PirateBattle – Japanese Format

From Feb 2022

A new commemorative item for the "Flagship Battle" being held at Bandai official stores nationwide has been released! It will be distributed from February 2023.

From Dec 2022

★ Latest information ★ "Standard Battle" being held at official Bandai stores nationwide from December, commemorative items for winning and participating will be released! There is also a chance to get a winning souvenir by lottery, so even beginners are welcome to participate. 

The promo card is given in the OP card game exchange meeting.

August - Sept 2022

Pirate Battle Prize for Sept and Oct 2022.

Winner Prize: OP1 Franky promo; Participants: alternative art of ST4 Black Maria, OP1 Izou and Franky, and a new DON!! card.

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