[JP/OP07] 3 Flagships, 14 Wins – 1 Lost with Yellow Black Luffy (ST13)


Hi! I’m @ItsEnigmaaa on twitter from Malaysia, and I recently piloted a Black Yellow Luffy deck, winning 2 straight flagships and losing in the finals of the 3rd. I was previously an Enel player for the past 5 months, but kept losing to Lucci, so decided to switch to BY Luffy and was able to go 14-1 from my first flagship with it! The deck I used and original twitter post can be found below. Also, shoutout to my small TCG team CB9, I was originally a Yu-Gi-Oh player, but got dragged into One Piece by them and haven’t looked back since.

Click into the Image for the decklist in One Piece Top Decks

The post gained a lot of traction from players in the west still in EB01 format, and fellow players in the east for running raitei and only 1 kid ace. Thank you for your interest! This article will explain BY Luffy’s position in the 07 meta, my personal construction and how to play each matchup. At the time of these tournaments, these were also the last flagships in 07, so I think of this as the solved construction I would run, at least in Malaysia meta. It’s a long article, but I hope to cover a lot. 

BY Luffy position in OP7

BY Luffy’s strengths can be broken down into:

  1. Make your opponents midgame characters useless. Once you start your engine, any character that your opponent played below 9k power in early turns is just a card they never get back.
  2. Fill board quickly with high power characters
  3. Loop Sabo to prevent board removal

A 10 don Moria turn from BY Luffy is the strongest turn in the game.

The top decks in the 07 environment are RP Law, BY Luffy and Lucci, followed by t2 decks Enel, Bonnie and Perona. The 07 meta is a bit rock-paper-scissors ish, where every deck has one extremely hard matchup. However, for BY luffy I think the matchups are:

VS RP Law 50-50

VS Lucci/Moria 75-25 favoured

VS Enel 50-50(depending on build)

VS Bonnie 30-70 unfavoured

VS Perona 50-50

Once you start your engine against RP Law, all their characters have to invest at least 2 Don to hit you, making their turns suboptimal. Lucci/Moria decks just lose because their deck cannot remove anything due to Sabo. Enel is a deck that never has extra Don to swing you because they have to play a big character, and you can avoid KO effects from Perona while all your characters are 5cost.

The only tough matchup is Bonnie because of 9c Zoro, but as Bonnie struggles against RP Law and black decks, the deck isn’t very popular. This makes BY Luffy one of the best decks in 07, having at least a 50/50 matchup into everything, and the power floor of the deck is so high that rogue decks don’t threaten you.


The decklist is pretty standard across all BY Luffy builds, the only new additions are

  1. 5c Rocket Luffy
  2. 3c Ivankoff
  3. 2c Raitei
  4. 10c Kuzan
  5. Lastly, 2 adult ace and 1 kid ace

I’ll explain when these cards are used in which matchup in the matchup section below as well, but to put it briefly:

5c Rocket Luffy – RP Law counter. KO shuraiya and bon clay. Also KOs Rebecca in black decks, and allows you to draw 1 and sustain engine

3c Ivankoff – RP Law counter. 4k base so the opponent must Gordon to remove it. Against RP Law we want to Moria bring back Ivankoff standing, and only transform 1 kid to become 7k base and 1 life

2c Raitei – RP Law and BY mirror. It’s my favourite card in the deck. The don management matches up perfectly for starting your engine in turn 4: Against RP law 2don raitei, 2don leader ability, 2 don play a kid. Against mirror, 2don raitei KO their 5c Luffy and play a 5 drop.

10c Kuzan – Enel and Bonnie counter. The general strategy playing against BY luffy is to not touch their life and build board, forcing them to drop cards from hand like Hiyori and kids to start the engine. Against slow decks that go wide and don’t touch your life early, you have time to drop 10c Kuzan, which also makes 9c characters like zoro and Yamato in KO range of rocket luffy. This slot is usually Kuzan or Ice Age, but I prefer Kuzan as its stronger into Ener and the Mirror, reusable, and having to ice age zoro 2 turns in a row makes it so that you have to drop 4 cards from your hand instead of playing Moria.

As you can see, a lot of the tech cards are for RP Law haha, but it’s currently one of the most common and strongest decks of the format. Lastly, regarding Ace ratios, I just never need Ace. Adult ace is a counterless card, and when I think about when I want to play Ace over another adult, there is none. We will always drop sabo + 5c 8k luffy on t3+t4, and we have to start the engine on t5, so there is no space for Ace. It can be useful as a surprise lethal, but good players will always be aware anyway, so I only want to see it late game after I finish playing all my Morias, at which point if you played 2-3 moria, you will probably win anyway. 3 copies because I only need to see 1 Ace by turn 8. Finally, the most important part in One Piece, how to play each matchup. 

I try to go second in all games as I run 10 kuzan, and starting engine on t4 is nicer if you can follow up with moria t5.

Matchups and how to play

BY Luffy is a timer deck. You will always be starting your engine on t4 and t5 against good players, and every moria turn late game is basically a -2 cards from hand (Play Moria, leader ability discard 1). As such, when playing for and against BY Luffy, every late game turn is basically a -1 to hand(draw for turn).

You can do the math pretty easily on how many cards you will have when you start your engine: Start engine on turn 5, you have 5 cards starting hand + 4 cards from life + 4 cards from draw phase – 2 cards from 5 drops = 11 cards, which you will have to use another 4 (kids + makino) to start your engine. This means starting from t5, you will only have 7/8 cards in hand for the rest of the game, and you can expect to lose 1 each turn after. You will lose the game if you cannot kill your opponent by then. Thankfully, because all your characters are 8k and below, you don’t have to guard rested characters.

VS RP Law:

Mulligan for 5c 8k luffy, 5c Sabo, kid luffy. Against RP Law, 5c 8k luffy is the only character that sticks around due to 8k base. The RP Law player will try to poke you with leader to 2 life while setting up a wide board, and then go for lethal when we are 2 life and haven’t started engine. We want to just survive the initial 3 turns while taking as much of their life as possible, and then start engine on turn 4. The general turn progress is:

2 don play garp->4 don leader 5k garp 6k->6 don leader 6k play 5c luffy to trash life->8 don start engine->10 don moria bring back ivankoff and rocket luffy to KO shuraiya/bon clay

Key thing to note here is that you only need to be 7k base against RP law, since investing 2 don for card in hand is awkward for RP law if they use their leader ability multiple times early. Going 9k + sabo is also risky as they can just bot deck the sabo with Gordon. The ideal late game is to play Moria, bring back Ivankoff standing and a kid luffy, then transform into rocket luffy to KO shuraiya/bon clay and keep smacking face. The toughest part is dodging the turn 4 lethal from rp law without losing too many cards, but once you have rocket luffy in rotation and can play moria late game, they don’t have a way to efficiently remove 9k base and you will outvalue them with rocket luffy.

VS Mirror:

Mulligan for 5c 8k luffy, Moria and sabo. Go 2nd, because I play 10kuzan. I won’t touch my opponent’s life early, and will only start hitting with leader if I can threaten lethal. Against BY Luffy, you want to force them to start their engine by dropping cards like flampe and kids. Never put a BY player to 0 life for free. Unfortunately, the matchup is quite dependent on who draws more Moria, but its important to create chances early game by threatening lethal: if you have 3 attacks and opp has 2 life, start with 5k leader swing and see if your opponent wants to save cards in hand or drop more cards but start their engine.

In the mirror, know when to swing and when to let characters die. Basically, I never swing unless I can get 3 cards out of my opponents hand by threatening lethal, and in the late game, when both you and your opponent become 9k base, cards like 8k luffy lose value. I don’t mind having my characters like 8k luffy die because late game they’re useless. Your ideal moria targets are sabo and rocket luffy, so that you can get a blocker + draw 1, this makes it so that your net card loss a turn is 0. Please use rocket luffy first, then sabo after so you can throw usless cards drawn with luffy. 

I considered playing 5c Sabo from ST13, as you can KO your opponent’s 5c 8k luffy on curve, but Raitei is too good into RP Law, and you can always Raitei+5 drop on turn 4, so Sabo was cut from the list.

VS Lucci/Moria

Go second. Mulligan criteria is just 5 sabo. This matchup is straightforward. The only way you lose this matchup is if they can set up 2 9ks(issho and moria) in the early game, and then just 4c Rebecca-5c Sabo blocker loop you while punching 9k twice every turn. If they only have 1 9k attacker a turn, then you will automatically win by drawing moria since you lose net 0 cards each turn: remember, rocket luffy draw 1 + draw phase draw 1 – leader ability discard 1 – play moria 1 card = net 0 card loss. As long as you can start your engine before 2 9ks show up, you have a 90% chance to win. Just punch life until they die. If you have a chance to play 5c luffy or 5c sabo on turn 3, please play sabo first, so that you can at least have 2 characters on board if you cannot draw a second sabo. This makes it harder for the black player to KO both characters in one turn. 

VS Enel

Mulligan criteria is 10kuzan, 5luffy, moria. Enel’s wincon is to delay the game enough to set up enough big bodies to go for lethal. Enel players won’t touch your life and play katakuri to put your 5drops into life before swinging to botdeck them. The reason for this is because once by Luffy starts their engine, only 9c yamato and 10c ace are able to touch the leader, and the enel player will fall behind if they only have 2 attacks each turn vs you that can just smack 5k base leader. This slower gameplay gives you time to play 10c Kuzan, which allows you to rocket luffy KO everything except 10c ace. 

A common boardstate is:

The Enel player has just played 10c ace and is 2 life. Start with luffy attack leader 8k. If the enel player blocks, I will go 11k leader swing into a Yamato or ace, and then 9k leader with moria. If they eat the initial 8k, swing moria 9k to leader, then 11k to leader if they didn’t block, or 11k to character if Enel guarded. The beauty is that enel will always have to drop at least 6k a turn when against by luffy. It seems obvious, but please remember Enel’s ability. You will naturally win by outtrading Enel.

VS Bonnie

This is the worst matchup for BY luffy. Basically, I want to pressure them early on as much as possible by attacking life. After dropping the first sabo on turn 3, I will never have a chance to swing with my leader again without losing my sabo, so the attacks before the first 5 drop are your only chance at hitting Bonnie. After that, I will stop hitting, and will drop rocket luffy on the turn before 9c zoro, so that I can drop 10c kuzan the next turn and ko zoro. This is the only way to beat Bonnie. Good Bonnie players will have to guess between ice age and kuzan on your build, but dropping a rocket luffy before your 10 don turn is like publicly announcing ‘I’m playing 10c Kuzan’. Dropping rocket luffy before the zoro turn forces your opponent to either hody jones and clear kuzan, or attack you and put you to 0, forcing you to start engine and not play kuzan. This is the most important turn for BY luffy. If you can survive this turn and drop 10c kuzan, you have a chance. As you can rocket luffy KO everything in bonnie’s deck while recovering resources. 

I also always want to have 2 sabos in rotation. Its obvious that 1 sabo will get rested whenever my leader attacks, so remember to have 2 on board.

Thank you for reading this far! It’s a long article, but I wanted to cover the different matchups. If you enjoyed reading, please follow me on Twitter (https://x.com/ItsEnigmaaa) where I regularly post flagship results. 

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