[JP-EB1] Ryu-san: ST13 Black Yellow Luffy Deck

Ryu-san used Black Yellow Luffy and won a clean result of 9-0 in Asu Championship. He wrote some note on his deck build and the reason to use or not use certain cards for the deck.

His matchups:

Swiss: Win Red Purple Law, Moria, Moria, Sakazuki, Red Green Law, Sakazuki

Top Cut: won Sakazuki, Red Green Law, Sakazuki.

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The reason why I don't use yellow Newgate

In team format 3on3, it is easy to hit Sakazuki and I will try to go 2nd. I will try to mulligan for Gecko Moria because it is important, because you don't know if whether you can draw the remaining 3 cards later.

Backstory of The Deck Construction

In team battle, we focused on Sakazuki, Moria, Katakuri, Red-Purple Law, and Black-Yellow Luffy as virtual enemies, and aimed to consistently win against opponents other than Sakazuki.
So, I decided not to use Newgate, which is the main character that faces Sakazuki, and instead I used Yellow Sabo, Makino, and Great Eruption (ST06-015).

2-cost Yellow Sabo

I mainly used it to suppress the lower rate of 5-cost yellow Sabo and to destroy the opponent's character in red-purple Law or mirror. In addition, it can be used to increase the hit rate of search, slightly increase the evolution success rate into 5-cost Sabo, and increase the number of life self-harm cards, increasing stability.


I wanted to accumulate 10 cards with 2000 counters, so I wanted to chose 5-cost Yamato, but by using Yellow Sabo, the number of 5-cost characters has increased, so I chose 2 copies of Makino  to make it 10. Makino also can use to reduce life, look at your life and sort them in your desired order.

Great Eruption

It is mainly used in the early stages or when there is unused active Don, and plays a compressive role in the deck. The probability of drawing cards from the entire deck increases slightly.
Even if I drew it in the second half, it wasn't that much of a hindrance because I could cut it off with leader effects and Sabo effects.
Sometimes you can defeat your opponent's 7 Borsalino with Great Eruption + Yellow Sabo! ! !

In individual battles, it is highly recommended to use 4 Edward Newgate and 2 copies of 5-cost Yamatos in those 6 slots!

Original Note in Japanses





今回のチーム戦で仮想敵としてサカズキ、モリア、カタクリ、赤紫ロー、黒黄ルフィをメインで考え、サカズキ以外に安定して勝つことを目指しました。 なのでサカズキ対面メインのニューゲートを不採用とし、そこの枠に黄サボ、マキノ、大噴火を採用しました。






主に序盤やドンが浮いた時に使ってデッキの圧縮的な役割になります。 デッキ全体のカードの引く確率が少し上がります。 後半に引いてもリーダー効果やサボの効果で切れるのでそこまで邪魔にはならなかったです。 たまに噴火+黄サボで相手の7ボルサ倒せます!!!


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