One Piece Championship Result and new Banlist (Mar 2024)

 16 representatives from all the regions came to play the One Piece Champion Ship Final. They will play Swiss then Top-Cut with Bo3 format.

Deck Distribution:

Sakazuki 10, purple luffy 2, Enel 2 Katakuri 1, zoro 1

After 5 Rounds of Swiss at One Piece World Finals, we have our top 4 players and the region they represent! The final standing is as below:

1st place Guan Rong (Malaysia Asia Finals)

2nd place Clyde/Jackson (NA Finals)

3rd place Railzo/Hrovje (EU Finals)

4th Place Shirokokun (JP Finals)

1st Place: Guan Rong
2nd Place
3rd Place
4th Place
Guan Rong is giving some speaks ...
Prize for 1st -2nd -3rd Places

New Banlist was informed after the Championship

As expected, Bandai informed the new banlist that will apply to Japan format first from 1st April 2024. For English, they will inform later.

We will wait for official message from official website for English to confirm about this. They will inform soon if the ban is applied for English format from the same date.

So leader Sakazuki, OP6 event card Reject and ST06 Great Eruption are ban.

A new Sakazuki leader with same life/power, but different text and new ID will be introduced to replace the banned card.
Black/Blue Leader / P-076
4 Life / Power 5000 (Special)
[Activate Main][Once per turn] You may discard one card from your hand with the {Navy} type: Give up to one of your opponents characters -1 cost for the turn.

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