[JP] Shyam Gasper: Rebecca controls the opponent's board.

Invited Author: Shyam Gasper 

Country: Brunei


Hi, I am Shyam Gasper from Brunei. 

I won an event recently at Gamer’s Tavern on 4th June 2023.

The deck I chose to play that day was Blue/Black Rebecca. I was just testing out different variations of the deck to see which variation suits my playstyle. The deck list that I used that day is shown below. This deck list is more towards controlling the opponent’s board.


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Card Choice

Orlumbus & Hajrudin

  • Helps reducing the cost of the opponent’s characters and synergizes well with Kyros’s on play ability and other event cards such as Trueno Bastardo and Three Thousand Worlds


  • One of the key pieces in deck that helps with controlling the opponent’s field
  • Due to his ability to just rest the leader/stage when he would be KO, he would be staying on the field most of the time
  • On play, he could kill any 5 cost or less when synergized with Orlumbus/Hajrudin

He could also be used as the target to be K.O.’d when using Orlumbus’s Ability and then the stage could be rested to prevent him from being KO


  • Helps recycling cards from trash and prevents decking out
  • Due to his ability to attack active characters and when synergized with the stage, he could help remove blockers and other units from the opponent’s field

Gum-gum King Kong Gun

  • As the whole deck revolves around controlling the opponent’s board, this event helps with reducing opponent’s life and even act as a finisher
  • Most of the time, this event would be used on Luffy as he could restand
  • Personally, I would only use this event on luffy when opponent is down to 2 life and when I know I could finish the game, unless I have 2 or more copies in hand


  • Synergizes well with Orlumbus
  • Good for fixing cards in hand
  • very good against black matchups


  • More options for attacking active characters 

Trueno Bastardo/Three Thousand Worlds/Gum-Gum Red Roc

    • Helps removing big cost units from the opponents field such as 8 cost Kid and others

Tournament Matchups

  1. Win Zoro
  2. Win Arlong
  3. Win Smoker
  4. Win Green/Purple (G/P) Doflamingo

Mulligan/Turn Order

I would usually go second so I could use the leader’s skill and play either the stage or the 1 cost Rebecca searcher. I would mulligan so that I would have either the stage card or the Rebecca searcher in hand.

Game plan against each match up

Zoro – This is one of the easiest matchups as it is really easy to control their board. I would prioritize killing the characters on board before attacking life. I would just counter early and not take any life in the early few turns so I could use the leaders ability to search the top 2 for more 2k counters or key pieces that I would need. Once I have 7 dons available, I would play Luffy so I could setup for a Gum-Gum King Kong Gun + Luffy in the following turn only if the opponent is at 2 life. If the opponent is not down to 2 life or if they still have a lot of units on board, I would continue to attack their characters on board. Once their board is clear, start attacking their life until they are down to 2 life so you could use Gum-Gum King Kong Gun + Luffy combo to end the game. Since they usually do not play any blockers in their deck, the combo would pretty much secure the win. 

Arlong – This deck was quite annoying and interesting to face as the deck is filled with plenty of trigger cards. The gameplan was just to control their board as much as I could which was working. However, when they started triggering blockers such as Sanji and Brulee, it slowly gave them board advantage. Moreover, cards like Cracker could get triggered as a surprise. I would usually play blocker when I am at 2 life. During the event, the opponent triggered cracker with double attack ability being active when I was at 3 life and I had no open dons to play a blocker. During the opponent’s turn, they attacked my life with cracker with 8 k power with double attack which forced two 2k counters from my hand. The following turn, I played Luffy to clear out the blockers from the field so I could go for the Gum-Gum King Kong Gun + Luffy combo in the following turns for game. This matchup was pretty interesting and almost caught me off guard.

Smoker – This matchup can be difficult as they have a lot of KO effects. Hence, one of the important cards for this matchup is Sabo due to his ability to not let any of your units get K.O.’d by effect. However, I only managed to stall 1 turn as I only drew into 1 Sabo. Another key card in this matchup is Kyros due to his ability to prevent himself from getting K.O.’d by either resting the leader or the stage. My gameplan for this matchup was to fully control the board and not attack their life at all until I could clear their board as they have no way to add cards to their hand other than 4 cost Kuzan. From early to mid-game, it felt like my plan was failing as I was not able to control their board at all and was down to 2 life while my opponent stayed at 5. However, eventually the opponent’s cards in hand decreased and I was able to wipe out the whole board as I was able to draw into Trueno Bastardo and Three Thousand Worlds. Once I cleared their field, I took their life down to 2 and setup Luffy for the following turn to go for kill with Gum-Gum King Kong Gun. One unexpected moment that happened during this game was that the opponent played an event to destroy the stage which did affect my game plan quite a bit. Hence, it would be better to keep another stage in hand just in case against black matchups.

G/P Doflamingo – This matchup could be difficult for Rebecca as this deck plays a lot of blockers and they are very defensive with a lot of counter events. Moreover, they could also easily add cards to their hand using 3 cost Nami’s ability. Hence, my first priority was to K.O. Nami as soon as possible using Trueno Bastardo or bottom deck using Three Thousand Worlds. However, during the tournament, I did not manage to draw into them or the stage which really messed up the game plan. Once the opponent reached 7 dons, he managed to have full board with 2 Nami, 1 Luffy blocker and 1 Uta blocker. One of the turning point of this game was me triggering three thousand worlds from my life which helped me to bottom deck one of the Nami. Then, in the beginning of the next turn I drew into another Three Thousand Worlds which I used to bottom deck another Nami. My next plan was to try reducing the opponents hand size by attacking into their active blockers with Luffy. Since I did not have the stage, it was even more difficult. Eventually, the cards in opponent’s hand decreased and I managed to chip down their life to 2. Then, the opponent played 8 cost Kid and had no blockers on field. I used Red Roc to bottom deck the Kid and go for game with Gum-Gum King Kong Gun + Luffy combo. This matchup would have been much easier if I was able to K.O. Nami and draw into the stage early. Then, my aim would be to just reduce my opponent’s hand size slowly and slowly chip away at their life to 2.


The tournament that I joined is a small event and had about 14 players in total. I had also tested this deck against whitebeard and was doing quite good. There isn’t really much changes I would do to the deck. I would probably play 4 copies of stage to maximize my chances of drawing into it. I would probably test out with the 10 cost Kuzan as well, as he has a continuous ability to reduce all the opponent’s character cost by 5 which really goes well with my playstyle. I am looking forward to use Rebecca in upcoming events and I see it as a pretty strong and consistent deck due to its search engine and the ability to attack active characters together with the rush ability from the stage.

I would like to thank my friends Zei, Yuzu, Syon, Jerry, Haziq, Ami, Badzli and Dane for helping me playtesting the deck. 

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