[JP-OP5] Red Zoro Rush

Hi !! 
I would like to share a deck recipe that was champion in a meetup battle yesterday here in Madcap Gaming Philippines.

Red Zoro Rush 

I want to share some tips and tricks using this deck.
The 4copies in top left is 1-cost searcher Nami. Click into the image for the decklist


1st match up – Blue Black Sakazuki

In this fight I put pressure on my opponent.
My goal here is to gradually deplete his life and handcards on turn 5.
Because of the searchers that I put down, he did not reduce my life and he defended himself because of the pressure.

Diable Jambe that I got from Buggy's effect was the answer to my fight.

2nd Match up – Belo Betty 

I know that Belo Betty can consume my life or characters because of the effect of this leader.
Although I was the first turn, I play Buggy, my next turn I play Dadan and Sanji c1. Small characters with 3000 power is a big deal because it can be easily increased due to zoro leader's effect.
My opponent managed to drain my life, but I was saved by Jet Pistol and Firefist cost 3 due to their trigger effects from my life. And because he focused on my life and I have many little characters who can attack, I won.

3rd Match up – Purple Luffy (Finals)

In this fight I am aware of Purple Luffy that can add Don and accumulate in a few turns.
That's why I play small characters on my turn so that on turn 5 I could put pressure on my opponent.
He knows how quickly I can decrease his life so he was careful in using the effect of his leader.
And with the exhaustion of his life, as well as his hand cards, I finally play Luffy Rush and made it Unblockable because of his Effect and attacked with 11000 Power and I won.

Zoro Deck in OP5 meta.

In this build I use StrawHat Engine.
12 Searchers is good for the Consistency of deck and adding the cards that I need. These are the pointer cards i want to mention.
Sanji Cost 1 and Buggy
Cost 1 characters with a 3000 power and 1000 counter is a good. I can manage easily my Dons ang use it for other purposes.
Brook cost 2,
I am using Sanji Cost 2 before but i decided to change it with Brook, Sanji is good for early game but what about mid and late game ?
Brook is a good card due to its effect that can boost 2000 power to my leaders and characters, plus it has a Body with a 3000 power for the next turn.
This card is sooo Good,
same with Brook, I can boost my characters like Buggy or Sanji with 3000 Power, and can swing with 7000 power. Plus it has a Body with 2000 Power. 
16 cost 1 characters including this card in the deck is good for consistency.
I'm using this card in turn 3 to search a cost 1 with a 3000 body. And i'm holding it for mid and late game to search for Magra and Makino.
Dadan is a good searcher for this deck with having 3000 power and 1000 counter.
I'm holding Makino in my hand for 5 to 7 turns. Some players ignores Nami or Magra on the field to swing with a big body i'm holding 2 Makino's in my hand or using it for 2000 counters.
It is not okay to use it in early because of lacking 2000 counters int his deck.
Bad Manners Kick Course
Such a good card to use.
Making your Opponent Anticipate what cards you can't use in their turn.
Mostly I left 1 Active Don in my opponent's turn to use it for Radical Beam.
They Always Surprised by this card and because of this i always survived.
Jet Pistol and Fire fist cost 3.
Such a good event cards to get rid of those blockers and other characters with a combo in their plays. I also use their trigger effects that i mentioned in my Belo Betty Match ups.
Diable Jambe
I only use 1 because it is a dead card in my hand in early games. Having a Nami and Buggy to search this in my deck is good and using it for final blow.
Holding up your seachers in late game is a must. It's a situational to have answers to your opponent. Remember, Consistency is one of the Key. 

7 thoughts on “[JP-OP5] Red Zoro Rush”

    1. Being Aggressive before the Opponent have their 9 or 10 Dons by attavking only to their leader. Every turn you must have reduce your opponent's life.
      You must also aware how many your Opponent's Hands and Dons to prevent miscalculations and Anticipate if they will use Katakuri or Yamato.

  1. Why do you prefer this style of Zoro deck, compared to the commonly used ones which incopreate a lot of whitebeard pirates cards, like izou, vista and Marco?


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