State of The Game: July 2022

One Piece Card Game was introduced in Japan and Asia through 4 starter decks on July 8, and the first booster set Romance Dawn on July 22. 

Meta Summary: Romance Dawn Arc

As of July 2022, contributions from OPTCGReview

Less than a month into this card game, there is not enough collected information to formulate a strong tier list. However, it is looking very much like a triangle where Red > Purple > Green > Red.

Red with pure rush has the tendency to outpace opponents with their "Rush" effect and high attack power.

Purple if allowed to ramp mana early game, they can be at 10 mana by turn-3 for a Kaido to clear the board.

Green is best represented by Red/Green Law right now as it is packed with half a deck of 1-cost characters to swarm the board, search, and block. The 5 cost Law will just replace the 1 cost ones as beat sticks afterwards. This is probably the best deck for consistency in game right now. 

Blue is the punching bag as it suffers from not having a good finisher.


As of July 2022

There is a total of 4 colors in One Piece Card Game, each synonymous to a unique playstyle.

  • Red: aggressive and fast attacks, using effects like "Rush".
  • Green: balance of offense and defense, using effects that can rest your opponent's characters and set as active yours.
  • Blue: emphasizes board control by returning opponent's characters to their hand or deck, has many cards with "Blocker".
  • Purple: late game big hitters that manipulates their DON!! pool.

Pirate Crews & Archetypes

As of July 2022

Below are the Pirate Crews and Archetypes and their general playstyles.

  • Animal: –
  • Animal Kingdom Pirates: DON!! pool manipulation, late game big hitters.
  • Arlong Pirates: –
  • Baroque Works: better efficiency with Event cards.
  • Barto Club: –
  • Beautiful Pirates: – 
  • Biological Weapon: –
  • Buggy Pirates: –
  • Caribou Pirates: 
  • Drake Pirates: –
  • Donquixote Pirates: –
  • Dressrosa: –
  • FILM: –
  • Fish-Man: –
  • Former Whitebeard Pirates: –
  • Giant: –
  • Happosui Army: –
  • Hawkins Pirates: –
  • Heart Pirates: strategically moving characters in and out of play.
  • Kid Pirates: –
  • Kouzuki Clan: –
  • Krieg Pirates: –
  • Kurozumi Clan: –
  • Land of Wano: unrest DON!! cards.
  • Minks: –
  • Navy: –
  • New Giant Pirates: –
  • On-Air Pirates: –
  • Punk Hazard: –
  • Red-Haired Pirates: –
  • Revolutionary Army: –
  • Scientist: –
  • SMILE: –
  • Straw Hat Crew: aggressive and fast attacks, using effects like "Rush".
  • Supernovas: –
  • The Akazaya Nine: –
  • The Four Emperors: –
  • The Seven Warlords of the Sea: –
  • Thriller Bark Pirates: –


As of July 2022

[Trigger]: When a card is added to your hand from your Life, you can choose to activate this effect by revealing the card and discarding it to the Trash.

[Counter]: When one of your Leader or Characters is being attacked, you can choose to activate this effect by:

  • Discarding this card to the Trash, if it's a Character.
  • Paying its cost, if it's an Event.

[Don!! xN]: This card needs the indicated number of Don!! attached to activate its effect.

[Don!! -N]: Return the indicated number of your Don!! from the field to the Don!! deck to activate the effect.

(N): Rest the indicated number of Don!! in your Cost Area to activate this effect.

"Blocker" : When your opponent attacks, by resting this card, you can change the attack target to this card.

"Rush" : This card can attack the turn it is played.

"Double Attack" : The damage this card deals becomes 2.

"Banish" : When this card deals damage, Trigger effects are negated, also send the card to the Trash instead.

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