[News] New Banlist targets Red Decks in English format.

Latest message from Bandai on 8 Nov 2023

"Thank you for your understanding and we hope our community continues to enjoy the One Piece Card Game. This ban will be lifted on December 8, 2023 due to changes in the metagame with the release of OP05. One Piece Card Game Team"

Bandai just informed a big news that shocks all the players who is playing One Piece Card Game English Format. 

So after observing the result of some big tournaments in OP4 set, they decided to ban 3 red cards, restricts a new red card, apply starting on November 10th.

The banned cards are:

-OP01-016 Nami
-OP02-001 Edward Newgate (leader)
-OP02-005 Curly.Dadan

The ban to leader Edward Newgate is bit too much, but I guess they will later unban it when the other decks/colors are more power-creep than this deck.

Ban Nami and Dadan are like a straight hit into Zoro leader (OP1) decks, OP1 Green Red Law also got a huge impact.

RESTRICTED CARDS (1 per deck):
-OP03-013 Marco

This is second red Marco got restricted, all because of Whitebeard.

With Marco restricted, Red Ace deck now is hard to perform well. We may need an upgrade for it. All the red decks need a rebuild to stay in the meta: Red Luffy, Red Ace, Red Green Law.

Moving forward post-banlist, people may think that Katakuri leader become the strongest leader in current Meta. But we are not sure yet because we may bring back those decks that was weak against red but work fine against yellow.

You can refer to OP4 Japanese meta list for references, even though red was popular, but decks like Rebecca, RG Doffy, Queen, blue Nami achieved a certain victories too.


Attached the full content of Bandai's annoucement:

Hello One Piece Pirates,
Thank you for playing the One Piece Card Game.
On July 28, we added three cards to the Restricted Cards list as a measure to mitigate the high usage and win rate of Red decks and Leader Cards OP01-01 Roronoa Zoro, OP01-002 Trafalgar Law, and OP02-001 Edward.Newgate. Despite these restrictions, we have continued to see these decks play a prominent role in the metagame. In order provide a more enjoyable user experience of the One Piece Card Game and promote deck and gameplay diversity, we will add the following cards to the Banned and Restricted Card lists starting on November 10th. These and other cards may be removed from the Banned and Restricted Card lists in the future based on developments in the metagame and the release of new cards.
-OP01-016 Nami
-OP02-001 Edward Newgate
-OP02-005 Curly.Dadan
RESTRICTED CARDS (1 per deck):
-OP03-013 Marco
Thank you for your understanding and we hope our community continues to enjoy the One Piece Card Game. Our official website will be updated with this information at a later date.
One Piece Card Game Team

12 thoughts on “[News] New Banlist targets Red Decks in English format.”

  1. This was a terrible decision. I got into the game 2 weeks ago and saw edward newgate and trafalgar law were top decks. I built those decks over the next two weeks and spent $300 on various cards. Then the day before my local tournament they ban not one, but BOTH of my decks. I was so excited to try them out and now I can't. This decision has given me the biggest case of buyers remorse I've ever had, and after spending hundreds if not a thousand on supplies and cards, trying to get into the game and catch up to everyone and they drop this ban hammer. I went from so excited about this game to completely hating it in a matter of hours. Bandai Namco, this is one of the worst decisions you've ever made. You've alienated half of your player base. Well done. If this decision isn't reversed soon, I'm done spending money on this game. And I hope others walk out too.

    1. i Can Understand your Anger, But Edward newgate is dominating the game for too long, 3 espansion, the community was litteraly annoyed for not having a good meta. In regional there was only 3 deck ( WB , zoro and Law) for the third espansion consecutively. this was the Best decision the ever made.

      1. was laberst du da?`nur weil du einer von den leuten bist die zu schlecht für dieses spiel sind findest du es ok das man nami bannt? Bei dadan und edward newgate bin ich bei dir aber nami war maximal unnötig vor allem weil st10 vor der tür steht und weitere alt arts von nami produziert werden also überlege in zukunft mal warum die leute verärgert sind.

    2. Bro, you bought the card because you thought it was winning and now the game is updated. Don't be mad bro, just don't purchase based on wins / hype. You can still run winning red without newgate, but you can't jump into a sport paying to win.

  2. This is complete nonesense. I understand that banning Newgate makes kinda sense, but instead they should decide to restrict 2 or maybe 3 essential cards in a Newgate deck. But banning Newgate and killing the searchers for red is absolutely insane and redundand. If they really push that ban through, red will be completely dead, because it is unplayable and impossible to compete against other decks. Not to mention that those Decks were beatable.
    If it is so annoying why didn't they do it on the JP side?
    On the western side there are just too much uncreative wimps who are just crying out loud if they are not able to win, because they dont know how to modify decks.

    I accept the fact that these decks are difficult beat in current western meta. But if you modify your deck a bit with the right cards it is easier.
    There is no reason to destroy those decks completely.
    And I am not even a Newgate or Law player.
    I have a Zoro deck, but if they do this it is a dead deck. you are not able to play him with anything, because they killed it with banning Dadan, Nami and restricting Marco.
    You are not able to play Zoro with WB pirates or strawhats.
    This is a utterly extreme stupid decision.
    I would understand if they where limiting those cards to maybe 3 or 2 times. but banning it completely ist just stupid.

    Not to forget that ST10 is not released yet. There you go having a structure deck on release having banned cards in it, so you are not even able to play it properly.

    A other aspect is, that JP is a bit ahead and everyone who is following it knows that the meta is changing drasticly with OP05
    Red will die even without the banns and will change to yellow and purple. Without the banns you can at least try to compete against yellow and purple then. But with the banns you let just more people change to these colors, giving a reason to bann yellow and purple then.
    What are they doing then? Nerfing all the good yellow and purple cards. If you keep doing this nothing will be playable.
    Just wait until OP0 5 meta beginns. It is just a month until then.
    If you are trying to balance something you should not just look at the past, you should also look into the future (thats possible at least for the western side). If you look at the JP side what have they banned until now? Only the cards that are truely op. And they are changing meta soon too.

    Well done go ahead and watch how you kill a good and fun tcg on western side in less then 2 years.

  3. OK but not really. It was already proven that OP05 would balance the game out organically, Whitebeard has hardly won anything post OP05 release. One or 2 of these changes may have been appropriate but not all at once. This is a knee jerk from too many cry babies not being able to play their favorite character or color/ not wanting to play the meta. In the grand scheme of things almost every card game has a top 3 decks in meta and this game is still way too new to be banning things willy nilly, especially Cards you are literally still releasing in Skus that come out the week of the ban. ITS DISINGENUOUS and not well thought out IMO. If Bandai wants it to be a good card game they let it balance itself by releasing new stronger cards or reprinting/errata the cards they ban. If anything they banned was truly breaking the game it would be banned in Asian format also. This is a sign of bad community management and only listening to the loudest cries. – Full disclosure I don't play Red and its a tough match for my deck but it was fun to learn how to play around it and get better and I no longer struggle against it.

  4. Bandai Namco thank you for that. I play katakuri for a very long time and I have nothing against Dadan ban, but I wanted to switch from yellow because I wanted to play a different color and ordered 2x st10 and now they forbid nami? If you do, ban all searchers because that's absolutely unfair. How are you supposed to play straw hats in the future when the Seeker no longer exists? Don't come to me now with this event card which is absolutely unnecessary

  5. The ban list is both unwarranted and unwanted. All it serves is to dismantle decks that were rotating out anyway and hamstrings them for the future.

    Eastern players must be having a good laugh at the baby Western players who need Bandai to make the big scary decks go away.

    This type of behavior from Bandai sets a very bad precedent. It shows they are not afraid to ban key components of good decks. This begs the question of why would you ever play a good deck when Bandai will just erase it from the map?

    Bandai pulled a God Valley Incident for red.

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