[JP-OP5] I finished in the Top-4 in One Piece Preliminary Round 2 in the Philippines with Purple Luffy

Hello, I'm Hiroshi Odate II, I play competitive Yu-Gi-Oh!, Digimon Card Game and One Piece Card Game. I started with Yu-Gi-Oh!, then played Digimon because of nostalgia and got hooked up with the gameplay of One Piece easily because of terms identical to the Digimon Card Game.

Last weekend (4th and 5th Nov 2023) I reached the 3rd place in OP Preliminary Round 2 in Philippines (192 players) with the result 9 win – 1 lost. In 3v3 with 81 teams (243 players), my team and I were able to finish at 2nd place and my individual record is 7 win – 3 lost. 

Before this tournament, my biggest achievement in OP card game is 3rd Place One Piece Preliminary 1st Round and 10th Place One Piece Asia Finals.

My Deck and the Strategy

Click into image for decklist

I started playing Purple Luffy at the start of OP-05 as my friend asked me to try the deck, and it's the first time I focused on a deck without Green since I've been playing Kid, Kinemon, and R/G Law before.
When ST-Uta was released, I suddenly decided to ditch Luffy, but with the popularity of Sakazuki, I decided to go back to Luffy as I felt it had a better chance against it.

The most challenging matchup is Sakazuki so I adjusted my deck to deal against it. Paulie has been a great part of this build against Sakazuki while Magellan deals with most of the other matchups. 

Paulie deals with the Kuzan 4c for Sakazuku Matchups
Magellan delays the Yellow decks in general.


Day 1 One Piece Preliminary CS
Standing: 10-1
R1 vs R/P Law Won
R2 vs P-Luffy Won
R3 vs Katakarui Won
R4 vs Sakazuki Won
R5 vs Katakuri Won
R6 vs Sakazuki Won
R7 vs Uta Won
Top 16 vs Enel Won
Top 8 vs Sakazuki Won
Top 4 vs Sakazuki Lost
Battle for 3rd vs Sakazuki Won

Day 2 One Piece Preliminary 3v3
Personal Record
R1 vs P-Luffy Won
R2 vs Sakazuki Won
R3 vs Ace Won
R4 vs Sakazuki Won
R5 vs P-Luffy Lost
R6 vs P-Luffy Lost
Top 16 vs P-Luffy Won
Top 8 vs P-Luffy Won
Top 4 vs Sakazuki Won
Finals vs Sakazuki Lost

The most challenging matchup definitely is Sakazuki since I did not have much time against the new build which is insane but luckily my teammate Gerald Mercado is very good with using Sakazuki it gave me enough confidence playing against the deck. Paulie is the best card to open against them in my opinion if Sakazuki has Kuzan 4c and you do not have any answer against it, any big characters you have will always be removed.

P-Luffy matchup is a fun one since you need to plan which card you will play and which card you expect the opponent to play. It can be a back-and-forth or a blowout depending on what you and you're opponent may have.
Going first I always try to mull for the 4c 6000 character alongside Paulie or 7c Kid
Going Second, I look for 5c Kid and 7c Kid to have a big body on board and at the same time not be left behind in dons. Magellan is good as well but would not recommend dropping early unless Paulie will be followed up.

Uta – My game plan against this deck is to go fast or just keep attacking with 6000 since the deck has only 4 copies of 2k counters that can be searched it will be hard for them to guard multiple 6k attacks. Just pressure the resources don't be afraid to get your characters destroyed by backlight and just keep establishing your board early. In the late game, I'm always conservative with my attacks as I do not want to get punished by multiple Doffy 10c.

R/P Law I always mull for 7c Kid, having multiple 7c Eustass Kid is a huge problem for Law because even tho they have more board prescence it is hard for them to attack the leader since they need to put dons just to attack.

Enel matchup supposedly should be an easy one but Triggers might affect the game so I'm always careful when to attack and what to attack with. The goal in this matchup is to control the board and his hand resources so that in the late game it will not matter much.

Ace – My mull for this matchup is Magellan it disrupts their curve and is a pain to deal with because if they try to KO Magellan they will be left behind in Dons

Katakuri is one of the easiest matchups this deck could have, ALWAYS mull for Magellan it's hard for them to deal with one or multiple Magellan because they will be left behind in dons and you can easily control the board.


Shoutout to Team AquOne and Team Aqua Cavite for the support and practices and just the fun bonding that made this experience very memorable.

Massive shoutout to Team Yugi Gerald Mercado and JunJun Agoto, Best teammate I could ever have Win or Lose I'll go with these guys.
You can check out some of my games on our YouTube channel Aqua Card Games 

To the Philippine One Piece Community let us strive to be BIGGER and BETTER! 

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