[JP-OP07] Nadon: Won Flagship (7-0) with Black Yellow ST13 Luffy


Hi I am Nadon (Tanadon Teethapong) or keep calling on my X Account name Goddog as a TCG Player from Thailand . Top 4 Southeast Asia Area Final 2022 but maybe my deckchoice is not always good so I miss another qualifier and continually high standing on flagship tournaments (In Thailand Flagship is a big scale start with 64 up to 256) .

The topic today is about my black yellow Luffy (ST13) deck that I used last weekend for 2 flagships, it ended up with 12 wins 2 loss. I got 1st place in one flagship and 11th place in the another.

Saturday : 1st (178 players)

R1 : Katakuri W; R2 : BY Luffy W; R3 : Perona W; R4 : Reiju W; R5 : Nami W; R6 : RP Law W; R7 : Lucci W

Sunday : 11th Place (114 players)

R1 : Moria W; R2 : RY Sabo W; R3 : Nami L; R4 : Moria W; R5 : Nami W; R6 : Reiju L; R7 : BY Luffy W

Click into the Image for the decklist in One Piece Top Decks

ST13 Luffy Leader - Deck Profile

This season (OP07 saka bans) I choose Black Yellow Luffy to play because the position of this deck is on top tier leader with slightly advantage on many matchups with 7k-9k leader power, recycling power, matching with 2 strong black card like sabo and moria, and with 8 searchers that's increase a lot of consistency for combo deck.


The spotlight for this deck for me is dependent on 3 cards 1.Luffy(St13)  2.Sabo(op04)  3.Moria and coin has two sides because you are a combo deck is mean hand filter is very important. You will need Sabo for defensive and cycle also you will need Luffy(St13) for offensive, a 2cost child Luffy, life drawing, and Moria to form a board without consuming resources so mulligan is hard if you make wrong decision you can lose even on 80:20 Matchups.

About the matchups

Talking about matchup for now environment for this ordinary leader deck;

RP Law 50:50
Lucci 80:20
Moria 75:25
Bonnie 10:90
Boa 60:40
Nami 60:40
Enel 70:30

So it is truly clear you instantly lose to Bonnie that's why both Kuzan is here.

I will explain my idea 3 10cost Kuzan and 4 4cost Kuzan instead of a pair of Ace.

Why Ace ?

The answer is, in many matchups you can win without Ace *If you can remember all of pattern gameplay and do everything correct*. He would help you a lot on offensive play + lethal turn, I do not cut him because he's useless but why you need to play a deck that facing Bonnie and go home while you did good for other matchups.

Kuzan does not help a lot like flip tables for 90:10 in the Bonnie matchup but it can make you have a window to win.

The plan is play 4cost Kuzan as much as you can and quickly play 10cost Kuzan on 10Dons while 4cost Kuzan can KO 9cost Zoro if you can stay alive till here = you win. Egghead Luffy(OP07) will solve everything with 9 cost bullets. This game plan also affects when you can stay on 3-4 life while you have 10Dons.

About matchup agina with kuzanpair list

RP Law 45:55
Lucci 80:20
Moria 70:30
Bonnie 70:30
Boa 50:50
Nami 50:50
Enel 60:40

The ratio is a bit decreasing on some matchups but you do not have the worst matchup now.

**Disclaimer** Consinstancy while being lower than normal list and is not guarantee to beat Bonnie. You are still losing to her if you do not draw and deploy at the right time.
Basically, you will play Luffy(St13) on a turn of 5 Dons and 6 Dons, so Garp, 2 brothers, and Luffy(St13) will be the keep standard.
In the Bonnie Match up will be EggHead Luffy, Both Kuzan, and Moria.

I'm glad to see people are so interested in my deck. Hope this helps you a little. And continue enjoying our favorite One Piece card game.

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