[EN] Wusel: Red Green Law with Yamato (OP1)

Invited Author: Wusel
Country: Germany


As a Yamato fan and lover I wanted to create my own version of the Law Red/Green hybrid deck. I thought that Yamato is kinda underrated due to her 5 cost and 5000 Power but the "Double Attack" "Banish" brings in so much spice! She perfectly fits in with Law`s Leader ability so you can get her out a lot cheaper and you can get Characters like Nami with her search "On Play" back to hand.

When you play Yamato your enemy is kinda forced to play at least 1 blocker, if they do can just rest it by using Neko or Izo "On Play" effects. If there is any blocker with higher cost or power you got Jet Pistol and Otama to remove them so that Yamato is free to go all in! I love the deck cause i can play the character i like the most and it also works in a competetive way.


Kaido Matchup: Since Kaido Decks are tempted to play Onigashima to gain Don!! cards faster you can focus on attacking to pressure your opponent’s gameplan by the risk of early damage to their life. Use cards like Zoro or Robin to be able to kill Sasaki if they choose to play him to generate Don!! cards even faster. I prioritize getting Law into play very quick to use Law and Zoro to bounce my opponent’s characters The opponent might be forced to play King which will result in a tempo loss for them but the biggest concern in the late game is the 10 Cost Kaido card who can K.O. the whole board except for himself. To secure your win keep at least one 5 cost Luffy or Jet Pistol in hand to not get blocked by Queen or other blockers for the final attack.

Zoro Matchup: The Zoro matchup is the most comfortable matchup for the Deck because they tend to use a lot of cards to generate pressure but also run out of cards quick. You must clear the board to control the game which makes it nearly impossible for you to lose since they will run out of cards fast. The efficiency of playing blocker in my Law hybrid deck makes it easy to stay in the game and the Law Leader/Character ability further enables to play cards cheaper.

Kid matchup: The Kid matchup is very tough because they can slow down the game and ultimately will overwhelm you with high-cost blocker cards and the 8 cost Kid which sets him as the only attack target if rested with a Don!! card attached. If you are lucky enough to generate early pressure with Zoro and Law or surprise them with Yamato as they might not expect her to be played in your Deck, there is a good chance you will lose the game. One of the key cards in this matchup is the 5 cost Luffy, he can disable the ability to block him by attaching two Don!! cards which makes him the perfect finisher against Kid’s army of blocker cards and might do the crucial damage to your opponent’s life that will help you to win the game.

Played vs Kaido, Zorro, Zorro and Kid. I lost in the game with Kid

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