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Invited Author: xraiden15
Country: Germany


Hey everyone,

My name is xraiden15 aka Moe, I live in Germany and used to play TCG like Magic or Yu-Gi-Oh! in my youth. I haven’t played any TCG beside some Online ones for a while, after I heard Bandai is planning to release a new One Piece TCG I was hyped.

So now im here, played already a couple of Tournaments (Locals) and I wanted to introduce you my Blue Doffy Deck, which I used on my 2nd Tournament, which I also won (I shared first place with Eddy so shoutouts to him too).

Idea behind Doflamingo-Leader

So first we look at Doffy. So his effect which need 2xDons on him and also 1 extra Don lets us play a Seven Warlords of the Sea Character with a cost of 4 or less and we also will swing at the opponents Leader or Character with at least 7k which is pretty important too.

But of course, we need other cards to control our Deck draw, so we know for sure that we have a good 4 cost Warlord that gets played.

Perona is a very important card, which preferably should be on your Starting Hand and to play it on your very first turn.

The other MVP of this Deck is none other than Doflamingo himself, which combines Peronas ability + Blocker ability.

Now Talking about the Key-Cards for the Doffy Tempo Effect:

Bartholomew Kuma is one of the 4-Cost 5K Blocker that can most of the times bring you a free Pacifista On K.o and helps a lot against Kaido’s 10 Drop, so you have at least one Character still standing after a board wipe. Combine him with at least 2-3 Pacifista, I think 3 is a very good amount.

Boa Hancock draws you on Don x1 On Block/When attacking cards, very nice you always want card advantage in this game. 4 Cards per Deck is recommended

Gecko Moria revives basicly a 4-Cost or lower Seven Warlords or a Perona if you need one. Very versatile and being a 5k hitter also helps, he should be always at 4 Cards per Deck

Dracule Mihawk (4Cost) is also a nice target, if you cant find any other 7Warlord or you want to mill your current hand to find better cards. Other than that he will be used a lot as a 2k Counter which also can be brought back by Gecko Moria.

Marshall D. Teach, after a while playing with this Deck I am going to raise the numbers of Teach to 4, because he guaranties you almost every time a free swing on your 2nd Round (3Don or 4) because he tosses every low cost blocker card back to the owners Hand. He also helps you on the Kid Matchup, if 8Cost Kid drops with a Blocker. Other good targets for example to give back are Nico Robin, Okiko and Raizo.

Now to the big Drops:

Vergo I like him, because he is an early 5 Cost 7k Hitter that can pressure cards like Kid if you drop him early.

Crocodile he cannot be played as early but still if you get him out there, you can play your Events -1 Cost, which combos very nice with desert spada. Plus his swings to leader trashes a life card, which helps to control the match or pressure the opponent. Only playing 1 atm, because I feel like him being a 7 Cost is not always to play out.

Donquixote Doflamingo If you manage to target a 6 or 7 Cost Card with him and bring him on the field, you pretty much will swing for Tempo-Control.

Dracule Mihawk is an absolute Beast of a Card but also very hard to bring on the Field if the opponent is careful. You don’t want to Bottom Deck any small cards with him.


Kaido: Kaido Decks are mostly playing a Onigashima on their 2nd Turn (if they have been lucky enough to draw it) you want to focus on lots of early hits + bring out a Seven-Warlord with Doffy, that on your next Turn can also help you swing to Kaido. Its most of the time recommended to protect your 4-Cost Warlord with Counters so you can hit Kaido more. The faster you get him to 2 or 1 Life before he is able to play a potential 10-Cost Kaido the better. At this matchup you are also looking for the Kuma + Pacifista play, so even if your board gets wiped, you got at least a 6k hitter for next turn.

Kid: Kid is very interesting and also not that easy. If you got an careful Kid player, he most likely will never drop his 7-Cost King, since your Doflamingo or Mihawk can deal with him. The card you wanna look out is 8.Cost Kid. General this match will be really slow, because it’s a game of control and you don’t want him to keep his draw engines Momosuke or Bonny (Respect those cards). 

What really helps if for example you are the first player is to have a Perona and a Vergo on your Starting hand. Perona lets you hit at least one 7Warlord (Preferably a 5k) so you get a good early board presence. On your turn 3 (5Don) you want to play Vergo to apply pressure.

Okiku is a tough card in this matchup, try to clear her as soon as possible.

Law: Law is another tricky matchup, because he plays a lot of Onplay effects or Rush Zoro.

Those cards are not good targets to give back to the players hand, so most of the time your bounce cards like Teach or Doflamingo 7-Cost wont see a lot of play at this matchup. Since Law needs 5 Characters on the Field to activate his effect, you want to minimize his Field or you want to have early lots of 4-Cost or Vergo, to control the board. Be careful with Rush Luffy, since he can ignore Blockers, so have maybe a Love-Love Mellow on your sleeve. I didn’t have the chance to play a lot against Law player so Im still figuring things out.

Ruffy or Zoro: Those Decks are most of the time aggressive and try to rush you down. Also if Doffy swings with 7 and activate his effect to get a 7Warlord, it can happen that one of the Life Triggers can be a Jet Pistol, which most of the time will be played immediately on your 4-Cost 7 Warlord.

 Red Decks also have couple of 2k Counters, but in my experience they have also some “Dead” cards on hand, if you swing 7k at leader. I think key is just apply pressure with your 7 Warlords 4-Cost Card, bring out an early Vergo, keep your Key-Cards like Boa Hancock alive and you should be able to win against Red.

With that said, have fun on your matches, you always can swap some cards if your not confident with the amount, but stick with the Keycards for this deck.

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