[JP-OP6] Yamato – Early Game Threats

New OP Yamato is the leader that caused a lot of discussions during the the card's revealing time because its advantages.

The 1st effect that Yamato leader have "Double Attack" without any attached condition. It means that from turn-2 we can declare 2 checks and opponent may have to throw some cards from hand to counter or take 2 life (these days we don't see the low cost blockers are used in the deck, so opponent can't play blocker so early).

Yamato "Active Main" effect allow us to attach up to 2 rested DON!! to one of the characters, which equals to free upgrade 2k power every turn after opponent's life reduces to 3.

An example of Yamato Deck, the winner of Championship Preliminary in Miyagi

Yamato can take chance to attack to opponent's early to rush to reduce opponent's hand cards or life. Some players will just attached as much DON!! as possible if they see no blocker on board. 

Because of to Yamato in OP6, we can see more blockers that are added into the Gecko Moria or Sakazuki decks.

There is no way to stop the Leader from attacking, the only card can to that for now is OP5 green Arlong.

I guess Arlong is more useful in mirror match. Stop the leader from attacking, especially Yamato leader, would be a good method to stall the opponent's plan and this is "On Play" effect, it will be played in the case where the opponent prefers to use leader to attack life.

Yamato deck draw power is not that high and no recycle trash or draw/trash cards to change hands and sometime it has to trash cards from hand to play the "trigger" card so most likely their counters are not that good. I rarely see blockers in Yamato deck and it plans is to rush to finish opponent's life.

Yamato deck also has to deal with the [ST06-015] Great Eruption to force opponent's to trash 1 card from hand in "Trigger" effect or OP06-093 Perona to force opponent to trash 1 card from hand if they have more than 5 cards.

(I won Yamato's deck sometimes because the shortage in their hand cards).

Onami and Hody Jones are vital core for the deck.

Onami "On Play" effect is to delete the "trigger" effect from opponent's life cards that can help in many ways , for example: to avoid those event cards with a threats "trigger". Onami's "Trigger" effect is also amazing because it can KO 1 opponent's 5cost or lower character. (But Well, if Sabo blocker on board then this is a waste).

Hody Jones (can appear from turn-4) is so good and is using in many many decks with a "green" leaders. First thing, Holy Jones can just simply rest 2 opponent's characters, normally they will rest blocker if there is, else it rests your active DON!! to avoid you from using event cards with "counter" effect so Yamato can goes through smoothly.

Not only that, Hody Jones also has "rush" which can do another life-check with 8000 power, and sometimes their power can become 10000 thanks to 2 free rested DON!! from Yamato leader's effect. Since the blockers are rested, how many counter cards we have to use to counter this attack?

We also see yellow event cards with low cost to play just to add more power for leader or characters (El Thor or 200 Million V Amaru).


I got a bit surprised when I played against Yamato for the first time since I can not adapt with the speed of Yamato life-check speed. But then I found Yamato is not that very strong or a solid deck. We must have enough blockers, especially Sabo, and we should try to reduce their hand size as much as possible.

It is also easy to see that Yamato's player won't play characters in early game because they want to use DON!! to give more power to Yamato's "Double Attack" so we can take chance to mulligan some blockers that we can play in turn-1 or 2. 

[JP-OP5] Robert: Green Uta won Flagship

Invited Author: Robert Angelo Gerochi

Country: Philippines

 I am Robert Angelo Gerochi, and I love playing card games. I like OP, but it's not my main card game at this point in time.

My only other achievement in OP before this was that I landed in finals in a Flagship for the Zoro Prize card with Blue Nami around OP03 meta, but since then I have not been playing much OP since I have been focusing on getting a World's invite in my main card game.

Deck Strategy and Mulligan

 I played Uta because I really believe that the deck is very versatile to beat the heavy meta decks. Also, because I prefer playing decks with huge hand cards, and Uta and Film's ability to just pad out the hand means I can prolong games as much as I can until I can land the final blow.

On Mulligan, if opening Law Film or a Backlight (the search event) is priority for me, as long as I have either of them, I can just try to fish any other combo pieces as need with Uta's on attack skill

I prefer going 1st as it allows me to add cards with Uta's Leader Ability immediatelt and forces the opponent to take life or use hand cards to block which further's my own game plan to I'm Invincible multiple times once my opponent is low on hand and life.

By going first, I can swing with Uta to gain as much hand card and get as many of the restand Event as possible. Then once the opponent is low in life and low in hand cards after your aggressive early turns, you swing with your leader 2-3 times with the restand Event for game.

Against those meta decks like Sakazuki, Enel and Katakuri, I like to flood the board as much as
possible with Green Mihawk and FILM Brook and just overwhelm my opponent with aggression. Against more aggressive decks like Zoro or WB, Luffy and Uta Blocker is key since Luffy can swing and try to remove their attackers and Blocker Uta can restand him later to block during the opponent's turn.

Tournament Matchups

Won TopDeck Games' November 2023 Flagship (22 players) with Green Uta!

Matchups result: Won: Zoro, Katakuri, Enel, Sakazuki and Whitebeard.

R1 – Zoro Win – I managed to overwhelm him with T2 Law into Mihawk > Brook > Ussop and he wasn't able to keep up with my board because he was busy defending instead of attacking.

R2 Katakuri Win– Again, Law into Mihawk > Brook > Ussop meant I had 3 units immediately while he had to build up his own board. He tried using Soul Pocus and Big Mom 7 to bait me into giving him life, but I just trashed my own life because I knew my game plan was to make sure he can't resolve as many Big Mom 10sas he can.
By the time he dropped a Big Mom 10, he was short on hand cards an I'm Invincible restand was all I needed to secure the game.

R3 – Enel Win – probably the hardest matchup for me because all Enel needs to win is to be lucky with his triggers, but luck was not on his side. I also managed to drop 2 Doffy 10s on him turn after turn, so he was forced to try and kill me with 1 cost Pudding with 8 Dons and Yamato, but I had enough cards to block and I had 2 I'm Invicible backed by 2 Doffy 10s to push through any Blocker/Biege triggers.

R4 – Sakazuki Win – I went Mihawk > Brook > Ussop and then Luffy > Brook > Nami

Opponent was complaining since no matter how many times he removed my field, I was just able to refill it.

R5 – Whitebeard Win – Early aggression pushed him to low life around turn 3, but I made a misplay that almost cost me the game – I had 10 Don open, and he had 2 units rested + leader; instead of playing Doffy 10, I instead attached Don to Uta. With no other choice, I decided to push my luck with I'm Invincible, and he didn't have enough cards to block Uta's 2 swings.

I really hate playing against Yellow because I feel like the deck can either be really fair or unfair depending on how many triggers they get. Luckily none of my opponents got Beige as their last trigger, so I'm happy.


I would like to say thank you to Top Deck Games Cagayan de Oro City and the One Piece community. The community is very competitive, and with a community this full of skilled people, sometimes you just need to be a bit more lucky than the rest to be able to win events like these.

[EN-OP4.5] Benjamin (2nd place Liverpool Regional) I built ST10 Law to destroy Katakuri

Invited Author: Benjamin

Country: France

I started play One piece the 10 may 2023 thanks to my friend Trec! And I really love this game, what make me so happy with this game is how easy it is to understand the game but hard to master.

So far my achievement in One Piece Card Game is: Top 16 LaHaye; Top 16 Online; Top 8 Alicante; Top 8 Milan; Top-2 Liverpool Regional.

Deck and Strategy

I choosed R/P Law for this tournament, because I hate katakuri so much and I wanted to play a deck which can destroy katakuri, and Law RP has a very good match up versus katakuri. We practice with Trec the same deck and decklist during One week i would say.

Click into the image for decklist in One Piece Top Decks

The global deck strategy : you need to see early Bepo or Saschi to shamble on early turn and put a lot of pressure quick (on 4 don or 5 don). A nice play on 4 dons is Uti page One and shamble or Trafalgar law remove one character and shamble (always put saschi first). Another nice play on 5 dons is Zoro 6k remove a character and shamble with Bepo or Saschi (always shaschi and penguin first).

Vs Katakuri you want to see your character who reduce the power of katakuri character, most of katakuri character are 5k and you can remove it easily even if they trigger. The best card in this match up for katakuri is big mom 7, randolph and perospero 8k With gordon and another reducer you can remove litteraly all threat of katakuri, so keep your gordon or put it on late turn when your opponent doesnt want to use streusen or amande on it.

Vs Doffy : Law -2k , Zoro -2k Brook, are key cards because they allowed us to developped big board stage and reduce the power of doflamingo board. Your 6k attacker are really good in this match up, because it's really hard for doflamingo to remove your 6k attacker because he has to invest more don on it. Often best doflamingo do not attack your life and try to starve you, that's why you can wait and shamble later if you don't see shachi or bepo, and use more Don to developed your board.

Vs RG Law all you need to see is Bepo or Shachi, you can shamble on 4-5 Dons put a lot of pressure, keep Gordon to remove Law blocker. This matchup is a really good match up for RP Law

Vs RP Luffy, you want to maximize your board and attack with a lot of 6k, that's why heat, zoro, Page one are really good cards in this match up. Do not hesitate in this match up to use a 2k counter early to defend against a 6k attack and keep life high.

With RP Law you will often accept to take your two first life even sometime 3 first life if you have blocker in hand, because in exchange you can put a lot of pressure on your opponent and if your opponent decide to go for a lethal, you don't have that many bricks and you have a lot of blocker. (Queen) and you can shamble your law/uta/blackmaria

Tournament Matchups

My friend Trec (finished 5) and my matchup are: vs Doffy (8-2); vs Luffy (5-2); vs Katakuri (4-0); vs Kid (1-0); vs Rebecca (2-2); vs Law RG (3-0); vs smoker (1-0); vs crocodile (1-0); vs queen (1-0); mirror (2-0).

Vs crocodile queen katakuri law, these are a really easy match up just shamble on 4 with shachi or bepo and the game is win.

vs Doffy this match up is really good, there is key card you need to see to put pressure and deal with the board, 3 very important card are : Gordon, Zoro 6k, Brook 5k (brook/zoro very strong in this match up)

vs Luffy : (hard match up if two kids or kid + 9 drop) you need to see your 6k attackers (heat, page one, zoro, queen) and you want to do everything possible to remove the 7 cost kid. (gordon otama law, put brook the turn before)

vs Rebecca : hard match up, but there is one strategy where you don't put board except zoro rush and you attack with big numbers every turn.


Thank you to Yamii corp my team with a lot of good players and good guys! Thank you Trec who made this RP Law decklist and french community for the support they gave me ! See you in utrecht I will qualify for the world championship.

[EN-OP4.5] Giovanni won Liverpool Regional with ST10 Red Purple Luffy

Invited Author:  Giovanni

Country: Italy

 Hi everyone, I'm Giovanni and today I'll once again have the pleasure to write an article for one piece top decks, but this time with my liverpool regional tournament winner decklist, red/purple luffy.

Deck and Strategy

In preparation for the liverpool regional I was testing supernova kid but when st-10 came out my friend Bubo introduced me to the deck, and I quickly realized it had a lot of unexplored potential, especially since I thought doffy g/p and law r/p were gonna be the most rapresented decks at the tournament, both of which luffy r/p should beat. Another important element that lead me to play luffy was the surprise factor, I knew I was going to bring an almost optimazed version of the deck with a plan for every match up, which people were not gonna be used to play against.

Click into the image for decklist in One Piece Top Decks

The deck main strategy is to ramp as fast as possible in order to get to your late game boss monsters and use them to pressure your opponent life while defending optimally with cards that boost you leader (like 7 cost kid) or efficient blockers (like queen or law) that let you ignore the opponents board. In every match up the most important card, by far, is 7 cost kid, when played on curve it limits the ability of your opponent to attack your leader, making you save a lot of cards defensivly and also pressures offensivly forcing the opponent to deal with a guaranteed 8k and 7k attack every turn. 7 cost kidd also gives you the ability to play at 11 dons once you hit 10, using his ability you -1 and with the leaders ability you immediatly ramp that don active. 

VS KATAKURI: this is a slightly negative match up, you prefer going second, since you are gonna be able to play you 7 cost kid before your opponent has 8 dons, which means they are not gonna play kata and bottom life it. 

The key in this match up is to be as aggressive as possible, counter the first lifes, establish your 7 cost kid on curve, if you have a second one play it, otherwise play bullet or 10 cost luffy and pressure the opponent as much as possible, when you hit 1 life you can start playing your blockers, mainly queen, as it can also be an attacker in the next turn in case you have to go for lethal. 

In this match up is also very important to keep in mind how much counter power you need for the opponent turn, so if you don't need to leave a don open for the 1 cost counter, or you don't need to play blockers, don't do it and make sure to use your dons to attack as optimally as possible. 

VS DOFFY G/P: this is luffy best match up, you prefer going second and again the best card is 7 cost kid, when you see atleast one of him you should never lose, another important card in the match up 10 cost luffy, as it basically forces your opponent to counter attacks insted of blocking them, making them play unoptimally. 

When you don't see your 7 cost kid, you should be very carefull of you opponents spamming 6k attacks with their film chacarters, which they are gonna flood the board with very early with brook, when this scenario happens you are gonna be in a racing battle with your opponent for closing out the game, in which bullet can be crucial, since he ignores blockers and gets double attack. 

Also note that in this match up you should almost never trade the opponents characters since most of them are 5k and your leader is 6k, if you start trading insted of going for life, you are gonna give your opponent too much value and end up losing. 

VS LAW R/P: this is a slightly positive amtch up for luffy, you prefer going first to avoid the opponent getting the 4 cost law effect off, which is one off their win conditions in the match up. You should mulligan for 7 cost kid and 9 cost whitebeard, playing htem allows you to pressure the opponent making them either resolve the character, which is gonna cost them the whole turn without attacking the leader optimally because of the boost, or if they can't do that they will have to go aggressive on your boosted leader, which is gonna be very easy to counter. 

This is bullets best match up, when you don't see your leader buffers nad the opponent is pressurung your leader too much, you can play bullet, which is most of the times gonna be cleared only by round table, and have the option of going for lethal the next turn.

Tournament Matchups

My match ups and results were: 

Swiss: 1 katakuri (win);  2 mirror (win); 3 zoro (lose); 4 kaido (win); 5 katakuri (win); 6 doffy g/p (win); 7 film kid (win); 8 law r/p (win); 9 katakuri (win); 10 law r/p (lose) 

Top cut

top32 doffy g/p (2-0)  top16 law r/p (2-0)  top 8 mirror (2-0) top 4 doffy g/p (2-0) 

final law r/p (2-1) 

My swiss in this tournament was quite diverse, with some spicy decks like zoro(pretty strange to say) and kaido. 

Easily the worst match up is zoro, with their leaders ability they are able to spam 6k attacks too early and too optimally and also going for the game is gonna be very difficult with all of their defensive events. 

Kaido can be difficult if they see their onigashina and ramp early to ten, but is still a favourable match up if played well. 

In the katakuri match ups I was able to always go second which was really important since it's a slightly negative match up. 

Doffy g/p match ups were pretty easy, even when i didn't hit the ramp or the 7 cost kid (that's why i played this deck).

Law r/p was the most interesting match up, most of the games feel different and have a lot of important decisions to make, unless you hit the nuts have have both 9 cost whitebeard and 7 cost kid to play back to back.


Finally i want to shout out my team: K2 (roberto, matteo and nino), we had the goal to prove that we can top with all different decks and we proved it, also shout out to my friends and testing partners: Gianluca(who got top4), Luca irano, Mattia Merdosa, Pasquale Ingenito, Lorenzino Messi, Luigi Amato, Emilio Vitiello, Antonio Festino and Catello (incredible player who can't play events) and finally my local store and community: il tempio di kronos.

[EN-OP4] Giacomo (Jack): 2nd Place Lyon Regional with Rebecca (600 players)

Invited Author: Giacomo Einaudi

Country: Italy


Hi everyone! I’m Giacomo (Jack) from Italy, I’ve recently placed second at the Lyon regional. I’ve started playing the OP tcg in august thanks to some friends which bought some cards and involved me in the game. I’ve always played card games and I have played competitive mtg for almost 10 years, but it has been a couple of years since I have really been involved with the game. One Piece made me rediscover my love for card games. The game is fresh, really easy to learn, but hard to master, the limited card pool so far makes it so that practice and deckbuilding choices really matter.

Achivement in One Piece Card Game: This was my first competitive OP tournament. So far, I had only played on my local scene in Turin, where I have to admit the level is very high with a lot of top European players and this made it possible for me to improve at the game in a short amount of time.

Deck and Strategy

Click into the image for decklist in One Piece Top Decks

I have been playing Rebecca since I started in August. I built a deck back in OP03 meta just to play some games but I was already focused on the OP04 meta were I knew I would play Rebecca because I really like the control gameplay of it and it seemed like it was going to be a top deck. However, compared to the Asian meta here in Europe it evolved a bit differently and I think in a more unfavorable way for Rebecca. I thought about playing something else but I also knew my months of practice with the deck would have paid out with a bit of luck with the match ups. The main reason to play Rebecca is to have a good match up into the red decks, which I knew would have been most prevalent at the regional.
I also like the match up against Queen and G/P Doflamingo which are 2 decks that people like to play to counter Whitebeard. Therefore, I was theoretically very confident of the position the deck had in the meta with only Katakuri being a nightmare to face but I figured the deck would struggle in the late rounds of the tournament due to bad match ups against WB and Law.


Rebecca is a control deck, its main strategy is to develop a board while destroying what your opponent is presenting on the other side of the table. In most matchups, you want to play down a Kyros in the first turns which will act like your leader since it is almost indestructible, especially if you also deploy the colosseum alongside it. Kyros is fundamental against Law and Zoro as it also destroys something when it gets played and it allows you to attack your opponent characters, take cards out of their hands but also apply pressure on their leader.

With this deck you will see a lot of cards with the leader effect, but you need to be mindful of remaining with less than 6 cards in hand, so you almost always want to discard to counter out attacks and keep your life total high. If you don’t counter enough you will get into situations where you are not able to activate your leader and you are basically playing without the ability to attack and without a leader effect so you effectively lose all your advantage.

Rebecca is strong because you are able to draw 2 cards a turn, if you lose that advantage you miss all the reason you are playing the deck for and you will almost certainly end up losing. I believe the deck is very intricate and you need to know well what you are looking for because every turn you are presented with a choice to pick between 2 cards and if you make mistakes you are going to lose.

Your initial hand is also important, you want to have a 2k counter in hand to avoid the scenario I presented above and you want to use your mulligan and leader to see important cards in the match up.
These will be:
Kyros in almost every game a part from Whitebeard were I will say it is your worst card to draw since it doesn’t hit anything important and you don’t want to pay a Don to have to attack with it;
2k counter against WB, you want to have as a many as possible to not lose life in the early game;
– Orlumbus is key against WB and non-red decks, it is the engine of your deck and what allows you to destroy high cost characters;
– Three thousand worlds, this is a card you are looking for in your initial hand against WB and Zoro since it is the only card you can’t fetch with the leader and you need to naturally draw it to not lose to Marco.
Sabo is key against Zoro and Katakuri since it protects your characters and cleans your hand from unneeded cards.
Luffy is a card you want to have against decks such as Queen and G/P Doflamingo that don’t apply too much pressure. In the red matches you are looking for it only in the mid to late game and you may pass on picking it at the beginning because you don’t want to have too many non-counter cards in hand. You always have to be mindful of the possibility to mill yourself out so there will be spots in which even if you don’t need Luffy you have to take it and play it just to put cards at the bottom of the deck.

Regarding the match ups against the top decks:
– Whitebeard is I think an even match, the game will usually always develop in a similar way with them trying to pressure you and you trying to destroy what they are doing while using your 2k counter to not lose life early. To win you must get to a spot in which you drop Luffy, you maybe do one attack then you restand it and you wait to do 2 big attacks in one
turn while using your cards to destroy their blocker. Win or lose will usually depend on how many rush Luffy they will play and how many blocker they will present to you in the final turn.
– Zoro is a good match up for you but you need to not lose too many lives early to not randomly lose to a Diable Jamble in the late game.
Law I believe is your best match up (even if I lost to it in the final) since what they are doing matches very badly with what you are doing. The fact they only have 4 life means that you can also pressure them easily and they rely on 1 cost blocker to defend themselves which you easily can get rid of.

However, I wish I have tested the match up a bit more because their deck is also very dynamic, and they can play it out in many different ways which I have to admit I was not prepared for all of them.

Katakuri is honestly just terrible, everything that they are doing is bad for you, starting from the leader that asks you to discard 2 cards just from a 1 Don investment to 10cost Big Mom which you almost can’t destroy. In the early game Perospero is also very bad for you because if you destroy it will go look for Big Mom so you need to invest your three thousand worlds on it. A triggered character at the wrong time can also present you with one more attack you were not anticipating but at the same time if you don’t get aggressive in any way you are just going to lose. Thunderbolt is great against you because it destroys Orlumbus and blockers in the late game.

To be honest I don’t have a genius plan against Katakuri, you just do your things and hope they don’t do theirs, knowing if they do you almost certainly lose. The only thing you can do to play better against Katakuri is to build your deck differently by playing 10 cost Kuzan and more Trueno Bastardo that together​ with Orlumbus allows you to deal with Big Mom.

However, I decided not to do it since by building your deck that way you lose percentage points against your other good match ups and you only gain some points against Katakuri, it doesn’t suddenly become a good match up. Overall, especially in a long tournament like this, I think by building your deck to play better against Katakuri you are going to lose more than you win.
Finally, as I said, the deck is very complicated, you need to practice it a lot and you need to develop your observation haki to be able to look a couple of turns into the future to know exactly what your opponent wants to do.

Funnily enough, as I write this article, I realize that I’m saying a lot “you lose to” and not “you win by”, but I think this is the tough reality of
how you should approach this deck. You should first understand the scenarios in which you lose in the early game because once you get to the late game you are almost certainly going to win. At the same time, I also want to note that there will be scenarios in which if​ you don’t get aggressive soon enough you may take control of the game, but you still risk of losing it, so you have to be very mindful of it.

Tournament Matchups

Swiss: 9-0
Queen: WIN
Rebecca: WIN
Croco: WIN
Yamato: WIN
Law: WIN
Zoro: WIN
Law: WIN
Zoro: WIN
Queen: WIN

Top Cut:
Law: LOSE WIN WIN (On time)
Yamato: WIN WIN

Overall the tournament went exactly how I expected and wanted it to go, I anticipated​ facing 1 or 2 Katakuri and was ready to lose to those and just win all the other games, but I​ was lucky to never face it. I faced the non-red decks all in the first rounds of the​ tournament when they had not yet been preyed upon by red decks and I faced all the Zoro​ and Law at the end.
Theoretically, Blue Crocodile is the worst matchup you can face but I was lucky that the​ game developed in my favor. I won the dice roll, he went first and I used Tashigi+Kyros to​ destroy the only Sentomaru he played that game. He kind of missed his 7 Don turn since​ he only played a Boa Hancock to the board and I used Orlumbus+3 rd Kyros to destroy it,​ so when I passed to him on 9 Don I had already established a board with 4 5k characters​ which he was not able to recover from.

My swiss and top cut games against Yamato were very similar to that. Here you want to​ develop a lot of Kyros to the board that they can’t get rid of and then you just go 1 for 1 for​ all the game and win. I was lucky that Yamato was the only mono yellow deck I faced all​ the tournament since it is much better for me due to the lack of 10 cost Big Mum, but it​ also makes sense since he was there because he won a lot against WB which Katakuri​ would not have been able to do.

Queen opened and closed my day1. The match up is one that I like to face since it is​ always very intricate and I have the impression Rebecca has a slight advantage but a lot​ depends on what happens in the first few turns when they usually don’t play much a part​ from blockers and you should develop a board to establish your advantage. From there​ they will start their chain of 8 and 9 cost drops which you answer with your​ orlumbus+removal or Luffy that can easily clear 2 9 drops in one turn since their decks​ want to go empty handed and they will not have the counters to save 9 costs. It is very​ important to not waste your Luffy in the early game, you always want to play it in a spot​ where you know you can do 2 profitable attacks since you are never going to untap with it​ unless your opponent is topdecking and looking for a removal.

I was very surprised. I only faced Whitebeard once and it was in the top4 against my friend​ Matteo. I think I played very well in the match against him, especially in the second game​ where I knew he had 9 cost Newgate. I played it in a way that would lead to him deploying​ Newgate at 2 life, feeling safe. There I built my trash to be at exactly 15 cards trying to​ swing double with my Luffy and I was reward with a top deck of my third king kong gun​ which led me to winning the game by the exact margin I needed.

My Zoro matches were pretty straight forward with no real risk of me losing. Especially in​ the top8 were where I faced my friend Stefano, which I had prepared the match up with and was​ expecting him to make it hard for me because he knew what he was doing. However, my​ deck was completely “on fire” as we say and gave him 0 chances. Luckily, we got to face​ each other only when we had both already secured our serials.

On the other side, Law, which I came into the tournament knowing it was a good match up​ gave me much more of a headache. I realized that Law players were approaching the​ match up in different ways with some of them just trying to attack big in the first turns​ which is a game plan that if you know they are going to do is very easy to counter. On the​ other side, if you are prepared for them to do that and then they just play a normal game​ you may end up losing just like it happen to me in the final game were I made a bad keep​ on my first hand on the back of 2 2k counters waiting for the 8k attack on turn two, which​ did not come, leaving me with a suboptimal hand without Kyros that I only drew too late​ costing me the game.

I feel like this is one of the best aspects of the game: you can playtest extensively some​ match ups but if you are always accepting the game to go as you played at home with your​ friends you might lose to a person that has a different impression of the match and has​ come prepared with a different plan or build. So, for this I think it is critical that you​ exchange opinions with other players and you are not stuck on your ideas!


I want to thank OnePieceTopDecks for the opportunity to write for them, I have enjoyed it a​ lot (maybe too much). It has been special for me knowing that just a few months back I​ was coming here to check decks to build. I know that this article may not be as useful as a​ guide for the deck since I don’t think the future for Rebecca is very bright, but I hope you​ may find some ideas to implement in your games, especially when playing control decks.

I want to thank all my local community in Turin, the Italian community from which I got a lot​ of support and most importantly all my friend group that joined me on this first pirate​ adventure. At the end it all started as an excuse to spend some time together and ended​ up with us coming home with 2 serials. I hope everyone keeps enjoying the game without​ forgetting that it is just that: a game, a way to be with friends, meet people, travel to some​ new places and the fact that it is awesome to play is just a great addition!
See you at the next tournaments!

Leaks: OP-06 Booster Set: Twin Champions Part 2

Leaks for OP6 Twin Champions Part 1 is here.

Translation: Credit to translation team in OPTCG discord.

Red Character (OP06-006) UC
4 Cost / 5000 Power (Slash)
FILM / Asuka Island
[Counter +2000]

[Don!! x1] [When attacking] This character gains +1000 until the start of your next turn. Then, at the end of this turn, trash one of your {Film} type characters.

Black Bug
1 cost Purple event (OP06-077) R
Vinsmoke Family / Germa 66

[Main] If the number of Don!! on your Don!! field is equal to or less than your opponent’s Don!!, place up to one of your opponent’s cost 5 or less characters on the bottom of its owner’s deck.

[Trigger]: Place one of your opponent’s cost 4 or less character’s on the bottom of its owner’s deck.

Negative Hollow
2 cost black event (OP06-097) R
Thriller Bark Pirates

[Main] Trash one card from your opponent’s hand.

[Trigger] Activate this card’s [main] effect.

White Snake
2 cost Blue event (OP06-059) uc

[Counter]  Up to one of your leader or characters gain +1000 for this turn. Then, draw 1 card.

[Trigger] Look at the top 5 cards of your deck, then place them in any order at the top or bottom of your deck.

Blue Character (OP06-051) R
Cost 5 / Power 4000 (Special)
[Counter +2000]

[On Play] You may trash 2 cards from your hand: Your opponent returns one of their characters to its owner’s hand.

Green Character (OP06-028) C
2 Cost / 3000 Power (Wisdom)
Fishman/New Fishman Pirates
Counter +2000

DON!! x1 [When Attacking] If your leader has the "New Fishman Pirates" type, set up to 1 of your DON!! active, and this character gains Power +1000 for this turn. Then, add the top card of your life to your hand.

Jaguar D. Saul
Blue Character (OP06-053) C
2 Cost / 3000 Power (Strike)
Giants / Navy
[Counter +1000]

[On K.O.] Place up to one character with a cost of 2 or less at the bottom of the owner's deck.

Yellow Character (OP06-110) UC
4 Cost / 5000 Power (Slash)
Minks/Land of Wano/The Akazaya Nine
[Counter +1000]

[DON!!x2] This Character can also attack your opponent's active Characters.

[Trigger] If your opponent has 3 life cards or less, play this card

Yellow Character (OP06-112) C
3 Cost / 4000 Power (Slash)
Land of Wano/The Akazaya Nine
[Counter +1000]

[When Attacking] You may discard 1 card from your hand: Rest up to 1 of your opponent's DON!! cards.

[Trigger] If your opponent has 3 life cards or less, play this card

Tenguyama Hitetsu
Yellow Character (OP06-108) C
1 Cost / 2000 Power (Wisdom)
Land of Wano/Kouzuki Clan
[Counter +1000]

[Trigger] Up to 1 of your {Land of Wano} type Leader or Character cards gains +2000 power during this turn.

Green Character (OP06-031) UC
4 Cost / 5000 Power (Slash)
Fishman / Former Arlong Pirates
[Counter +1000]

[Trigger] Play up to one "Fishman" or "Merfolk" character with a cost of 3 or less from your hand.

Shark Arrows
Green Event (OP06-040) C
2 Cost
Fishman / New Fishman Pirates

[Main] K.O. up to 2 of your opponent's rested characters with a cost of 3 or less.

[Trigger] Activate this card's [Main] effect.

Earl Battler
Purple Character (OP06-075) C
2 Cost / 3000 Power (Special)
FILM / Crown Island
[Counter +1000]

[On Play] DON!! -1: Rest up to 2 of your opponent's characters of 2 cost or less.

Hitokiri Kamazo
Purple Character (OP06-076) UC
4 Cost / 5000 Power (Slash)
Supernovas / Kidd Pirates / SMILE
[Counter +2000]

[Your Turn] [Once Per Turn] When you return DON!! on your field to your DON!! deck, K.O. up to 1 of your opponent's characters of cost 2 or less.

Green Character (OP06-037) C
6 Cost / 8000 Power (Strike)
Fishman / Flying Pirates
[Counter +1000]

Green Character (OP06-027) C
1 Cost / 2000 Power (Slash)
Gyro Pirates
[Counter +1000]

[On K.O.] Rest up to 1 of your opponent's Characters with a cost of 3 or less.

Yellow Character (OP06-100) UC
4 Cost / 5000 Power (Slash)
Minks/Land of Wano/The Akazaya Nine
[Counter +1000]

[Don!!x2][When Attacking] You may discard 1 card from your hand: K.O. up to one of your opponent's characters with a cost equal to or less than the number of your opponent's current life cards.

[Trigger] If your opponent has 3 life cards or less, play this card.

Yellow Character (OP06-111) C
3 Cost / 4000 Power (Ranged)
Sky Island / Shandora Warrior
[Counter +1000]

[Activate:Main][Once Per Turn] Place a 1 cost stage at the bottom of its owner's deck: Rest up to 1 of your opponent's Characters with a cost of 4 or less.

[Trigger] If you have 2 or less life cards, play this card.

Meteor Strike of Love
Red Event (OP06-017) C
2 Cost
FILM / Straw Hat Crew

[Main]/[Counter] You may add 1 Life Card to your hand: Up to 1 of your leader or character gains +3000 power during this turn

Baron Omatsuri
Red Character (OP06-004) C
2 Cost / 3000 Power (Ranged)
FILM / Omatsuri Island
[Counter +1000]

[On Play] Play up to one "Lily Carnation" from your hand

Azure Dragon Stamp Flowing Water
Red Event (OP06-019) UC
3 Cost
FILM / Straw Hat Crew

[Main] K.O. up to one of your opponent's characters with power 5000 or less.

[Trigger] K.O. up to one of your opponent's characters with power 4000 or less.

Shadow's Asgard
Black Event (OP06-095) UC
2 Cost
Seven Warlords of the Sea / Thriller Bark Pirates

[Main]/[Counter] Your Leader gains +1000 power during this turn. Then, you may K.O. any number of your cost 2 or less characters with the "Thriller Bark Pirates" type. For each K.O.'d character, your leader gains +1000 during this turn.

[Trigger] Draw two cards and trash one from your hand.

Black Character (OP06-088) UC
3 Cost / 4000 Power (Slash)
Dressrosa / Happosui Army
[Counter +1000]

If your Leader has the {Dressrosa} type and your leader is active, this character gains +2000 power.

Vinsmoke Sora
Purple Character (OP06-063) UC
1 Cost / 0 Power (Wisdom)
Vinsmoke Family / Germa Kingdom
[Counter +2000]

[On Play] You may discard a card from your hand: If you have less DON!! on your field than your opponent, add to your hand up to 1 character card of 4000 Power or less that has the {Vinsmoke Family} type from the trash.

You couldn't even kill my boredom!!!
Green Event (OP06-039) R
4 Cost
Straw Hat Crew

[Main] Choose one:
– Rest up to one of your opponent's characters with a cost of 6 or less.
– K.O. up to one of your opponent's rested characters with a cost of 6 or less.

[Trigger] Activate this card's [Main] effect.

I could never doubt a woman’s tears!!!
1 cost Blue event (OP06-057) C
Dressrosa / Straw Hat Crew

Up to one of your leader or characters gain +1000 for this turn. Then, reveal the top card of your deck and put up to one cost 2 character into play and put the rest on the top of bottom of your deck.

[Trigger] Put up to one cost 2 character from your hand into play.

Blue Character (OP06-048)
3 Cost / 3000 Power (Strike)
East Blue
[+1000 Counter]

[During Your Turn]
When your opponent activates a (Blocker) or event, if your leader has the {East Blue} type, you may put the top 4 cards of your deck into your trash.

You’re the one who should disappear!
Yellow Event (OP06-115) R
0 Cost
Sky Island

You may trash one card from your hand: Your leader or up to one of your characters get +3000 for this battle.

[Trigger] If you have 0 life cards, put the top card of your deck onto your life pile. Then, trash one card from your hand.

Black Character (OP06-085) UC
2 Cost / 3000 Power (Strike)
Thriller Bark Pirates
[Counter +1000]

DON!!X2 [Your Turn] If your trash has 5 cards or more, this character has +1000 Power

Green Character (OP06-034) UC
4 Cost / 6000 Power (Slash)

[Activate:Main][Once Per Turn] Rest up to one of your opponent's characters with a cost of 4 or less, and this Character gains +1000 power during this turn. Then, add the top card of your life to your hand.

… Nothing!!! Happened…!!!!
Black Event (OP06-095) UC
3 Cost
Straw Hat Crew

[Counter] Add the top card of your life to your hand: all of your cost 7 or lower characters cannot be KO'd in battle this turn.

[Trigger] Activate this card's [Counter] effect.

Jigorou of the Wind
Black Character (OP06-084) UC
2 Cost / 3000 Power (Slash)
Thriller Bark Pirates
[Counter +1000]

[On KO] Give up to 1 of your leaders or characters +1000 power for this turn

Ama no Murakumo
Blue Event (OP06-056) UC
2 Cost

[Main] Return up to 1 of your opponent's Cost 2 or lower and up to 1 of your opponent's Cost 1 or lower characters to the bottom of its owner's deck in any order.

[Trigger] Activate this card's [Main] effect

Purple Event (OP06-078) UC
1 Cost
Germa Kingdom / Germa 66

[Main]: Look at 5 cards from the top of your deck, reveal up to one card with a type including "Germa" other than [GERMA 66] and add it to your hand. Then, place the rest on the bottom of the deck in any order.

[Trigger]: Draw a card.

Victoria Cindry Black Character (OP06-091) R

1 Cost / 2000 Power (Wisdom)
Thriller Bark Pirates

[Counter +2000]
[On Play] If your Leader has {Thriller Bark Pirates} type, trash 5 cards from the top of your deck.

Green Character (OP06-030) C
Cost 3 / Power 4000 (Strike)
Fishman/New Fishman Pirates
[Counter +1000]

[When Attacking] If your leader has the [New Fishman Pirates] Type, this character cannot be KO'd in battle, and has Power +2000 until the start of your next turn. Then, add the top card of your life to your hand.

Red Character (OP06-012) 
5 Cost / 6000 Power (Strike)
FILM / Trump Pirates
[Counter +1000]

If your opponent has a leader or character with a base power of 6000 or higher, this character cannot be KO'd in battle.

Billion-fold World Trichiliocosm
Green Event (OP06-038) UC
1 Cost
Straw Hat Crew/Dressrosa

[Counter] Up to 1 of your Leader or Characters gains +2000 power during this battle. Then, if you have 8 or more rested cards, that card gains an additional +2000 power.

[Trigger] KO up to one of your opponent's rested characters with a cost of 3 or less.

Thriller Bark
Thriller Bark Pirates
[Activate Main] (1) You may rest 1 DON!!, then rest this stage: If your leader has the [Thriller Bark Pirates] type, you may play up to 1 cost 2 or lower [Thriller Bark Pirates] type character card from your trash rested.

Red Character (OP06-005) C
6 Cost / 8000 Power (Special)
FILM / Former Navy / Gasparde Pirates
[Counter +1000]

Yellow Event (OP06-116) R
4 Cost
Sky Island / Shandora Warrior

[Main] Choose one of the following:
– KO up to 1 of your opponent's 5 cost or lower characters.
– If your opponent has 1 life, deal 1 damage to them. Then add the top card of your life to your hand.

[Trigger] Draw 1 card

Blue Character (OP06-050) R
Cost 1 / Power 2000 (Slash)
[Counter +1000]

[On Play] Look at the top 5 cards of your deck, reveal up to 1 {Navy} type card other than [Tashigi] and reveal it, then put it into your hand. Then, place the rest on the bottom of your deck in any order.

Linlin and Rebecca and Buggy are Special Promo.

Other 6 arts are the AA.

Tony Tony Chopper
maybe promo??
3 Cost / 4000 Power (Wisdom)
Animal/Straw Hat Crew

[When Attacking] if your opponent has a cost 0 character on the board, this character gains +2000 Power until the start of your next turn.

Yellow Character (OP06-114) UC
5 Cost / 7000 Power (Ranged)
Sky Island / Shandora Warrior

[On Play] You may return 1 Cost 1 stage to the bottom of its owner's deck: Look at the top 5 cards of your deck, reveal up to 1 "Upper Yard" or [Shandora Warrior] type card and add it to your hand. Then, send the remaining cards to the bottom of your deck in any order.

Germa Kingdom
Purple Stage (OP06-079) C
Germa Kingdom

Activate Main: You may discard 1 card, then rest this stage. Look at the top 3 cards of your deck, reveal up to 1 card with [GERMA] in it's types and add it to your hand. Then, send the remaining cards to the bottom of your deck in any order.

[JP-OP5] I finished in the Top-4 in One Piece Preliminary Round 2 in the Philippines with Purple Luffy

Hello, I'm Hiroshi Odate II, I play competitive Yu-Gi-Oh!, Digimon Card Game and One Piece Card Game. I started with Yu-Gi-Oh!, then played Digimon because of nostalgia and got hooked up with the gameplay of One Piece easily because of terms identical to the Digimon Card Game.

Last weekend (4th and 5th Nov 2023) I reached the 3rd place in OP Preliminary Round 2 in Philippines (192 players) with the result 9 win – 1 lost. In 3v3 with 81 teams (243 players), my team and I were able to finish at 2nd place and my individual record is 7 win – 3 lost. 

Before this tournament, my biggest achievement in OP card game is 3rd Place One Piece Preliminary 1st Round and 10th Place One Piece Asia Finals.

My Deck and the Strategy

Click into image for decklist

I started playing Purple Luffy at the start of OP-05 as my friend asked me to try the deck, and it's the first time I focused on a deck without Green since I've been playing Kid, Kinemon, and R/G Law before.
When ST-Uta was released, I suddenly decided to ditch Luffy, but with the popularity of Sakazuki, I decided to go back to Luffy as I felt it had a better chance against it.

The most challenging matchup is Sakazuki so I adjusted my deck to deal against it. Paulie has been a great part of this build against Sakazuki while Magellan deals with most of the other matchups. 

Paulie deals with the Kuzan 4c for Sakazuku Matchups
Magellan delays the Yellow decks in general.


Day 1 One Piece Preliminary CS
Standing: 10-1
R1 vs R/P Law Won
R2 vs P-Luffy Won
R3 vs Katakarui Won
R4 vs Sakazuki Won
R5 vs Katakuri Won
R6 vs Sakazuki Won
R7 vs Uta Won
Top 16 vs Enel Won
Top 8 vs Sakazuki Won
Top 4 vs Sakazuki Lost
Battle for 3rd vs Sakazuki Won

Day 2 One Piece Preliminary 3v3
Personal Record
R1 vs P-Luffy Won
R2 vs Sakazuki Won
R3 vs Ace Won
R4 vs Sakazuki Won
R5 vs P-Luffy Lost
R6 vs P-Luffy Lost
Top 16 vs P-Luffy Won
Top 8 vs P-Luffy Won
Top 4 vs Sakazuki Won
Finals vs Sakazuki Lost

The most challenging matchup definitely is Sakazuki since I did not have much time against the new build which is insane but luckily my teammate Gerald Mercado is very good with using Sakazuki it gave me enough confidence playing against the deck. Paulie is the best card to open against them in my opinion if Sakazuki has Kuzan 4c and you do not have any answer against it, any big characters you have will always be removed.

P-Luffy matchup is a fun one since you need to plan which card you will play and which card you expect the opponent to play. It can be a back-and-forth or a blowout depending on what you and you're opponent may have.
Going first I always try to mull for the 4c 6000 character alongside Paulie or 7c Kid
Going Second, I look for 5c Kid and 7c Kid to have a big body on board and at the same time not be left behind in dons. Magellan is good as well but would not recommend dropping early unless Paulie will be followed up.

Uta – My game plan against this deck is to go fast or just keep attacking with 6000 since the deck has only 4 copies of 2k counters that can be searched it will be hard for them to guard multiple 6k attacks. Just pressure the resources don't be afraid to get your characters destroyed by backlight and just keep establishing your board early. In the late game, I'm always conservative with my attacks as I do not want to get punished by multiple Doffy 10c.

R/P Law I always mull for 7c Kid, having multiple 7c Eustass Kid is a huge problem for Law because even tho they have more board prescence it is hard for them to attack the leader since they need to put dons just to attack.

Enel matchup supposedly should be an easy one but Triggers might affect the game so I'm always careful when to attack and what to attack with. The goal in this matchup is to control the board and his hand resources so that in the late game it will not matter much.

Ace – My mull for this matchup is Magellan it disrupts their curve and is a pain to deal with because if they try to KO Magellan they will be left behind in Dons

Katakuri is one of the easiest matchups this deck could have, ALWAYS mull for Magellan it's hard for them to deal with one or multiple Magellan because they will be left behind in dons and you can easily control the board.


Shoutout to Team AquOne and Team Aqua Cavite for the support and practices and just the fun bonding that made this experience very memorable.

Massive shoutout to Team Yugi Gerald Mercado and JunJun Agoto, Best teammate I could ever have Win or Lose I'll go with these guys.
You can check out some of my games on our YouTube channel Aqua Card Games 

To the Philippine One Piece Community let us strive to be BIGGER and BETTER! 

[News] New Banlist targets Red Decks in English format.

Latest message from Bandai on 8 Nov 2023

"Thank you for your understanding and we hope our community continues to enjoy the One Piece Card Game. This ban will be lifted on December 8, 2023 due to changes in the metagame with the release of OP05. One Piece Card Game Team"

Bandai just informed a big news that shocks all the players who is playing One Piece Card Game English Format. 

So after observing the result of some big tournaments in OP4 set, they decided to ban 3 red cards, restricts a new red card, apply starting on November 10th.

The banned cards are:

-OP01-016 Nami
-OP02-001 Edward Newgate (leader)
-OP02-005 Curly.Dadan

The ban to leader Edward Newgate is bit too much, but I guess they will later unban it when the other decks/colors are more power-creep than this deck.

Ban Nami and Dadan are like a straight hit into Zoro leader (OP1) decks, OP1 Green Red Law also got a huge impact.

RESTRICTED CARDS (1 per deck):
-OP03-013 Marco

This is second red Marco got restricted, all because of Whitebeard.

With Marco restricted, Red Ace deck now is hard to perform well. We may need an upgrade for it. All the red decks need a rebuild to stay in the meta: Red Luffy, Red Ace, Red Green Law.

Moving forward post-banlist, people may think that Katakuri leader become the strongest leader in current Meta. But we are not sure yet because we may bring back those decks that was weak against red but work fine against yellow.

You can refer to OP4 Japanese meta list for references, even though red was popular, but decks like Rebecca, RG Doffy, Queen, blue Nami achieved a certain victories too.


Attached the full content of Bandai's annoucement:

Hello One Piece Pirates,
Thank you for playing the One Piece Card Game.
On July 28, we added three cards to the Restricted Cards list as a measure to mitigate the high usage and win rate of Red decks and Leader Cards OP01-01 Roronoa Zoro, OP01-002 Trafalgar Law, and OP02-001 Edward.Newgate. Despite these restrictions, we have continued to see these decks play a prominent role in the metagame. In order provide a more enjoyable user experience of the One Piece Card Game and promote deck and gameplay diversity, we will add the following cards to the Banned and Restricted Card lists starting on November 10th. These and other cards may be removed from the Banned and Restricted Card lists in the future based on developments in the metagame and the release of new cards.
-OP01-016 Nami
-OP02-001 Edward Newgate
-OP02-005 Curly.Dadan
RESTRICTED CARDS (1 per deck):
-OP03-013 Marco
Thank you for your understanding and we hope our community continues to enjoy the One Piece Card Game. Our official website will be updated with this information at a later date.
One Piece Card Game Team

ONE PIECE Card Game Encore Pack

There is a new pack designed for One Piece Film Red, there are 7 types of cards using Uta's song MV illustrations, and Gear 5 Luffy.

Total of 400 000 packs are distributed nationwide fro 3rd Nov 2023.

Fleeting Lullaby
Green Event (P-057)
3 Cost

[Main] If your leader is Uta, choose up to 2 of your opponent's rested cost 4 or lower characters cannot be set as active during your opponent's next Refresh Phase

[Trigger] Activate this card's [Main] Effect

Tot Musica
Green Event (P-060)
2 Cost

[Main] You may rest 1 of your [Uta]: rest up to 2 of your opponent's DON!!

The World's Continuation
Green Event (P-059)
2 Cost

[Counter] If your leader is [Uta], you may return any number of your characters from your board to your hand. For this battle, give up to 1 of your leader or characters +2000 power for each character returned this way.

Where The Wind Blows
Green Event (P-058)
2 Cost

[Main] If your leader is Uta, at the end of your turn, set all your [FILM] type characters active.

[Trigger] Set all your [FILM] type characters active.

Monkey D. Luffy
Green Character (P-061)
8 Cost/10000 Power (Strike)
FILM/Straw Hat Crew

[EN-OP4] For the first time Green Purple Doffy won regional in North America

Introduction of the winner

Hello my name is Ernesto also known as Wraithtalks, I'm a big card collector but One Piece is my very first tcg where I decided to play competitively so I am very new to this stuff. I've been enjoying one piece so much more than I expected. I've met a ton of amazing people who have become close friends and I can say I'm definitely spoiled in terms of gameplay for my first ever tcg.

Also if you don’t know, I do run a youtube channel “AwakenedTCG” where I upload daily content about all things one piece and it makes playing the card game that much more enjoyable.


Achievement in One Piece Card Game

As far as previous achievements go, I think my best placing was top 32 in a Treasure Cup in set 2 (OP2) as well as a top 64 in a regional for set 3 (OP3). Besides that there hasn’t been much success for me because I struggled finding a good deck that really clicked with me until now.

Deck Information and Strategy

I have been practicing with Doffy since the start but I always struggled with deciding what deck to take into tournaments and I know that has cost me other good performances due to last minute switches. I realized I need to just play my game instead of trying to meta deck too much and just work with what I know best and that has worked best for me. I have months of practice on Doffy so I wanted to show off my skill set on the deck and it paid off.

Click into the image for decklist in the website.

The strategy on Doffy is really to be as aggressive as possible while allowing your defense to shine when it's time. I know it might sound weird as this is such a defensive deck but it really plays well aggressive into all the top meta decks.

I added in 2 judgments of hell and 1 shiki one of which were the only changes to my deck from what a previous list I used and those changes won me easily 3-4 matches. I believe this deck does REALLY well into the top 3 meta red decks because it has answers that are very effective for all 3.

I think playing on curve against Whitebeard and putting him in situations to give you cards early makes the matchup favourable, as far as Law and Zoro go you just want to see an early Sugar and play Nami so you don't fall behind on card advantage then just play as much board control as possible until you can set up a lethal turn.

Core TCG Regional's Matchups

My match ups were: – Whitebeard(win) – G/P Doffy (win) – Whitebeard(win) – Zoro(win) – Law (win) –katakuri (win) – whitebeard (win) – Law(win) – Film Kid (win)

Overall the tournament went really well and let me go over some key points for each of the matchups.

For starters we have WHITEBEARD. This matchup in my opinion I feel is super comfy to run into because 10cost doflamingo just destroys whitebeards whole game plan and chaining them together should almost always net you the win in most cases. Going second and playing a 4c vanilla into a 6c shiki feels amazing then you can pressure board and make them burn cards alot earlier than they would like making end game feasible so they won’t have 20 cards in hand. Best matchup you want to see by far.

Then I played up against a G/P Doffy and my experience with that deck has been relatively good, I know there are tech cards for the mirror in specific but I tend to not add those since id rather tech in for whitebeard because it usually out numbers the doffys by a lot. Back on the topic of the mirror match you want to go first and establish units as soon as possible and play aggressively, doing so will not allow your opponent to keep up with units as long as you trade effectively. It is the same deck so it's just a 50/50 matchup when both players play correctly.

Going into ZORO I knew the game plan since my brother is a zoro main, you want to see an early sugar to get rid of 2 early units from the zoro then drop nami so you can keep card advantage, if you nail those 2 things then playing board control aggressively with uta or punk gibson will net you alot of value and will keep the zoros hand limited. 2nd best matchup you want to see after whitebeard.

Just like with zoro, LAW doesn’t want to see you drop sugars early on because it spells trouble for them. Very similar game plan going into this matchup as zoro because you want to delay shambles a turn if possible then just play super aggro on board control until you can slowly whittle down the law. NEVER swing into law for free if they are looking for cards, an early swing instead of going at board is trouble. All your early swings should be at the laws board making them go down in hand size fast, then it's just slow play until you can set up a lethal turn. LAW was by far the hardest match I saw.

Next up we had a KATAKURI , this matchup is tough when the kata can see his curve and can 10c mom without the fear of losing the next turn, You have to see early units 4c vanilla or nami and play them early while focusing ALL of your attacks on to leader. Being able to put the katakuri in a position where they 10 mom and it might be a turn where they lose is where you want to have them, don't swing at the peros out aggro the kata and protect units with good value if possible. 2nd hardest matchup behind the law that I played, can trigger you to a loss but that's kata in general.

The last deck I played was FILM KID while I dont have much matchup knowledge still I was able to pull out the win because I treated the matchup like the mirror. So the only advice I can give here is to run atleast 1 of Judment of Hell and try and go first if possible. Not enough matchup experience to know if the matchup is hard or not, its most likely 50/50.


I want to give a big shoutout to my brother ANINE who is my #1 training partner and the one I test with the most, shoutout to AwakenedTCG which is a youtube channel I run with one of my closest friends Jim.

Also I want to give a big shoutout to One Piece Top Decks, you have an amazing platform and inspire so many peoples list with all the info that is generated on this website and every article that is put out is always a 10/10 read so big thank you for allowing me to write a piece as well.

Thanks to everyone who has congratulated me, I can’t respond to every message but I see all of you so thank you and lets keep playing One Piece and make it a top 3 card game in the world!

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