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 Greetings, I'm Ives Rementina from the Philippines. I've immersed myself in OPTCG since August 27, 2023, drawing from my experience in card games like Pokemon and Hearthstone. Over the past six months, I've achieved notable success in OPTCG, regularly clinching the championship title in local tournaments, maintaining a steady presence in the top 8 of flagship events, and reaching the finals once in a flagship tournament.

Deck Choice

I opted to experiment with Rob Lucci because I believe he possesses the capability to effectively counter numerous meta decks. Additionally, I'm eager to test his potential, as I frequently rotate through different leaders in flagship events.

My strategy with this deck revolves around exerting maximum control over the board and managing my discard pile meticulously. Given the stringent restrictions on CP cards, it's crucial to optimize their effects. Moreover, I anticipate that my Moria 8 combo will function seamlessly, contingent upon the state of my discard pile.

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Deck's Weakness: The sole vulnerability of this deck lies in facing BY Luffy, primarily due to its ability to utilize the Sabo blocker effectively and potentially loop it, along with the threat posed by Nami.


In my initial matches with this deck, I faced a series of all-control black decks, comprising opponents like Sakazuki, Moria, and Perona. Emerging victorious from these encounters, I opted to stick with the same deck for the following day. In my most recent tournament, I was matched against adversaries such as Bonney, Katakuri, Sakazuki, and RP Law. Employing a consistent strategy centered around board control and careful management of my discard pile, I approached each matchup with specific tactics:

For Sakazuki, my focus is on maintaining control of the board and keeping my hand size below six for a possible Pudding shuffle. If my discard pile allows, winning the Moria 8 contest through Spandine becomes feasible. Alternatively, in situations where I lack reducing cost cards to deal with Moria, I rely on Stussy for a solution.

Facing Perona, the strategy revolves around controlling the board and securing victory in the Moria 8 contest through Spandine. Additionally, countering Doffy 10 spam with Stussy proves effective.

Against Moria, the emphasis remains on board control and winning the Moria 8 contest through Spandine. Once the opponent struggles to counter my board presence, I employ plays like Rebecca and Sabo as blockers to safeguard against K.O. effects.

Regarding Bonney, I maintain a strategic advantage and exercise caution during the Bonney 5 rest play, always ensuring I have alternative plays for the subsequent turn. Threats such as Zoro 9 and Doffy are effectively addressed using Stussy.

In the Katakuri matchup, the disadvantage arises from characters with K.O. death effects like Perospero and Kikonojo. Although challenging to deal with unless I have Brook 6, countering Big Mom 10 with Stussy remains a viable option.

As for RP Law, my opponent conceded the game. However, my typical plan for overcoming RP Law involves leveraging characters like Rob Lucci, Kaku, and Sabo 8 to secure victory.

When comparing this leader to Black Blue Sakazuki, Sakazuki stands out for its greater consistency and access to bottom effects. On the other hand, Rob Lucci lacks a filtering skill like Sakazuki, and its CP cards are subject to stricter restrictions than Navy. However, if you possess the appropriate cards in your hand and discard pile, Rob Lucci's combo holds significant value and proves rewarding.

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