[DeckReview] Khai: Blue Doflamingo Deck


Hello everyone.

I participated in Brunei’s  Gamer’s  Tavern Pirate Battle Tourney that was held on 2nd September, 2022.

There were 10 participants, but it was a healthy environment with 3 Red, 3 Purple, 2 Blue/Purple, 1 Green and myself the only mono Blue deck.

With Bruneian players favouring more on Kaido and Zoro decks, I decided to bring a different variant with Blue Doflamingo. I will now explain the basic strategy and game flow of the deck, and will proceed with explaining on how to counter the match ups I faced.

Click into image for the deck info in decklist

Essentials of the deck

1-Cost Perona and 3-Cost Doflamingo (To control your deck)

4-cost ST3 Gecko Moria, Dracule Midhawk, Marshall D. Tech and OP1 Boa Hancock to abuse the deck's leader Doflamingo effect.

With the above, I have incorporated a deck to deal with my opponents of each of the other colors.

Basic Strategy


You will always want to mulligan to make sure you have 1-cost Perona or 3-cost Doflamingo.

If you’re against Green Kid, it’s better to mulligan for a 9-cost Mihawk.

(Blue currently has no better strategy against OP1 8-cost Kid other than Mihawk to out power)

Match Start

When starting the match, the best opening is to play the 1-cost Perona, to set up for your next turn. The idea is to setup the next card you will be drawing for the next turn, and the second card would be a Shichibukai to cheat out with Doffy Leader’s skill.

Manipulating order of the cards drawn with Perona or 3-cost Doffy will always be in the odd number (1st, 3rd and 5th) and any 4 cost Shichibukai is even number (2nd and 4th).

By the second turn you would have drawn into a card for setup or an event card to stabilize. You will have 3 Dons ready so when battling with Doffy, Don x2 him and attack, and using the 1 Don to play our top card Shichibukai down rested.  

The strength of this deck is to cheat out bodies for the low cost of 3 and the fact that the power of 7000 is advantageous on our side. With Shichibukai bodies cheated out rested, it gives the opponents the choice to attack our rested characters which saves our leader or leave those characters only to be attacked by them.

The Will Of 7000

I have discussed this with other players, 7000 power is a magic number in this game, opponents will usually have to waste 2 or more cards if not a +4000 counter to protect characters or leaders.

Tournament Matchups

Against Purple Kaido Deck 

When attacking: Hit with 5000 or 7000 power.

Go aggressive! Set up your characters for a full onslaught. There is a high possibility that there are many +2000 Counters used in purple decks

Therefore, attacking with just 6000 would just get countered by a single +2000 counter, which doesn’t do much. Keep hitting with 5000 power if you want, but try with "The Will of 7000", it will reduce a lot of the opponents hands and you can press the advantage.

It’s usually a race when going against purple, cut their life down before their high cost characters appear. 

Do your best to protect your characters on field, as the early stages of Purple Kaido wouldn’t really go for your leader, so it’s best to protect and keep attacking.

It’s best to counter their Kaido Board wipe, have Kuma on the field and keep it alive when opponents try to remove him. A Pacifista replacing Kuma after a board wipe gives us the upper hand.

Blue-Purple Kaido will fall in the same play-style as Purple Kaido.

Against Red Zero Deck

Protect your life, set up blockers

What I realize about Zoro decks is that they cannot counter properly, and they are always in desperate need of bodies on the field. In my opinion, their strength is Hasty characters, 3-cost OP1 Zoro and 5-cost ST1 Luffy are a menace.

DO as much as you can to preserve life, set up blockers and dominate their board. As a basic fighting method, save dons with Doffy leader effect to place characters. Always continue to remove their characters and eventually with an almost empty board and almost empty hand, they will not be able to defend against our Shichibukais on board. 

Their weakness is hand replenishment, which we have with Boa Hancock and 5-Cost Mihawk.

Another thing to note is that when fighting against any Red decks, if you see OP 1 Nico Robin, try your best to KO Nico Robin. Do not leave that card unchecked.

The will of 7000 comes into play against red decks too. 7000 power characters can avoid the ever powerful event of red decks: Jet Pistol.

You can watch my game against the Zoro deck on the youtube link below:


Our match actually went to overtime, and I won since I had the most life. My opponent wanted to finish the game anyway to see the outcome and I still won.

Against Green Kid

9-cost Midhawk VIP

I did not get to face a Kid deck that night, but I did prepare a strategy and I have play tested against them.

The only problem faced when against the Green Kid decks is, of course, the 8-cost OP1 Kid.

Unfortunately, there are not much counter measures at the moment against that, so Mihawk is the only one which can fight with power now.

Therefore it’s necessary to put in 3-4 Mihawks in the deck to make sure you can draw them.

One strategy to adapt is to save your attacks, against these matches, your Perona can actively attack herself, then use Perona to knock out the opposing ST2 searcher Bonnies.

It’s also a race when fighting Green Kid. Actively remove opponents life before 8-cost kid comes down, and remove their characters when you can.

Play a bit of a tempo route and bounce their characters back to their hands, especially their blockers (for example: St2 Capone Gang Bege).

Also to note, against Green Kid, don’t expect to be able to block occasionally, there are so many "Resting" ability characters in their deck, so expect to use more of your counters when defending.


Blue will still be one of the weakest colors for this current OP1 meta, but that does not mean it cannot fight back.

It takes a lot of practice to master the blue deck, especially getting to know the cards and effects. It’s never easy to play out a tempo deck properly.

Blue Doflamingo is not as popular as the other decks, especially with Green and Purple dominating the scenes a lot these days, not just in Brunei, but in other Asia countries as well. But the idea is to practice and have fun with it!

Give the deck a try as I highly recommend it. Let’s hope for better blue cards in OP2 and even more 4-cost or less Shichibukais!

Ban-List promo cards for Asia Region


Bandai just informed in early this month (Sept 2022) about the ban-list of promo cards for Asia region (out of Japan). These cards are mainly distributed for Japan market via Bandai event, Film or Magazine. They will remove the ban-list when these cards are officially distributed in Asia.

These cards are promo from Magazine
From Film RED
From Film Red
From Film RED

[DeckReview] Mono Green Kid: Tier-1 Deck in OP1 meta.


Even though we are seeing a balanced, or so called triangle OP1 meta (red, green, purple), we cannot deny that green Kid is the stronger deck  in the OP1 meta, thanks to its consistency against different decks.

In this article, we would like to introduce a green Kid deck, created by a player in Thailand. This deck took first place in a tournament of 126 players.

Unlike rush decks such as mono red Luffy, and slow late-game big hitters like the purple Kaido, this is a tempo deck specialising in board control: from essential cheap blockers to expensive big blockers, an engine that rests the opponent, and a leader that attacks twice. This entire system is more lethal than it sounds.

Click into the image to view deck in decklist.

Main Combo - Deck Strategy

Cheap blockers: The 1-cost ST02 Capone Gang Bege and 2-cost OP01 Killer are very important to this deck, as they help to block big attacks from without exhausting your "counter" character cards. On top of that, Killer gives draw power when you have 3 or more characters in play.

Combo rest and KO: This is what I like about this deck. OP01 Okiku's "when attacking" effect rests a character with 5 cost (or less), while OP01 Izou 3-cost to play that rests a character with 4-cost or less, and OP01 Cat Viper is a 2-cost to play to rest a 3-cost character. With our leader ST02 Kid, up to 2 rested characters can be dealt with even when we have no other characters on board, which makes this combo extremely effective and easy to pull off. As an icing on the cake, OP01 X Drake can always be played after Izou to KO your opponent's 4-cost.

These will allow us to immediately eliminate double-attack characters such as 4-cost OP01 Gekko Moria and 5-cost OP01 Yamato, and cards with a strong board presence such as 3-cost OP01 Nico Robin. In addition, resting the opponent's cheap blockers and cleaning them up using your now-dispensable low-powered characters such as Izou and Cat Viper makes good use of card efficiency. 

For utility, these resting effects run amazingly with ST02 Basil Hawkins as he can unrest himself to do another attack, and the 5-cost OP01 Trafalgar Law can be used to recycle Izou or Cat Viper's resting effects or to recover a rested ST02 Jewelry Bonnie to hand. 

The big blockers: At turn-4 or 5 onwards it becomes possible to play OP01 Eustass "Captain" Kid, which is undoubtedly the star of this deck. Because your opponent MUST attack him, they will need to charge their DON!! onto their leader/character to get to at least 8000 power, which we can block using an abundant of cheaper blockers or counter using a card or two. His "Activate:Main" effect is also wonderful with almost the rest of this deck, throwing out blockers or resters efficiently each turn. As for the blocker ST02 Eustass Kid, I don't think I enjoy the idea of having 4 copies in this deck (I would use 4 copies of blocker Law instead). However, at a 10-Don!! late game this 7-cost Kid can be run effectively with Leader Kid (7-Don!! to play blocker Kid and 3-Don!! to restand leader Kid). 

The big counters: This deck runs maximum copies of the big counters ST02 Scratchmen Apoo and OP01 Bepo which doesn't do anything much other than buffing your blocker Kids. Sometimes, Apoo can be used to stop your opponent's counter event cards. 

Multi-attack leader: Our ST02 Eustass Kid leader card can restand for 3-DON!!s, and this is very effective in a variety of situations. Against aggro decks like red Luffy, he can immediately clean up characters rested by your Cat Vipers and Izous. Against big hitters like Kaido, throw 7 DON!!s at Kid to make him 12000 big and if he is blocked or countered, use your remaining 3 DON!!s for a second big swing! Similar to "double attack", any DON!! that you put on leader Kid will have double the effectiveness, but better than "double attack" since your opponent cannot block both attacks using a single blocker or counter cards. When your opponent is without blockers, 2 big swings at your opponent's leader's life can be too lethal for any counter cards!


Overall I feel that this deck is easy to play, with many synergetic systems providing solutions for almost any situations. It has enough draw power coming from Bonnie, has a slow hand output thanks to leader Kid's 3-cost multi-attack, and a variety of blockers and resters to give you board control throughout the game. Until OP02 comes along, Eustass "Captain" Kid's attack redirecting is perhaps one of the most broken single effects in the game.

[DeckReview] Abuan Binoe – 1st Place Flagship PH with Kaido ST4

Short Intro

Good day folks, this is Binoe and here’s my review of my Mono Purple Kaido deck that topped an OPCG Flagship Main tournament here in the Philippines last Aug. 27. The decklist is shown in the image below. 

Click into the image to view deck in decklist.

My Build

Why purple? At first, my answer to this is because it is the cheapest color but as the game progresses and I have seen the different mechanics, I saw that Purple has the potential to be the best control centric mechanic in the game because of the combination of KO skills and high-power characters. It is not that easy to pilot but the goal of the deck is simple – control the board and call the big guys!

The core card of the deck is the stage card Onigashima, this card enables the deck the play the high-cost cards earlier than the opponent resulting to a change on the tempo of the turns. The rested don from its effect also compensates for the minus don cost of the purple character’s effects. I usually take the Mulligan if I don’t have Onigashima in my hand, it is that important for the deck. It is also the usual early play for purple, making the deck a slow starter but very powerful mid game and late game. 

Purple has some of the best characters in the game. Here are the key cards of the deck and my reasoning on why I chose them:
1. ST Kaido –  9 cost, 10K power with a very powerful effect – don minus 5, KO opponent’s character with 6 cost and below and then gains rush. One may think that the cost is really large as it is don minus 5 but with Onigashima and the free 2 dons at the refresh phase, it is not as painful as it looks like. Having a 10K character on your side means you have a big hit every turn that they need to block/counter, making the opponent waste resources with just one attack. It is also hard to remove on the field because of its high cost and high power level. It is also the answer of purple to the Kidd-Law combo of green as it can KO law on play and then attack the rested Kidd. 

2. ST King – this is my favorite card of the deck. If you go first with Onigashima in hand, you can play this on your third turn and can KO the 4 cost character your opponent played the turn before. It has good stats with 6 cost which evades removal cards like Lion’s breath and 7K power making it out of range of the notorious Jet pistol. 

3. ST Queen – 5 cost, don minus 1, draw 2, discard 1, 6K blocker. It’s cycle effect lets you filter your hand as there is a high chance that you’ll draw into multiple onigashima and load your hands with possible good cards and counter. Its stats are also good, a 6K blocker forces the opponent  to load dons to their leader just to go over its block. The only downside is that it is within the range of common removal cards. 

4. ST Uta – 4 cost, 5K blocker with an on block effect to rest an opponent character with 5 cost or less for don minus 1. Versatile card, this usually forces the opponent to waste removal cards on it as it has a very good defensive effect. 

5. Blast breath – 1 cost, +4K counter event for the cost of don minus 1. I think the design of this card is really busted. During late game, the minus don cost is negligible and the +4K counter is big. This card in combination with the large counters in the deck makes the defensive mechanic of the deck. The deck I used has 11 +2K counter cards – Sasaki, Ulti and Drake. 

As for the build of the deck, this follows the standard build but with the addition of ST Ulti and Page One, I used these two instead of the Film cards Buena fiesta as Having Ulti and Page One on the board can add pressure to the opponent. I opt to not play Buena Fiesta as the deck is not film centric. This build also uses hand disruption in the form of OP1 Jack and OP1 Drake. 


Here are the matchups I had during the tournament:
Elimination Rounds (5-0)

Rd 1: vs Mono Red Luffy (1-0)

Rd 2: vs Mono Red Zoro (1-0)

Rd 3: vs Purple mirror (1-0)
This is a really close game as both of us established our boards really well. It gets down to the wire and I won because I can protect my Kaido on his last attack.  

Rd 4: vs Mono Red Zoro (1-0)
The result could’ve been different if the whos who in life didn’t KO his early rush ST Sanji. This shifted the tempo of the game and I kind of recovered from his early rush attacks. 

Rd 5: vs Mono Green Kidd (1-0)
I’m against a really good Player and the game is really back and forth. My second 9 cost Kaido sealed the deal as he can’t guard 2 10K Kaidos on the board. I talked to him after the game and he told me he opt not to take a Mulligan even though he does not have Bonnie in his opening hand. 

Top 16 – top cut (4-0)

Rd 1: vs Purple Mirror (1-0)
This is really close as well. He managed to board wipe me with 10 cost Kaido when I had established my board earlier with ST Kaido and ST King. My Queen blocker came it clutch as he can’t close the game during the end game. 

Rd 2: vs Blue Doffy (1-0)
I controlled the board early with King KO-ing most of his special summons. The goal against blue is to remove most of his characters and to set some blockers for the constant 7K attack of the Doffy leader. 

Rd 3: vs Purple Mirror (1-0)
I’m against a friend and this is the most fun game I had. I have an established board with king, Queen and Kaido rush. He is waiting for the 10 cost Kaido to reverse the game but his deck gave him Bullet SR instead. I believe that Bullet is not so good as you have to wait another turn to utilize its power. ST Kaido is a lot better. 

Rd 4: vs Mono Red Luffy (1-0)
All I can say is that blast breath is the best counter event in this format. I managed to claw up from an early onslaught because I can guard his game finishers with blast breaths

Abuan Binoe, an OPTCG player.


Leaks ST6: Navy Black Starter Deck

August- Sept

Character (ST06-007)
Cost 2 / Power 2000 (Wisdom)
[Counter +1000]

Character (ST06-009)
Cost 2 / Power 4000 (Strike)
[Counter +1000]

Character (ST06-011)
Cost 4 / Power 6000 (Slash)
[Counter +1000]

White Out
Event (ST06-016)
Cost 1

[Counter] Give up to 1 of your Leader or Characters +2000 Power during this battle.

[Trigger] Draw 1. Your Characters cannot be K.O.'d during this turn.

Stage (ST06-017)
Cost 1

[On Play] Give up to 1 of your opponent's Characters -1 cost during this turn.
[Activate Main] You may rest this Stage: If your Leader has <Navy> in its traits, give up to 1 of your opponent's Characters -1 cost during this turn.

Character (ST06-010)
Cost 2 / Power 3000 (Slash)

[On Play] -3 cost for up to 1 of your opponent's Characters during this turn.
[Counter +1000]

Impact Wave
Event (ST06-014)
Cost 2

[Counter] Give up to 1 of your Leader or Characters +4000 Power. Then, KO up to 1 of your opponent's cost 3 or lower characters in active.

[Trigger] KO up to 1 of your opponent's cost 4 or lower Characters.

Character (ST06-006)
Cost 3 / Power 4000 (Slash)
[Activate Main] You may rest this Character: For this turn, -2 cost for up to one of your opponent's Characters.
[Counter +2000]
Character (ST06-006)
Cost 3 / Power 4000 (Slash)
[Activate Main] You may rest this Character: For this turn, -2 cost for up to one of your opponent's Characters.
[Counter +2000]

[ST06-008] Hina

Marines (Special)

[On Play] Reduce the cost of up to 1 enemy Character by 4 for the turn.

[ST06-005] Sengoku

Marines (Knowledge)

[When Attacking] Reduce the cost of up to 1 opponent's Character by 4 for the turn.

Counter +1000

[ST06-012] Monkey D. Garp

Marines (Strike)

[ACT Main] Discard 1 card and rest this card: KO up to 1 Cost 4 or less opponent's Character.

Sakazuki (ST06-001) Leader

[Active Main][Once Per Turn] (3) By trashing 1 card from your hand: KO 1 of your opponent's 0-cost character.

Character (ST06-004)
Cost 5 / Power 7000 (Special)

This character can not be K.O.d by card effects.
[DON!!x1] As long as there is a Character that costs 0 in play, this character gains [Double Attack] (This card deals 2 damage)

Character (ST06-002)
Cost 1 / Power 2000 (Strike)

[On Play] You may trash a card from your hand: K.O. up to 1 of your opponent's Characters that costs 0.


Great Eruption
Event (ST06-??)

[Main] Draw 1 card. One of your opponent's Characters Cost -2 for this turn.

[Trigger] Your opponent picks 1 card from their own hand and trashes it.

ST6 box design.

Leaks: Booster Set 2 – Paramount War (Nov 4)


Blue Character (OP02-058)
Cost 1 / Power 2000 (Slash)
Impel Down / Buggy Pirates

[On Play] Look at the top 5 cards of your deck, reveal up to 1 Blue {Impel Down} type card other than [Buggy] and add it to your hand. Place the remaining cards at the bottom of your deck in any order.


Mr 2. Bon Clay (Bentham)
Blue Character (OP02-64)
Cost 5 / Power 5000 (Strike)
Impel Down / Former B•W

[DON!! x1] [When attacking] You may trash 1 card from your hand: Return up to 1 cost 2 or lower Character to the bottom of its owner's deck. Then, when this battle ends, return this Character to the bottom of its owner's deck.

[Counter +2000]

Mr 3. (Galdino)
Blue Character (OP02-065)
Cost 4 / Power 5000 (Special)
Impel Down / Former B•W

[End of your turn] You may trash 1 card from your hand: Put this Character to active.

[Counter +1000]

Black/Purple Leader (OP02-072)
Life 4 / Power 5000 FILM / Neo-Navy
[When Attacking] DON!!-4: K.O. one of your opponent's Characters that costs 3 or less. Then, give this leader +1000 power for the turn.

Edward Newgate
Red Leader (OP02-001)
Life 6 / Power 6000 (Special)
The Four Emperors / Whitebeard Pirates

[End of your turn] Add 1 card from the top of your Life Area to your hand.

Green Leader (OP02-025)
Life 5 / Power 5000 (Slash)
Wano Country / The Nine Red Scabbards

[Activate Main] (Once per turn) When you have 1 or less Characters in play, reduce the play cost of the next cost 3 or more (Wano Country) type Character card you play from your hand by 1 during this turn.

[OP02-093] Smoker
– [DON!!x1][Main][Once Per Turn] Up to 1 of your opponent’s character gets -1 cost for the turn. Then, if there is a 0 cost character in play, this leader gets +1000 power for the turn.

Purple Leader (OP02-71)
Life 5 / Power 5000 (Special)
Impel Down

[Your Turn] [Once per Turn] When DON!! from the field are returned to the DON!! deck, +1000 power for this Leader during this turn.

Emporio Ivankov
Blue Leader (OP02-49)
Life 5 / Power 5000 (Special)
Impel Down / Revolutionary Army

[End of your turn] If you have 0 cards in your hand, draw 2 cards.

Edward Newgate (SR)
Character (OP02-004)
Cost 9 / Power 10000 (Special)
The Four Emperors / Whitebeard Pirates

[On Play] Up to 1 of your Leader gains +2000 until the start of your next turn. Then, you cannot add cards from your Life area to your hand by your effects during this turn.
[When Attacking] [DON!! x2] K.O. up to 1 of your opponent's characters with 3000 or less Power.


Rakuyo, Sakazuki and Kusan

Parallel Art of Boa and Crocodile and Buggy

Parallel Art of Marco, Whitey Bay and Kozuki Toki

From the info from oneptcg.blog.jp, the booster set 2 will be released on Nov 4, 2022.

Card distribution:

Leader: 8 types

Common: 45, Uncommon: 30, Rare: 26; Super Rare: 10 and Secret rare: 2.

It seems that Whitebeard Pirates will appear in this set.

State of The Game: July 2022

One Piece Card Game was introduced in Japan and Asia through 4 starter decks on July 8, and the first booster set Romance Dawn on July 22. 

Meta Summary: Romance Dawn Arc

As of July 2022, contributions from OPTCGReview

Less than a month into this card game, there is not enough collected information to formulate a strong tier list. However, it is looking very much like a triangle where Red > Purple > Green > Red.

Red with pure rush has the tendency to outpace opponents with their "Rush" effect and high attack power.

Purple if allowed to ramp mana early game, they can be at 10 mana by turn-3 for a Kaido to clear the board.

Green is best represented by Red/Green Law right now as it is packed with half a deck of 1-cost characters to swarm the board, search, and block. The 5 cost Law will just replace the 1 cost ones as beat sticks afterwards. This is probably the best deck for consistency in game right now. 

Blue is the punching bag as it suffers from not having a good finisher.


As of July 2022

There is a total of 4 colors in One Piece Card Game, each synonymous to a unique playstyle.

  • Red: aggressive and fast attacks, using effects like "Rush".
  • Green: balance of offense and defense, using effects that can rest your opponent's characters and set as active yours.
  • Blue: emphasizes board control by returning opponent's characters to their hand or deck, has many cards with "Blocker".
  • Purple: late game big hitters that manipulates their DON!! pool.

Pirate Crews & Archetypes

As of July 2022

Below are the Pirate Crews and Archetypes and their general playstyles.

  • Animal: –
  • Animal Kingdom Pirates: DON!! pool manipulation, late game big hitters.
  • Arlong Pirates: –
  • Baroque Works: better efficiency with Event cards.
  • Barto Club: –
  • Beautiful Pirates: – 
  • Biological Weapon: –
  • Buggy Pirates: –
  • Caribou Pirates: 
  • Drake Pirates: –
  • Donquixote Pirates: –
  • Dressrosa: –
  • FILM: –
  • Fish-Man: –
  • Former Whitebeard Pirates: –
  • Giant: –
  • Happosui Army: –
  • Hawkins Pirates: –
  • Heart Pirates: strategically moving characters in and out of play.
  • Kid Pirates: –
  • Kouzuki Clan: –
  • Krieg Pirates: –
  • Kurozumi Clan: –
  • Land of Wano: unrest DON!! cards.
  • Minks: –
  • Navy: –
  • New Giant Pirates: –
  • On-Air Pirates: –
  • Punk Hazard: –
  • Red-Haired Pirates: –
  • Revolutionary Army: –
  • Scientist: –
  • SMILE: –
  • Straw Hat Crew: aggressive and fast attacks, using effects like "Rush".
  • Supernovas: –
  • The Akazaya Nine: –
  • The Four Emperors: –
  • The Seven Warlords of the Sea: –
  • Thriller Bark Pirates: –


As of July 2022

[Trigger]: When a card is added to your hand from your Life, you can choose to activate this effect by revealing the card and discarding it to the Trash.

[Counter]: When one of your Leader or Characters is being attacked, you can choose to activate this effect by:

  • Discarding this card to the Trash, if it's a Character.
  • Paying its cost, if it's an Event.

[Don!! xN]: This card needs the indicated number of Don!! attached to activate its effect.

[Don!! -N]: Return the indicated number of your Don!! from the field to the Don!! deck to activate the effect.

(N): Rest the indicated number of Don!! in your Cost Area to activate this effect.

"Blocker" : When your opponent attacks, by resting this card, you can change the attack target to this card.

"Rush" : This card can attack the turn it is played.

"Double Attack" : The damage this card deals becomes 2.

"Banish" : When this card deals damage, Trigger effects are negated, also send the card to the Trash instead.

[DeckReview] Sam – A Deck Review: Full Defense Kaido!

Short Intro

I decided to build Mono Purple Kaido as my deck because of the unique playstyle and interactions it gives. Your type of gameplay with Purple Kaido will depend on what deck your opponent plays. This deck requires you to think of what to do in your next turn since you manipulate your don during and after your turn so making the best use of your Don! is very important. 

Deck Strategy:

I mainly play heavily on Tempo and Blockers until I Ramp up my Don's for the game. I use at least 14 blockers on my deck as it gives me room to ramp up and manipulate my Don! with the effects of my Characters that require me to lessen my Don! 

When going first, I always mull to get a 2-cost Ulti and 6-cost Queen in my hand. This is an important combo because it accelerates your Don! to 6 in your 3rd turn to drop the 6-cost queen that gives -2000 and has rush. The -2000 is important because you can start giving pressure on your opponent's board since Ulti can attack your opponent's 5000 with Queen. If going second, I play ramp and rely on my blockers since I am usually the first to get 10 Don! and just play the 10-cost Kaido to reset the board and control the game.

Also, don't forget to use active Don! first before using an ability that will give you -1 Don! It is economical that way because you're just putting back 1 used Don! already.

For finishing the game, I always like using Kaido's Ability if the remaining life of the opponent is 1 because I can just fully swing at the opponent's leader.

Meta Game:

There is no current "Meta" format in One Piece Card Game as players are just starting to brew decks. But Green is getting some recognition because of their "hit and stand" type of play. This deck struggles in Blue Control. So to counter it, I play 4x 3-cost Who's Who to get rid of Sentomaru and Ms.All Sunday.

For Green, I teched in x1 of Sheep's Horn to rest their 7-cost Kid as I struggle in its hit and stand.

 For red, I just spam blockers and wait for them to empty their hand before attacking. There will be times when you have to make tough decisions on what card to play next because you will be a Don! short and you will be forced to pass the turn to get resources for your next turn.

Closing Thoughts:

 Mono Purple Kaido is very fun to play because there is no "fixed" gameplay to it. You need to get different pieces in different matches to win. It's just a wait-and-see game until your opponent misplays and you take that opportunity to get wins

Sam Regalado, an OPTCG player.


Cards: The Seven Warlords of the Sea

[ST03-002] Edward Weevil

Ouka Shichibukai (Slash) 

(Counter: +1000)

[ST03-004] Gecko Moria

Ouka Shichibukai / Thriller Bark Pirates (Special)

[On Play] Return up to 1 Cost 4 or less "Ouka Shichibukai" or "Thriller Bark Pirates" Chara other than 'Gecko Moria' from your Trash to your hand.

(Counter: +1000)

[ST03-014] Marshall D. Teach

Ouka Shichibukai / Blackbeard Pirates (Special)

[On Play] Return up to 1 Cost 3 or lower Chara to its owner's hand.

(Counter: +1000)

[ST03-011] Buggy

Ouka Shichibukai / Buggy's Delivery (Slash)

(Counter: +1000)

[ST03-016] Thrust Pad Cannon

Ouka Shichibukai / Revolutionary Army

[Counter] Return up to 1 Cost 3 or less Chara to its owner's hand.

Trigger: Activate [Counter].

Pacifista (ST03-012)

Biological Weapon / Marines (Special)

(Counter: +1000)

Sentomaru Character (ST03-007)

Cost 3 / Power 4000 Marines

[DON!!x1] [Activate: Main] [Once Per Turn] [2] (Rest the designated amount of DON!! in your Cost Area): Play a cost 4 or lower "Pacifista" from your deck, then shuffle your deck.

[Counter +1000]

Event (ST03-015)

Cost 4 Seven Warlords of the Sea / Baroque Works

[Main] Return a Character with cost 7 or less to its owner's hand.

[Trigger] Activate this card's [Main] effect.

[ST03-006] Jinbe

Fish-man / Ouka Shichibukai / Sun Pirates

(Counter: +1000)

Donquixote Doflamingo (ST03-009)

Ouka Shichibukai / Donquixote Pirates

[On Play] Return up to 1 Cost 7 or lower Chara to its owner's hand.

Boa Hancock Character (ST03-013)

Cost 3 / 1000 Power (Special) Seven Warlords of the Sea / Kuja Pirates

[Counter +1000]


[Trigger] Play this Card.

Love Love Beam Event (ST03-017)

Cost 2 Seven Warlords of the Sea / Kuja Pirates

[Counter] Your Leader or up to 1 of your Characters gains 4000 Power for the duration of the battle. Then, if you have 3 or less cards in hand, draw 1.

[ST03-001] Crocodile

Character / 5 cost / Power 6000


{DON!! x1} [When Blocks] Return up to 1 Cost 2 or lower Chara to its owner's deckbottom.

[ST03-001] Crocodile
5 Life / 5000 Power (Special)
Seven Warlords of the Sea / Baroque Works

[Activate Main] (Once per Turn) Don!! -4: Return up to one 5-cost or lower Character to its owner's hand.

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