[JP-OP6] Ferdinan: Won 5 Flagship(s) with Blue Nami Deck.

Hello everyone, today we have a quick interview with Ferdinan Nolanda from Indonesia. He played blue Nami and won 5 flagships, as well as reached top-16  in Bandai Card Fest Kuala Lumpur (400+ players) (Malaysia).

1. Quick self introduction and your achievements.

My name is Ferdinan from ogre team (Indonesia), a boy who likes low tier deck, winning 5 flagship from 6 flagship by using nami’s deck.

Click into the image for decklist in One Piece Top Decks

2. How do you generally play this deck? (Early, mid, and late game decisions)

In early game, I'm using kaya to make the cards in hand more better, to search white snake, love-love beam, sanji’s pilaf and Gavel.

In mid game, i'm using Gavel to reduce the deck then use white snake and love love beam to increase the number of card in hand then use Mr.1 for add Gavel from the trash

In late game, I'm using kaya for reducing the deck and hand then use Deathwink

3. Generally how do you deal with all the current tier-1 decks (gecko, Yamato, enel etc)

I think I can beat tier 1 deck by using the new event card from op06 (white snake), so I can counter their attacks. I resisted the attacks from the early game so in the late game when their attacks becomes higher I can take the life.

4. What do you think is this deck’s weakness?

It will be bad when Kaya and event cards for draw power such as Love love Beam, white snake, sanji’s pillaf are going to trash by the other card effect.

This deck also suffers if it meets aggro deck like Zoro.

5. How was your pairings during the recent BCF and were there any decisions that you wished you have done otherwise?

Deck used: Nami
R1 vs Sabo WIN
R2 vs Saka WIN
R3 vs Yamato WIN
R4 vs Saka WIN
R5 vs Katakuri WIN
R6 vs Saka LOSE
R7 vs Moria WIN
R8 vs Saka WIN

Result day 1 rank 5

Top 16
vs Saka LOSE

I wish I redraw my first hand on my top 16 because that hand are not playable on the late game.

6. How do you manage when your opponent builds a wide board? Often it will put a lot of pressure on your don resources, hand size and counter cards…

I think I must have a lot of white snake and mellow (Love-love Beam), so I'm using kaya for search that cards, so I can guard the attacks without reducing a cards in my hand then always open 10 Don.

7. How do you play Chef to make effective use of his ability? Do you return your own character or your opponent’s? And Often the opponent will not let his attacks go through.

I'm using Zeff just for reducing the decks, and if there is a kaya in my field I will bounce that card to my hand.

8. What do you think are important cards or effects that Bandai can release in future that will great

I think nami’s deck need more cards which can add cards to hand.

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