[JP-OP07] Shyam: Won Flagship with Black Rob Lucci CP0

Hi, my name is Shyam Gasper from Brunei and I mostly play black decks. Blue black Rebecca was my first ever black deck and since then I was a big fan of reducing costs and removing characters. Then, I moved on to playing blue black Sakazuki which was banned recently. I won a flagship in Brunei with CP0 Lucci at Gamer’s Tavern on 21/04/2024.

I chose to play CP0 Lucci because of its minus cost ability. The minus 1 cost ability might seem insignificant at first. However, we could compare CP0 Lucci with Moria as an example. To remove an eight cost character from the field with the use and ice age and 8 cost Moria (provided that the trash has the necessary cards such as 4 cost Lucci and other cost reducing cards and searchers), Moria deck would need to commit an ice age and play 8 cost Moria to summon Lucci/Absalom and Helmeppo/Tsuru from trash to successfully remove. On the other hand, CP0 Lucci would just need to commit ice age and play 8 cost Moria to summon 4 cost Lucci and Spandam searcher in combination with the leader ability to minus 1 cost to remove the 8 cost character successfully. In this scenario, Lucci is gaining extra resources in addition to removing a big cost character while Moria could only remove the big cost character. However, this scenario is purely meant to prove that CP0 Lucci is more efficient in removing characters compared to Moria and does not mean that CP0 is a better deck than Moria as Moria deck has other cards such as Perona and Hogback that carries the deck.

Card Choice

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Finger Pistol (4 cost Event)

This card is very good for early removal and to fill up the trash faster so that tempest kick could be used to reduce cost as soon as possible. Moreover, it is another form of removal that does not rely on reducing cost. It could KO efficiently remove any 6 cost or less characters with the help of the leader's ability and 8 cost or less characters with the help of Enies Lobby stage. In addition to that, it could be used very efficiently to remove up to 3 characters during the 10 don turns if used together with other cost reducing cards and Lucci. Another reason to use this event is against Bonnie to remove 6 cost Basil Hawkins.  

6 Cost Brook

This card is mainly to remove characters that cannot be KO or has an on KO ability such as Kikunojo and 2 cost Shirahoshi blocker for Yellow and 4 cost Borsalino for black and others. It also comes in handy against BY Luffy to remove the 8 cost Moria when their 5 cost Sabo ability is active. I believe that the longer the game goes against BY Luffy, the better the odds of winning against them as they tend to run out of resources very quickly and removing the Moria helps to prolong the game.

Flagship Matchups

Swiss Round

  1. Yellow Enel (Win)
  2. Yellow Katakuri (Win)
  3. Black CP0 Lucci (Lose)
  4. Black Yellow Luffy (Win)
  5. Red Purple Law (Lose)

Top 8 – Green Black Perona (Win)

Top 4 – Red Purple Law Rematch (Win)

Finals – Black CP0 Lucci Rematch (Win)



This is one of the easier matchups for Lucci. However, the winrate is not 100% favoring Lucci. The strategy against this deck would be to keep removing the characters they play with the help of Lucci and Kaku in the early game, and Moria and Stussy in the late game.

The key to win this matchup is to stack as many big cost characters as possible while removing theirs. I prefer going first against this matchup as I would reach 9 dons so I could combo 1 cost events that reduces costs such as Ice age and Tempest kick with 8 cost Moria to remove their 7 or 8 cost body. It is important that there are removal cards in your hand always as failing to even remove 1 big cost could make Lucci lose tempo and it would be very hard to gain back tempo.

The annoying card in this matchup could be 2 cost Shirahoshi blocker. 6 cost Brooke can be used to remove Kikunojo and the Shirahoshi blocker. There are times when Shirahoshi could be KO. However, the timing is very important. In my match during swiss, I removed the Shirahoshi blocker together with 8 cost Katakuri with the help of Moria Lucci combo to push Enel back to 2 life. Keeping Enel at 2 life is good as, if their Ace is played next turn, he would not gain rush and playing Yamato in this case would not be so worth it as they do not get to heal. This leaves them with 2 options, one is to play Flampe and take life and follow up with Raigo to kill Moria or play Katakuri to either heal or remove Moria. In both of these scenarios, they only get to remove 1 character and the other characters summoned by moria ability would be still on board. This matchup is about slowly gaining board advantage and reducing their cards in hand. Stussy is usually saved up to remove the 10 cost Ace.


This is a very easy matchup for Lucci. The strategy is simply to build your board early game with Lucci and Kaku while removing the opponent’s characters and swing all your characters to your opponent's life with 7 k attacks. Stussy would be saved up for removing 10 cost Big mom. It is very important to pressure the opponent by keep swinging to their life while removing their characters with our own characters such as Lucci and Kaku to build our board.

CP0 Lucci (Mirror)

It is important to go first against this matchup and it is preferred to see 5 cost Sabo and 8 cost Moria in the starting hand. Early game would be used to filter our hand using 4 cost Khalifa to filter through the deck for Moria and other key pieces. The reason for going first is so that the opponent has the first Moria turn so that the opponent’s Moria could be cleared by our Moria with the use of Ice age or Tempest kick with stage and leader ability. It is also important to time 5 cost Sabo right before the opponent's Moria turn. In my match during the swiss round, both of us failed to get our Moria in our hand. And the opponent caught me off guard with 8 cost Issho and I lost my only big cost in hand which was Stussy. The Issho play by my opponent changed the tempo of the game for my opponent and then they cycled Sabo one after another which completely shifted the tide. 

However, we met again in the finals and I stuck to the same strategy while being careful of getting Issho ‘ed. This time we both got Moria in hand. But I drew more Moria than my opponent which was the deciding factor of that round. In short, Sabo, Moria and 6 cost Brooke are the key pieces for this matchup. Brooke could also be used to remove 4 cost Borsalino blocker if needed.

BY Luffy

This is the toughest matchup for Lucci due to their ability to abuse 5 cost Sabo ability, but it is not like 0% chance to win. The main strategy is to not swing into the leader ever as this would make the opponent commit cards like Charlotte Flampe, Hiyori and Makino, which are 2 k counters for the deck. 

There is also a slight chance they might not have sufficient numbers of those cards in their hand to reach 0 life early as they are not searchable. It is also necessary to call at least 2 big bodies such as Moria or Stussy (preferably Moria) as these will help us to call rebecca blockers as well which helps to grab either 2 k counter or 6 cost Brooke from trash for next turn. This combo is necessary to prolong the game as much as possible as the rebecca blocker could tank the big attack from the leader. The 6 cost Brooke will be used to remove the opponent’s Moria most of the time to help clear some attackers and prolong the game. 

The main goal is to reduce the hand size as fast as possible and build our board of big cost characters before going for the kill. In the early game, if the opponent summons a 5 cost Ace and rush or if they have an early 7k base leader, we could swing 5k with the leader into one of those to use leader ability and fill the trash. This is very important to see key pieces like Rebecca and Brooke in trash to make sure the Moria summon would be worth it. This is just a basic plan and it might not always go according to plan. However, our goal must always be to reduce their hand size as fast as we can.

RP Law

This is a 50-50 matchup for Lucci. The main strategy against this deck is to control the board as much as possible with 5 cost Kaku and 4 cost Lucci. It is also necessary to get value when using Lucci for removal and the stage plays an important role in this matchup. I have also noticed that taking too much early damage against them is very dangerous as this would mean the rush Killer will be coming early. It is also preferred to go first against them.

GB Perona

This is a very easy matchup for Lucci. The strategy against this deck is to just control the opponent’s field as much as possible. The only threat in their deck would be 9 cost Zoro. Therefore, save up some form of removal such as Stussy or others just for him.

Final Thoughts

In summary, Lucci is a very good control deck that could be as good as Blue Black Sakazuki without the bottom decking tech. However, the only drawback is that the deck really needs Moria to function well. Hence, it is necessary to rely on cards such as Khalifa and Sabo to draw into him. Overall, it is a very fun deck to pilot and has a very good potential to be a good contender in OP-07 meta.

I would like to thank my friends Paul, Daniel, Jojo, Dane, Hadi, Ami, Badzli, Wazif, Azhar, Jacol and Neek for helping me playtesting the deck.

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