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June 2023

June Exchange Meeting Prize

Bellamy (P-039) Promo
Cost 5 / Power 6000 (Strike)
Bellamy Pirates

Don!! x2: When you have 0 life this character gains +2000 power.

May 2023

A special appendix card "Law" appears in the July issue of V Jump on sale from 5/19 !

Trafalgar Law (P-038)
Cost 4 / Power 5000 (Slash)
Heart Pirates / Dressrosa

[On Play] You may rest 1 of your Leaders: K.O. up to 1 of your opponent's characters that costs 1 or less.


May 2023

A special appendix card "Monkey D. Luffy" appears in the June issue of Saikyo Jump on sale from 5/2 (Tue.)!
[P-037] Monkey D Luffy
When Attacking: If you have 2 or more rested character, this character gains +1000 power for the turn.

Jan 2023

Winning card for Battle exchange in March 2023

Monkey.D.Luffy (P-035)
Cost 6 / Power 6000 (Strike)
Straw Hat Crew

[DON!!x1] [When Attacking] You may trash 1 card from your hand: K.O. up to 1 of your opponent's Characters with a cost of 0

Jan 2023

Bonus card included in March issue of Saikyo Jump!

[P-036] Monkey D Luffy
Wano Country | Straw Hat Crew
– [When Attacking] Add 1 card from top or bottom of life to hand: This char and up to 1 of your leader gets +1000 power for the turn.

Dec 2022

A special appendix card "Monkey D. Luffy" will appear in the New Year 6-7 merger issue of "Weekly Shonen Jump" to be released on 1/7 (Sat).

Monkey D. Luffy
Blue Character (P-033)
Cost 4 / Power 5000 (Strike)/ Straw Hat Crew
[Activate Main] You may return this Character to the bottom of its owner's deck: Draw 1 card.
[Counter +1000]

A special appendix card "Sanji" will appear in the March extra-large issue of the magazine "V Jump" to be released on 1/21 (Sat.)! It is a card that goes well with the start deck “Big Mom Pirates [ST-07]” released on the same day.

Yellow Character (P-034)
Cost 3 / Power 4000 (Strike)
Vinsmoke Family
[DON!! x1] [Your Turn] While your Life stack has 2 or less cards, this Character gains +2000 power.
[Counter +1000]

Nov. 2022

Portgas D Ace

Red Character (P-028)
Cost 5 / Power 6000 (Special)
Whitebeard Pirates

[Double Attack]


Green Character (P-029)
Cost 2 / Power 3000 (Special)
FILM / Supernovas / Barto Club

[End of Your Turn] Rest this card: Set up to 1 of your character with [FILM] other than [Bartolomeo] as active.
[Counter +1000]


Blue Character (P-030)
Cost 4 / Power 5000 (Strike)
Fish-Man / Seven Warlords / Sun Pirates

[On K.O.] Return up to 1 character with 3 cost or lower to the bottom of its owner's deck.
[Counter +1000]


Purple Character (P-031)
Cost 5 / Power 6000 (Special)

[On Play] Add up to 1 DON!! card from your DON!! deck and rest it. 
[Counter +1000]


Black Character (P-032)
Cost 5 / Power 6000 (Wisdom)

[DON!! x1] [Your Turn] All of your opponent's characters get -2 cost.[Counter +1000]

Oct 2022

[P-026] Morgan is a gift for participating in the OP card game exchange meeting from December.


Black Character (P-026)
Cost 4 / Power 5000 (Slash)

[When Attacking] One of your opponent's Characters -3 cost this turn.
[Counter +1000]

A special appendix card "General Franky" will appear in the December issue of Saikyo Jump on sale from 11/4 (Fri.)! Art by: Naochika Morishita

Franky Shougun

Red Character (P-027)
Cost 2 / Power 4000 (Ranged)
Straw Hat Crew
This cards name is also treated as [Franky]
[Opponent's Turn] All your Characters with an original power of 3000 or less, +1000 power

Sept 2022

To be distributed in V-jump Oct issue.

Black Character (P-025)
Cost 3 / Power 5000 (Special)

[DON!!x1] This character can't be K.O.'d when battling Characters without (Special) attribute.

The Promo card "I will become the Pirate King!!!!" will be distributed during Sept and Oct exchange event.

I will become the Pirate King!!!!
Green Event (P-024)
Cost 2
Supernovas / Straw Hat Crew

[Main] Your leader gets +1000 power during this turn for each of your Characters.

[Trigger] Your leader or 1 of your Characters gets +1000 power during this turn.

August 2022

 Published August 13, 2022 | Event FILM RED | Japan

Specially designed and distributed during film RED, Uta is leader.

Red Leader (P-011)
Life 5 / Power 5000 (Special)

[Activate Main] [Once per turn] (1) (You may rest the designated number for DON!! in your Cost Area): Up to 1 of your Characters without effects gain +2000 Power during this turn.

Red Character (P-???)
Cost 8 / Power 10000 (Slash)
FILM / The Four Emperors / Red Hair Pirates

[Counter +1000]

Monkey D. Luffy
Red Character (P-???)
Cost 4 / Power 6000 (Strike)
FILM / Supernovas / Straw Hat Crew

[Counter +1000]

Ben Beckman
Red Character (P-???)
Cost 7 / Power 9000 (Ranged)
FILM / Red Hair Pirates

[Counter +1000]

*Gum Gum Jet Pistol reprint.

July 2022

Published July 2022 | Event | Japan

Specially designed items will is sold at the ONE PIECE 25th Anniversary event "Meet the" ONE PIECE ", to be held from Saturday, July 23rd.

The card book is sold in this event, price 2200 Yen. It includes the alternative art of all member of Luffy crew. Check them out in promo.


Published July 2022 | Event | Asia

The first full-scale event of ONE PIECE CARD GAME will start in August 2022!
The event called "Flagship Battle"  , there are 4 countries in Asia will join this event (Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines). There are prize for Top-16, Top-8 and winner prize is a limited serial number of ST1 Luffy (Leader).

The Parallel Art ST1 Tony Tony Chopper will be given to top-8 of the event.


Published July 2022 | Saikyo Jump | Japan 

OP a special promotion pack (P-007 ~ P-010] to be attached in Saiko Jump released on August 4, 2022. The cards are "Monkey D. Luffy", "Yamato", "Trafalgar Law", and "Kaido". Check here for cards with English translation.

May 2022


Published May 31, 2022 | Event | Japan & Asia

The package and recording cards of "ONE PIECE Card Game Promotion Pack 2022" to be distributed at upcoming events and campaigns are released!

The event happens in Japan on June 18 – July 31. 

Event info:

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