[JP-OP5] Vu Nguyen: Katakuri in OP5 meta

Hello, my name is Pham Anh Vu Nguyen from Viet Nam. First of all, I would like to express my gratitude to the OP Top Decks team for giving me the opportunity to share my achievements. I started learning One piece card game from my friends and my favourite character is "Uta".

I started playing from OP-03. During that time, I tried the lot of games and participated in GrandLine TCG Shop Tournament and I was lucky enough to win the champion with Yellow Katakuri deck and below my deck profile.

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Some players will wonder why I only used 1 8C Katakuri and did not use 7C Big Mom. Katakuri is one of the most powerful yellow cards back in OP-03 but after many testing with the new OP-05 decks, I found out that this style is no longer stable. Therefore, I decided to change from life control to character spawn playstyle.

Strengths and weaknesses of the deck

The strength of this deck lies in its the surprise in Life Trigger. You can play characters from your life to your field or can block an attack or K.O an opponent's character during their turn. In addition, the leader's ability helps us be more proactive in life control as well as apply pressure in the early game.

The weakness is the deck is quite dependent on Life Trigger. For example, not having any trigger cards in the Life Area will makes your game much tougher. Moreover, the biggest disadvantage of this deck is that you will have a small hand size, so it requires lots of calculation.

Tournament results

Below are details of the matches in my tournament

➢ Swiss:
1st match up: R/P Law : win

Law is alway the hard match up, trying to play aggressive with Leader and Skypie Engine like Ohm and Holy then use 10c Bigmom to burn the last opponent Life. Luckily, Law did not have a good hand so I won

2nd Round: Yellow Enel: win

Enel would control their Life with many boss monster like 9c Yamato, 8c Katakuri. If I did the same, I couldn’t win Enel So I decided to play aggressive at the beginning and then control tempo with 10c Bigmom. When I had 3 Bigmom inplay, I won

3rd Round : Yellow Enel (second) : win
With the same tactic in 2nd round, I won Enel again

4th: R/B Sabo :

This is the 1st time I met Sabo in the tournament. Sabo is very strong about protecting their blocker. I also decided play aggressive but Hina stop me and I lost.

5th: R/Y Betty
So hard to stop Betty if she has good hand and good trigger. I lost Top 8

Top 8: R/Y Betty : win

I met Betty again. She still rush with a lot of pressure with Revolution Amry Engine. But I changed play style, the Katakuri leader effect is good to hit opponent Character with 7k power, and I can check my life. My Life is so good in this matchup with Sanji OP04, Cracker and Satori. I won after using thunder bolt to destroy Ivan.

Top 4: G/B Rosinante : win

Rosinante is the good control deck for Green with a lot of blocker and Final boss 10c Doffy. But Katakuri with 4 10c bigmom made me win, the key is not try to attack when Doffy 10 drop in opponent’s hand

Final : R/B Sabo : win

With experience from the 4th Round. I alway try to keep thunder Bolt in my hand to destroy Hina after baiting him and their Blocker. Expand the board from trigger and Combo Ohm and Holy made me win this final round

About the cards I used in the tournament

OP04 Bege: This card has a trigger effect to stop an opponent's attack. In addition, having 2k counters for defend is also very useful.

OP04 Sanji: This is a character that is familiar to anyone who plays a yellow deck. This is a blocker unit but can also be used to attack well. With the trigger effect, this card can be played to the field during your opponent's turn.

OP3 10c Bigmom: This is my important card in the deck. With the ability to both gain one life and trash one of your opponent's life, it causes the opponent to lose life and prevents the opponent from adding life cards to their hands. And it's very effective against Enel.

Perospero: This is a pretty good character for the early game. The play cost is quite low and there is also 5k power used to stabilize the voltage. Not only that, when being K.O., it is also a resource to find another Big Mom Pirate cards.

Thunder Bolt: This card's most effective purpose is to take Life Trigger to K.O an opponent's character cost 5 or less, reducing attacks. In addition, this card is also used to K.O the opponent's blocker characters.

Shirahoshi: Because the Katakuri deck has quite a few hands, this will be the best hand recovery item. Effect when take life trigger you can draw 3 cards and trash 2 cards. That help to cycle through tour deck appropriately.

OP5 Satori: This is a character that can appear when taking life trigger with 5k power. It also has 2k counters to increase the deck's defense.

8cost Katakuri: Katakuri is a familiar character of the deck. With the ability to place opponent's character cost 8 or less to the Life Area, or you can use it to place your character like Shirahoshi into your life.

Here is a summary of the deck's featured cards. This is just my personal opinion about the deck. Thank you for reading my article.

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