Leaks: ST-07 Big Mom Pirates


Charlotte Brûlée
Yellow Character (ST07-007)
Cost 3 / Power 1000 (Special)/Big Mom Pirates
[Trigger] Play this card.
[ST07-003] Charlotte Katakuri
Big Mom Pirates
– [On Play] Look at the top card of yours or your opp's life, and put it at the top or bottom of their life. Then, if your life is less then your opp's, this Chara gets [Rush] for the turn.
First yellow card revealed.
Charlotte Linlin
Four Emperors | Big Mom Pirates
– [DON!! x2] [When Attacking] Add the top or bottom card from your Life to your hand: if your Life is 2 or less, put up to 1 card from your hand to the top of your Life.
ST-07 Big Mom Pirates, yellow color, is scheduled to distribute on 21th Jan 2023.

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