[JP] Dickson: 3rd place in OP Championship 2023 Preliminary Round in Malaysia with a R/G Law

Invited Author: Dickson Goh

Country: Malaysia


Hello, I am Dickson Goh from Malaysia. First, I would like to express gratitude to the OP Top Decks team for providing me with this opportunity to share my list via this platform. I started playing One Piece card game after watching One Piece FILM: Red and fell in love with the character "Uta".

I started playing since OP-01 and I recently achieved 3rd place in One Piece Championship 2023 Preliminary Round in Malaysia with a R/G Law deck.


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The reason why I brought Law deck to this tournament is because I believe Law is a very versatile deck that has answers to most of the meta decks.

The strength of this deck lies in its versatility and the ability to reuse your cards by utilizing the leader skill and OP-01 blocker Law’s ability.

The weakness is that it is sometimes very piece reliant, for instance when you bottom-deck all your blocker Laws, the match will be a lot harder to play (not impossible). This deck is also vulnerable against decks that can effectively control your field (Ace, Black decks).

Tournament Result

Here are all the matches I fought during the championship, and I will break down all the matchups in details.

Day 1
R1 – Ace (Second) – Win
R2 – DoFILMingo (First) – Lose
R3 – Whitebeard (Second) – Win
R4 – Blue Crocodile (Second) – Win
R5 – Charlotte Linlin (Second) – Win
R6 – Blue Crocodile (Second) – Win
R7 – Rob Lucci (Second) – Win

Day 2
Top 16 – R/G Law (Second) – Win
Top 8 – Whitebeard (Second) – Win

Top 4 – R/G Law (Second) – Lose
Contest for 3rd place – Katakuri (Second) – Win
Now, I will go through all the matchups starting from the hardest to what I think is the easiest.


IMO, this is the hardest matchup for Law deck due to the fact that Whitebeard deck has 6k base power and also a lot of firepower. Below I will share a few tips that helped me win against Whitebeard decks.

  • Don’t care so much about setting up fields for leader skill, focus on chipping down opponent’s hand cards as much as possible early on. Being able to use leader skill is a bonus.

  • ST1 Brook is your best friend, it allows you to pump 2 rested dons to your leader so you can poke early game while setting up your field for your leader skill.

    • Utilize Basil Hawkins and/or Luffy whenever possible, Hawkins can effectively get rid of opponent’s characters whereas Luffy can bypass blockers.

  • ST Law is probably the second most important card in this matchup, it allows you to swing with your blocker Law then restand it for defensive next turn. ST Law is also a very strong card that can help you finish off the game.

TL;DR – Try to reduce WB’s hand size in the early game and finish him off with big attacks when his hand size is small.


The reason why I put this deck as the second hardest matchup is simply because this deck is super annoying to deal with. However, the cards and tips below should help you have an easier time against this deck.

  • Otama can -2000 power to any characters, so she will make the FILM blocker Luffy less annoying to deal with.

  •  Similar to the Whitebeard matchups, Hawkins and Luffy are very effective against this deck.

  • When opponent is nearing their 10 dons turn, it is wise to play a bit more defensively to avoid the 10 cost Doflamingo stun-locking your characters/leader.

Removal decks (Ace/Lucci)

Against these decks, I usually play a bit more offensively since I know my characters will eventually get KO’ed by their cards’ effect. I pay close attention to the number of dons they have and try to guess the cards that they will play e.g. Fire Fist, Kaku, Sakazuki, Garp, etc. Therefore, I don’t usually fill my board early on and just try to rush down my opponent using the rush Zoro. Also, you should also reserve some dons in case your opponent triggered an event from life that removes one of your characters, you can still play more to use your leader skill.

Blue Crocodile

I don’t actually have much experience against Blue Crocodile. But from what I know, they will try to control your board early game until they spawn their big attackers (10 cost Kaido and 9 cost Mihawk). So, my advice is to end the game as fast as possible before they can spawn these units. Additionally, you should also beware of these cards.

    • The Ulti returns a cost 2 or below character back to the owner’s bottom deck, which is very effective against Law since the deck plays a lot of low-cost characters.

    • The event card’s secondary effect returns a cost 1 or below character back to bottom deck which is also good when used defensively.

    Yellow decks (Linlin/Katakuri)

    Lastly, we have the yellow decks which I think are the easiest matchups for Law. Below are the strategies that I always use when fighting against yellow decks.

    • Just take your life – Yellow decks are known to spawn 7 cost or 10 cost Big Mom to burn your life, so just take them early on and use the small blockers (Chopper/Bege) or defensive event cards to guard against their big attacks.

      • Play with the assumption that Raitei/Bege is in their life and plan your moves accordingly.

Additional notes

  • The reason why I include one copy of X-Drake in my deck is because it is sometimes useful when dealing with opponent’s cost 4 or below characters.

    • I included 2 copies of Radical Beam so that I don’t always have to commit my blockers to guard against big attacks.

      • Hand size in Law deck is very important, so it is crucial to know when you should guard with hand and when you should guard with blockers.


In summary, I think Law is a really fun and a super strong deck that reflects the player’s style. You can adjust the deck however you want as long as you are comfortable with it. However, I would say Law is not really a beginner friendly deck as it requires a lot of experience to know what to do in different matchups. But at the end of the day, just have fun with whatever you play, and I hope you find this guide useful. Thank you for reading.

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  1. Unless I can't count properly lol, the deck lists seems to be 51 cards. Is that correct? (still pretty new to the game)

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