[JP]Laurrie Funelas: 1st Place Flagship with Black-Blue Rebecca

Invited Author: Laurrie Funelas

Country: Philippines


Hello, Im Laurrie Funelas from Philippines. I recently won

the Flagship tournament at UniAqua Hobbies last June 4, 2023.
I just want to give a short intro of my deck.
I choose Rebecca deck because it fits my playstyle.
The deck inside can answer even the highest cost character on the field.

The Deck

Click into the image for decklist in One Piece Top Decks
I usually mulligan either Rebecca or Corrida Coliseum.
Doing an early counter is the best to do since you need your handsize to be atleast 6 or below so you can use the ability of your leader. 

Card Choice

– almost immortal in your deck you can just rest your leader / stage so it won't be KO.
– synergy with Orlumbus/Suleiman to make minus cost on your opponent's character as Orlumbus/Suleiman also fills your trash to feed Luffy so it can be restand.
– making minus cost to your opponents character plus making your trash count fast.
– synergy with Orlumbus, Suleiman and Hajrudin.
– can be bounce via Kaido10 blue effect so you can repeat it's ability.
– synergy with Orlumbus when Sabo makes on play ability.
– a great card to fixed your dead cards in your hand since it has a draw discard ability.
Luffy + Gum-gum King Kong Gun
– this can deal 4 damage on opponent's life if you have 15 cards above on your trash. As GGKK Gun will have a double attack ability and Luffy can be restand by its ability.
Trueno Bastardo
– can remove even the highest cost in the field with the help of Orlumbus/Hajrudin/Suleiman minus ability.
Kaido Blue 10c
– a very great card with no negative side.
– can bounce Rebecca for getting more cards
– can bounce Leo for repeating it's ability.
– can bounce even the 10c character with the use of Orlumbus/Suleiman/Hajrudin.


The flagship tournament that I joined was a small event with about 15 players or less. During this tournament, Rebecca and I won the matchups against Yellow Katakuri, Red Whitebeard and Blue/Yellow Queen. However, it was a good experience in early meta and I will have more chances to strengthen my play style.

This will be the deck i'll use this coming Prelims (June 11, 2023 here in the Philippines by Aqua Card Games.
Kudos to my friends Jec and Jude for playtesting and brainstorming while making this deck.

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