[JP] Don: Won Flagship with Monkey D Dragon

Hello Everyone, I'm Don. I've started playing One Piece Card Game since it launched.

I have always been a red player since the beginning, from red Luffy leader then red Zoro then red Whitebeard then red yellow Belo Betty then Red yellow Sabo and Red Dragon in this format.
I've got third place with red Zoro in Flagship, 5th place with Belo Betty, and recently 1st place with Dragon.


Deck Build

For Dragon deck build I would strongly suggest going with the revolutionary side more than the Nami side. This deck I think is a mid-game deck, the ideal is to place as many characters as early as you can. For the combo is 2c Luffy > Leader skill > 4c Ivankov > 4c Karasu/4c revolutionary characters 
and 5c Ivankov to jump out 1 free character. It helps a lot in the early game.

With the engine 2c Luffy, I can smoothly set up my board at turn 3 either I go first or second. The board will be with Luffy, 4c Ivankov , and a revolutionary character or Luffy 5c Ivankov , 4c Ivankov , and a revolutionary characters.

The reason why I use 4 Makino rather than 2000k Brook or 2000k Sanji is I love going two 7000k hitting opponent leaders and turn 2 going first (feels like zoro) with 1c Bello Betty or 1c Robin on board.
I put 2 copies of 1c Robin for counter opponent 4c Black Rebbecca or 1c green Bonney. 2 copies 5c Luffy for secured finishing. And  my favourite card is the event 0c bad manners Kick Course, this card helps you to surprise your opponent and bait your opponent to all in battle. Kid & killer is a must for every red deck. 
For this deck to win then try to play as much Karasu as you can.


For match up against Bonney, I would say the win rate is 20%, because for the leader skill, it is very disadvantage against it
Against Moria and Enel, just think of building characters and use Kasasu wisely 
The weakness of this deck "mostly" is getting the character K.Oed, but with Sakazuki banned, I think the Red player can rise up.
For the match up at the flagship using Monkey D Dragon
Round 1 against Katakuri
Going second, I set up the board early as I can, and won with Karasu + Kid & Killer

Round 2 against Nami
Went first
After board set up, hit her with 5k to let opponent use his event card early 
and I won with 2 Karasu on board.

Round 3 against Blue Doflamingo 
Went second.
I used the Luffy > Ivan > Karasu , then 8c Dragon, finished opponent at turn 5 

Round 4 against Nami
Went second
I did the same things on Round 2 
MVP Karasu

Final round against Enel
Went second
I built up my board at early game and with Karasu + Kid & Killer for the surprise finishing

I think I'm lucky enough to dodge all black and green color at flagship

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