare

Katakuri: Going second simplifies this matchup quite a bit as it allows you to make your plays on curve and prevents a potential 10c mom from entering the opponent's board. My advice is to always attack from 5 or 6 opponent's boards or lives and use the don for any triggers or standing pieces left on the field to clean them. It is quite a complicated matchup in case the opponent triggers a lot, so before each play you must analyze all the possible situations that could lead to that play. Also, except for the first life(nullify gedatsu effect) I always tend to counter all the attacks less than 7k and let them pass if they are 7k or more. 4c Kuzan is a key card in this matchup and against yellow in general since if it manages to stay on the board (often a Thunderbolt target) most of the times it wins the game by itself.  

Enel: Similar matchup to katakuri (Trigger gap 😉 ) , but different way of approaching lethal because of the leader ability that makes the deck a t1 and also different way of approaching resource management. In this matchup you will feel like you are in a constant resource war and against a strong opponent's hand you will be in an unfavorable position if oppo sees very well every turn. For this reason, you need cards like pilaf or cards that allow you to draw so your hand is always fueled. Also, I'm always careful not to get to one life because in case I don't see a Sabo my other blockers are all too vulnerable to one or more potential Amaru, which is why I don't attack my opponent the turn before he can go lethal with Amaru if it’s not for me committing lethal and I usually leave him at 2 lives trying to develop board and to remove as much as possible the opponent's threats always remembering that important resource management.

Hound Blaze: The Pluffy Killer

Purple Luffy: I think that this match is almost hound blaze dependent, if you don't see any copy of that card, you should be ready to concede ☺ Jokes aside, Pluffy is a very aggro deck that goes 10x faster than you so how can you beat a deck that goes faster and more aggro than you? By going as aggro as possible by removing threats. Hound blaze is the card that allows you to do this as it removes and gives you a +3k to one of your pieces to attack life or a rested opponent's piece to turn off his aggression. So, my advice is to go aggro and always try to control your opponent's board because if you can't exert enough pressure and your opponent manages to stabilize his board with blocker and vanilla the game is already over.

4. What do you think is this deck’s weakness?

I think that the weakness of Sakazuki are the decks that put you so much pressure in the early game and you having no answers to that. If you can survive the explosive start of some deck and manage to pilot it perfectly the deck is unstoppable. 

5. How were your matchups during the Europe Final?

Here are my matchups:


Pluffy(W); Saka(L); Enel(W); Enel(W); Saka(W); Saka(W); Enel(W); Katakuri(W); Saka(W); Saka(W)


Enel(L); Zoro(W)

Final result: 10-2

Top 64:  Pluffy 2-0

Top 32: Sakazuki 2-1

Top 16: Zoro 2-0

Top 8 : Sakazuki 2-1

Top 4: Sakazuki 1-2

3rd Place Final

Sakazuki 2-1

6. Any tips or hints that you want to share with other players?

Yeah, there are some tips I would like to share to the readers, if you arrived at this point without getting bored you deserve that. First, leader ability: you don't have to trash every turn, maybe in early to fill the trash but once you've played a brannew that filled the trash and have your hand set don't feel obligated to trash, try to think 3-4 turns ahead and figure out if you really need to trash or not.

During my early days of testing, I felt frustrated because the deck wasn't giving the results I wanted. The main problem was that I wasn't playing it properly, so make sure you give it the right amount of time to test if it's the deck you'd like to master and have great results with, test each matchup 50-100 times until you understand each play and mechanic.

7. Do you have any message or shoutout to your team or your local community?

Yes, First of all I want to thank my K2TCG (Be sure to follow us for content soon) teammates Matteo Longhin, Giansalvo Oliva and Roberto Rondino that were so unlucky on not getting that top knowing how much they have worked to arrive there. They are the best players I know, and our group together is a force of nature, we will conquer Europe one day I am sure.

Also I want to thank the whole Campania community, especially Luca Irano(Lekelly) for the testing against Zoro to help me solve the matchup as best as possible and Lorenzino for always believing in Pilaf(Best card). Gigi (il TCG), Mirko, Montre, Nacho and the other Italians and friends I shared the top cut with, especially Riccardo (Xorph3n) that finally deserved to be up there with his favourite colour and worked so hard to reach that. I send the greetings also to the players from Veneto, from Sicily (especially to Riccardo and Matteo for our intensive testing days <3 ) to the whole Barcelona community(David, Ains, Erick, Marc, Gato, Monaru and more), the no name group(Armando, Mattia, Riccardo, Dima, Frenk and Gallo), the Colosseum Community and the guys from Perugia ( Betti burnt my phone XD ).

Special mention to one of my closest friend Luca de Luisa and my Girlfriend Romi who supported me every day and believed in me. 

Other mentions to which I would like to dedicate one speciale last space are Caste, Rello, Gianciaccio, Angelo, Katayuri, The Rizzato Brothers (Shachi & Penguin), Bubo, Sas, Lucas, Khaisake, Giseq(Young beef), Ste, Deku, Polish, Edo, Simo, Gap, Vale, Ilduty, Mirko, Mino and Leo. I hope I am not forgetting someone so don’t hate me in case I did ☹ 

[JP-OP6] Ferdinan: Won 5 Flagship(s) with Blue Nami Deck.

Hello everyone, today we have a quick interview with Ferdinan Nolanda from Indonesia. He played blue Nami and won 5 flagships, as well as reached top-16  in Bandai Card Fest Kuala Lumpur (400+ players) (Malaysia).

1. Quick self introduction and your achievements.

My name is Ferdinan from ogre team (Indonesia), a boy who likes low tier deck, winning 5 flagship from 6 flagship by using nami’s deck.

Click into the image for decklist in One Piece Top Decks

2. How do you generally play this deck? (Early, mid, and late game decisions)

In early game, I'm using kaya to make the cards in hand more better, to search white snake, love-love beam, sanji’s pilaf and Gavel.

In mid game, i'm using Gavel to reduce the deck then use white snake and love love beam to increase the number of card in hand then use Mr.1 for add Gavel from the trash

In late game, I'm using kaya for reducing the deck and hand then use Deathwink

3. Generally how do you deal with all the current tier-1 decks (gecko, Yamato, enel etc)

I think I can beat tier 1 deck by using the new event card from op06 (white snake), so I can counter their attacks. I resisted the attacks from the early game so in the late game when their attacks becomes higher I can take the life.

4. What do you think is this deck’s weakness?

It will be bad when Kaya and event cards for draw power such as Love love Beam, white snake, sanji’s pillaf are going to trash by the other card effect.

This deck also suffers if it meets aggro deck like Zoro.

5. How was your pairings during the recent BCF and were there any decisions that you wished you have done otherwise?

Deck used: Nami
R1 vs Sabo WIN
R2 vs Saka WIN
R3 vs Yamato WIN
R4 vs Saka WIN
R5 vs Katakuri WIN
R6 vs Saka LOSE
R7 vs Moria WIN
R8 vs Saka WIN

Result day 1 rank 5

Top 16
vs Saka LOSE

I wish I redraw my first hand on my top 16 because that hand are not playable on the late game.

6. How do you manage when your opponent builds a wide board? Often it will put a lot of pressure on your don resources, hand size and counter cards…

I think I must have a lot of white snake and mellow (Love-love Beam), so I'm using kaya for search that cards, so I can guard the attacks without reducing a cards in my hand then always open 10 Don.

7. How do you play Chef to make effective use of his ability? Do you return your own character or your opponent’s? And Often the opponent will not let his attacks go through.

I'm using Zeff just for reducing the decks, and if there is a kaya in my field I will bounce that card to my hand.

8. What do you think are important cards or effects that Bandai can release in future that will great

I think nami’s deck need more cards which can add cards to hand.

[EN-OP5] Rafael Abreu: The old man is still running fast and furious

Hello everyone, I'm Rafael Abreu, writing from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. First of all, I wanna thank the whole One Piece Top Decks team for giving me this opportunity to share my thoughts and my experience playing Straw Beard.

I started playing One piece Card game since the start here in Brazil but initially I was also interested in collecting the cards as I’m a huge fan of One piece since my childhood. I already have experience with other cardgames like magic the gathering and after playing a few local tournaments with the starter decks I really like the game and decided to continue playing it. Here at Rio de Janeiro the level is reasonably high, problably one of the strongest communities in Brazil, for this reason I decided to play it more serious and became quite competitive giving a lot of efforts to get better.

I am an engineer, married and father of 2 children. Time is not something I have in abundance. That's why I try to study and develop myself by optimizing my resources as much as possible.

In the last two months I managed to make top 4 at na tournament with 33 participantes and 1st place at the 25 players tournament, playing with Whitebeard, Strawhat variation (Straw Beard).

Why White Beard?

The reason why I decided to bring WhiteBeard was that, first, it is my favorite character by far, and, obviously, the deck is pretty strong and consistent. At the first wave of restrictions of 9-Beard and 1 Marco blocker, I decided to test the deck to see how it performed and to make people understand how WB wasn’t a dead strategy. I quickly realized how much stronger the deck was than before. The data at the pre- and post-restrictions tops in English-format tournaments during this period shows how much WB, instead of being nerfed, had improved. Also, WB going first or second has a very strong curve, and winning or losing the die role is not that important except at most in mirrors.

Another discussion that is quite interesting is Pure Beard versus Straw Beard. Let’s talk about the history of the SB deck first. The deck originated from the end of Japan's OP03 meta, and it first showed up with no 9-Beard. It was a rush alternative to WB Moby Dick decks, but then at the very end of the format, SB began to start running 9-Beard because he was very strong in the mirror match. Naturally, SB makes a lot of sense because it's a rush deck, and Nami conveniently searches for Rush Luffy and a bunch of defensive events.

Both of these decks are extremely similar. The main differences are the bases of the searches, Nami and Izo, but even with this difference, the content of the decks is still relatively the same.

Maybe swap Frankie for Speed and Chopper for Fossa, but those are the main diferences (Figura 3). The event and the majority of the unit lineup are the same. At OP3.5, the PB version features one copy of 9-Beard and Marco Blocker due to it being searchable by Izo, while the straw hat version doesn't include both of those cards but instead includes, like, more of the four drops (6k) and a total of four Rush Luffy. Then came OP04's ban.

Figure 3 – Units variation.

Now in OP05, with the list of restrictions dropped, 9-Beard and Marco are back in the game, bringing with them more than just material “impact “at the table.

Let's now discuss the two approaches a little better, considering the current meta game (OP05). The first one we're going to look at here is PB, based on Izo, and due to it being based on easily we have cards like Fossa instead of Chopper, but we're able to run very powerful units such as 9-Beard, Marco Blocker, five-cost Marco, and Ace. I think the main benefit to PB is that it is stronger in the mirror match considering that we're able to search for 9-Beard and Marco Blocker, two cards that are very powerful at the mirror, and we're able to search for five-cost Marco and Ace against various other decks outside of the mirror match as a punish card. Being able to search for Ace is huge indeed; SB can't really search for Ace. Can run like three to four copies and hope to reasonably draw because the SB goes through a lot of cards very fast, but having Izo is a kind of insurance to search for what you want when you do need it, which is absolutely fantastic. I also think that five-cost Marco being searchable is also amazing. That said, I do think there's some disadvantage to PB compared to SB.

SB features a Nami base instead of the Izo base, and then we have a lot more defensive. Rather than searching for a bunch of our units, instead we search for, like, our defensive events, and we have a total of 12 defensive cards that are able to search for Nami, and on top of that, we are able to search for Rush Luffy. Rush Luffy is very strong in the meta right now against the sketchier matchups such as Sakazuki and Purple Luffy. Sakazuki is going to the bottom deck or K.O. units anyway, so why not have our unit immediately get value before they get rid of it? Against matchps like Blue Crocodile, if they only bounce into our hand with Sogeking or something like that, we can just play it again next turn and swing with it once again. Also, Rush Luffy ability to swing unblockable is amazing. Than, with ST-10, the deck now has one more powerful rush unit on Rush Sanji. The drawback of the card is almost negligible, and it is also a 1K counter.

Both of these versions have their place in the field, but if you want a better matchup into non-mirror matches, I think SB is the deck of choice. However, if you want to see the mirror match while also still being relatively good into "bad matchups," I do think that PB might be the deck for you.

But wait! How about the Hybrid Beard? Personally, I think having Nami or Izo just streamlines the deck and brings more consistency to the main strategy of both decks. So I just don’t go in this Hybrid direction at all.

StrawBeard Deck Building and Game plan

I think SB is currently the strongest aggro deck in English because this version performs a lot more consistently than PB and the Hybrid versions, it's a lot more straightforward to play, and it has the potential to have a positive matchup with every other popular meta deck with a few exceptions.

Some people look at SB lists and wonder why the leader isn't just Red Luffy, and the reason is that the advantage of developing early games is absolutely insane, even though we are losing a life every turn. Essentially, drawing two cards every turn is a resource to see our units and defensive cards more consistently.

This is what the decklist for SB looks like to me right now.

Click into the image for decklist in One Piece Top Decks

The general game plan for this list is to build resources with our Nami or drop a Sanji in the early game, attack with Frankie, two-cost Sanji and our Rush units in the midgame, and then go for the late game, dropping a Rush unit for turn keeping the initiative and pressure. 

“Keep initiative and pressure” is primarily a chess concept but can be easily translated to any competitive activity. In a nutshell, this is the point at which you force your adversary to play uniquely in contrast to what they ordinarily would in light of the fact that they dread the repercussions of making the plays they typically would. Remove your opponent from their comfort zone.

Another important factor at the moment is the weight that the 9-Beard Unban has. Most opponents, as soon as they see the leader on the table, assume that we are playing with a full set of Marco blockers and 9-Beard, respecting these cards too much. This psychological effect has an absurd practical advantage because, by letting him play around the 9-Beard, the opponent exposes himself even more to the rush strategy. 

“You must take your opponent into a deep dark forest where 2+2=5, and the path leading out is only wide enough for one.”

― Mikhail Tal

With PB, traditionally drop our 9-Beard in the late game. It's important to notice that we want to be in two life. In order to stay at two left naturally, we need to guard every attack in life early. If the opponent's swings are too big number then I think it's fine to let at least one attack during the early game. Having one life on your 9-Beard return isn't the end of the world, but you ideally want to have two life. Note that this is a fairly linear strategy that is relatively easy to play around with and make a plan for, but SB is quite different. In this strategy, you have room to take some hits, depending a lot on how your hand is. Ideally, it is an interesting balance between defending the units to maintain pressure and reaching turn 4 with at least 1 life. This way, you can still drop a rush unit like a Rush Luffy or Sanji and still have Don!! open to defend against possible tall attacks.

It is important to know how to use your life as a shield; it is a very valuable resource that allows you to make plays without worrying about lethal damage. With enough 6/7K attacks, getting into life can leave the opponent with one or two lives very quickly, and when their life count is low, this is now part of each of your opponent's turns. Now they will have to dedicate some portion of Don!! to play defensively, whether doing blockers, events, or clearing your board; however, you still have a leader swinging every turn and dropping rush units. When you do this, pressure will start to build.

When you get to your opponent's very low life, they also know pressure starts to form, but this is also where your opponent has to start countering with cards they want to play most of the time. Sakazuki, for example, when you start swinging for 7K, of course they can discard Tashigi or Tsuru in the beginning, but with enough of them, they will now have to discard Tashigi and Borsalino, or if they're running low on counter, discard Rebecca and Brannew (Figure 7). You are forcing your opponent to start countering with cards that they want to play, and that is putting them in the corner. Also, if your opponent has to attack your characters, they are giving you more time to kill them with more Rush units.

Figura 7 – Counter examples for sakazuki

When pressure has already been formed, your opponent has to react to it in a certain way to either clear your board or play with less Don!! and when they clear the board against an aggressive strategy, we are more than happy to take that life, and then we will probably be one of these Rush units that can help end the game. It doesn't matter if you've lost board control because their life is so low at that point that they have to play very defensively, and they're not going to be able to kill you at the end of the game because they don't have enough Don!! to get past a Radical Beam, Guard Point, or multiple of those.

I'm also a fan of Red Hawk right now due to its strength against Sakazuki, for example. Being able to open a window to your opponent's attack and defend yourself when dealing with characters like Brannew, or in the best scenario, Rebecca, is one of the lines that absolutely goes in the direction of keeping the pressure. At its worst, it's a 4K counter against any deck, but also against decks like Law or Zoro, it's very strong to hold up early just because it stops attacking, which is like a free block. Then, against the mirror match, you can just kill random blockers, or you can kill random one-drops, like Makino.

Talking about blockers, traditionally we have Chopper, Bartolomeo, and Marco (Figure 9). The reason we use none of these blockers is that after playing this deck, you kind of realize that you don't need blockers. I think it's generally better to run more events, like Guard Point or Bad Manners Kick Course.

Figure 9 – Traditional blockers

The Tournament

The tournament was held at the Goblin Hero Store, based in Freguesia, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. There were a total of 25 players and a Swiss format with 5 rounds (best of 1), plus a cut for the top 8 (best of 3).

Regarding the metagame, as expected, we predominantly had the most popular decks at the moment: Sakazuki (5 players), Katakuri (4 players), and Purple Luffy (3 players) were among the most played (Figure 11), together making up half of the field. Zoro and Whitebeard also had good participation, almost 30% of the field.

My matchups in the Swiss format were: Zoro (win/play), Purple Luffy (win/draw), Katakuri (win/draw), Zoro (win/play), and Katakuri (win/draw).

For all matches, the game plan remains the same as previously described, putting pressure on the opponent and keeping them in an uncomfortable position. With the exception of the Purple Luffy match, all opponents seemed to play around 9 beard, which was part of the deck's strategy. The matches I played in the draw were as expected, as we started and ended the turn by drawing two cards and managing to put pressure with two cost Sanji . Purple Luffy has very good weapons against our strategy, such as Magellan and, fundamentally, Law Blocker. Receiving two Law blockers in a row in the late game can be brutal and cost you the game. It's definitely something that needs to be played around. But my opponent didn't have the space to fit these cards correctly and ramped up aggressively. I managed to get through 5-0 without too many problems, as shown in the table below (Table 1) .

There are some observations I would like to make. First, players who have played with the same deck for a long time have a better understanding not only of their own strategy but also of what other decks can do. The top 8 were a representation of this, with exceptions. Second, regarding the Sakazuki deck, it is not intuitive to play at all. A player with little experience does not have the resources to deal with strategies beyond the mainstream of the meta, mainly those that are very aggressive in the early game. In this sense, I would like to highlight Heitor who reached the top 8 with his BP Crocodile, a completely original list. A skilled player with absurd knowledge of the deck's limitations and repertoire.

My matchups in the top 8 are: BP Crocodile (2-0), Katakuri (2-0), and Zoro (2-1).

Once again, I managed to impose the rush strategy with great efficiency. Sb for a BP Crocodile strategy is an absolutely bad matchup.

The matchup against Katakuri is a favorable one. When going second, I play Sanji first, then establish my 4/6000 and 5/6 rush on curve, and from turn 4, I start attacking the leader with as many 7k attacks as possible, rushing them down. Going first, the gameplan is similar, with Nami in the alternative, but it can get difficult depending on what they trigger from life. Turn one Nami, turn two Sanji, and 7k attack or 5k attack with Nami and 6k with leader; turn 3 attack 6k with Frankie and 7k with leader; from turn 4 you need to really start pushing for their life, playing more rush units and focusing on 7k attacks when it is Don!! efficient.

I ended up letting a game slip away against Zoro in the final due to my carelessness in dealing with my opponent's board, believing that I could do lethal damage. This is a really interesting matchup. For me, the key to winning is to spam 6K attacks and develop too wide of a board for the zoro to respond. The key cards for this strategy are again the rush units, which allow SB to be aggressive while countering important damage while being really Don!! efficient. Also, don’t be afraid to take the life when they swing for it in the first turns.

At the end of the day you have to understand what every deck wants to do and try to make them as uncomfortable as possible in their attempt to do so.


I want to thank my entire local community, especially Alexandre Lomba, owner of the Goblin Hero Store, for promoting and helping to create a truly competitive and, at the same time, healthy and fun gaming environment.

The old man continues to be a top-tier deck for OP-05; I don't see that changing in any aspect. As mentioned previously, I believe Newgate only gets stronger, especially in fields where he is not expected. Expect to see him playing not only in local games but in any other tournament. If the old man is the leader in your heart as he is in mine, rest assured, he will continue to be successful and perform very well even in OP-06, I believe.

If anyone out there wants to share an idea, give their criticism, or make suggestions, they can find me on Twitter at @rafaelhvabreu.

Thank you very much, everyone. Good luck and good games!

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