Bandai Card Game Fest March 2024 – Info for One Piece Card Game

Event: Bandai Card Fest in Japan, happens in 2 days 2/3 March 2024. 

Pre-orders for “ONEPIECE CARD GAME SOUND LOADER” will start on Premium Bandai from March 26th (Tuesday) (For Japan)! Introducing a card loader exclusively for One Piece cards with BGM and sound effects! Leader cards for OP5 Purple “Luffy” and Op5 Yellow “Enel” with new illustrations are also included!

Pre-order duration: 26 Mar 2024 ~ 22 April 2024. Price in P Bandai is 3.500 Yen

OP-09 Four Emperors is informed during Card Fest, marks 2 years anniversary of One Piece Card Game. This set is released in 31 August 2024. Boxes Price for Japan is 5280 Yen.

Premium booster “ONE PIECE CARD THE BEST” will be released on Saturday, July 27th! An extra or exclusive set (same with EB-01)

This product includes many past popular cards, and many parallel cards with new illustrations are also available!

New 6 Starter Decks for 6 colors are released in July 15 this year. Those are:

Whitebeard Leader: Red Color

Uta Leader: Green Color

Doffy Leader: Blue Color

Luffy Leader: Purple Color

Smoker Leader: Black (Army?)

Katakuri Leader: Yellow

Price: 550 Yen.

New Sleeve designed for each set. Refer to the image above.

A GET campaign for “Monkey D. Luffy” with serial number will be held this summer! More detail will be informed later

"Portgas D. Ace" with serial number will be distributed at the flagship battle from July to September! This is a limited edition design of "Portgas D. Ace" Secret Rare in OP-07.

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