[DeckReview] Sam – A Deck Review: Full Defense Kaido!

Short Intro

I decided to build Mono Purple Kaido as my deck because of the unique playstyle and interactions it gives. Your type of gameplay with Purple Kaido will depend on what deck your opponent plays. This deck requires you to think of what to do in your next turn since you manipulate your don during and after your turn so making the best use of your Don! is very important. 

Deck Strategy:

I mainly play heavily on Tempo and Blockers until I Ramp up my Don's for the game. I use at least 14 blockers on my deck as it gives me room to ramp up and manipulate my Don! with the effects of my Characters that require me to lessen my Don! 

When going first, I always mull to get a 2-cost Ulti and 6-cost Queen in my hand. This is an important combo because it accelerates your Don! to 6 in your 3rd turn to drop the 6-cost queen that gives -2000 and has rush. The -2000 is important because you can start giving pressure on your opponent's board since Ulti can attack your opponent's 5000 with Queen. If going second, I play ramp and rely on my blockers since I am usually the first to get 10 Don! and just play the 10-cost Kaido to reset the board and control the game.

Also, don't forget to use active Don! first before using an ability that will give you -1 Don! It is economical that way because you're just putting back 1 used Don! already.

For finishing the game, I always like using Kaido's Ability if the remaining life of the opponent is 1 because I can just fully swing at the opponent's leader.

Meta Game:

There is no current "Meta" format in One Piece Card Game as players are just starting to brew decks. But Green is getting some recognition because of their "hit and stand" type of play. This deck struggles in Blue Control. So to counter it, I play 4x 3-cost Who's Who to get rid of Sentomaru and Ms.All Sunday.

For Green, I teched in x1 of Sheep's Horn to rest their 7-cost Kid as I struggle in its hit and stand.

 For red, I just spam blockers and wait for them to empty their hand before attacking. There will be times when you have to make tough decisions on what card to play next because you will be a Don! short and you will be forced to pass the turn to get resources for your next turn.

Closing Thoughts:

 Mono Purple Kaido is very fun to play because there is no "fixed" gameplay to it. You need to get different pieces in different matches to win. It's just a wait-and-see game until your opponent misplays and you take that opportunity to get wins

Sam Regalado, an OPTCG player.


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