[JP-OP5] Robert: Green Uta won Flagship

Invited Author: Robert Angelo Gerochi

Country: Philippines

 I am Robert Angelo Gerochi, and I love playing card games. I like OP, but it's not my main card game at this point in time.

My only other achievement in OP before this was that I landed in finals in a Flagship for the Zoro Prize card with Blue Nami around OP03 meta, but since then I have not been playing much OP since I have been focusing on getting a World's invite in my main card game.

Deck Strategy and Mulligan

 I played Uta because I really believe that the deck is very versatile to beat the heavy meta decks. Also, because I prefer playing decks with huge hand cards, and Uta and Film's ability to just pad out the hand means I can prolong games as much as I can until I can land the final blow.

On Mulligan, if opening Law Film or a Backlight (the search event) is priority for me, as long as I have either of them, I can just try to fish any other combo pieces as need with Uta's on attack skill

I prefer going 1st as it allows me to add cards with Uta's Leader Ability immediatelt and forces the opponent to take life or use hand cards to block which further's my own game plan to I'm Invincible multiple times once my opponent is low on hand and life.

By going first, I can swing with Uta to gain as much hand card and get as many of the restand Event as possible. Then once the opponent is low in life and low in hand cards after your aggressive early turns, you swing with your leader 2-3 times with the restand Event for game.

Against those meta decks like Sakazuki, Enel and Katakuri, I like to flood the board as much as
possible with Green Mihawk and FILM Brook and just overwhelm my opponent with aggression. Against more aggressive decks like Zoro or WB, Luffy and Uta Blocker is key since Luffy can swing and try to remove their attackers and Blocker Uta can restand him later to block during the opponent's turn.

Tournament Matchups

Won TopDeck Games' November 2023 Flagship (22 players) with Green Uta!

Matchups result: Won: Zoro, Katakuri, Enel, Sakazuki and Whitebeard.

R1 – Zoro Win – I managed to overwhelm him with T2 Law into Mihawk > Brook > Ussop and he wasn't able to keep up with my board because he was busy defending instead of attacking.

R2 Katakuri Win– Again, Law into Mihawk > Brook > Ussop meant I had 3 units immediately while he had to build up his own board. He tried using Soul Pocus and Big Mom 7 to bait me into giving him life, but I just trashed my own life because I knew my game plan was to make sure he can't resolve as many Big Mom 10sas he can.
By the time he dropped a Big Mom 10, he was short on hand cards an I'm Invincible restand was all I needed to secure the game.

R3 – Enel Win – probably the hardest matchup for me because all Enel needs to win is to be lucky with his triggers, but luck was not on his side. I also managed to drop 2 Doffy 10s on him turn after turn, so he was forced to try and kill me with 1 cost Pudding with 8 Dons and Yamato, but I had enough cards to block and I had 2 I'm Invicible backed by 2 Doffy 10s to push through any Blocker/Biege triggers.

R4 – Sakazuki Win – I went Mihawk > Brook > Ussop and then Luffy > Brook > Nami

Opponent was complaining since no matter how many times he removed my field, I was just able to refill it.

R5 – Whitebeard Win – Early aggression pushed him to low life around turn 3, but I made a misplay that almost cost me the game – I had 10 Don open, and he had 2 units rested + leader; instead of playing Doffy 10, I instead attached Don to Uta. With no other choice, I decided to push my luck with I'm Invincible, and he didn't have enough cards to block Uta's 2 swings.

I really hate playing against Yellow because I feel like the deck can either be really fair or unfair depending on how many triggers they get. Luckily none of my opponents got Beige as their last trigger, so I'm happy.


I would like to say thank you to Top Deck Games Cagayan de Oro City and the One Piece community. The community is very competitive, and with a community this full of skilled people, sometimes you just need to be a bit more lucky than the rest to be able to win events like these.

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