[EN] Thibaut: Top-4 in UK Treasure Cup with Green Kid

Invited Author: Thibaut
Country: UK.

About me

Hello, my name is thibaut and I was playing kid in the tc cup as Birmingham. I’m a long time Tcg player with a good history in Pokémon and flesh and blood.

The Leader

Kid as a leader is amazing as it can restand for 3 don so you can swing 2 times for 12k if you need to finish of opponent with only one life left. It is also really consistent where you can always do stuff with your hand while other decks would struggle.

Check out this link for the decklist in One Piece Top Decks.

I play kid as it can be both a control but also a aggro deck if needed. I like that you can swing twice with your leader. Op 01 is generally a controlish meta and kid can build up a wall really fast where almost no deck can get passed. 8c kid really shines here for me.

-8c Kid : you need to attack this and with cheap blockers and a lot of counters in your hand they just can’t hit you

-7c Kid : blocker and after every turn it’s restand if it has a don to it so they can never attack into it. So you always pressure for 8 minimum to a card or life.

-Bonny : best searcher in the game for supernovas.

-Hawkins : great for mirror because it restands if you attack a character while Hawkins has a don attached to it.

Your best option is to go first as you can get a blocker out or Bonny. Then you go into a Okiko and then you are basically controlling the board if they can’t remove it. If no Okiko then just play more blockers or search with your Bonny for more options. 7c Kid or Hawkins depending on what type of match you are playing.

Kid in Matchups

Luffy/zoro : maintain board control and try to develop a Hawkins , 7c , 8c Kid. Don’t let the field get out of hand but make sure you got characters that can easily kill luffy or shanks. Once they are top decking and you have a good field of blockers and 8c you attack his life.

Kid : try to find 7c Kid, Hawkins. These things can’t almost never be removed so they are horrible to deal for your oppenent. Play it very safe and slow and prioritise board control over going for life. Only go for life if you can. Okiko is also a nice card to have but it can get removed easily.

Doffy : try to find 8c kid and build up a wall of blockers. Try to maintain his field first so when you drop the 8c kid he can’t remove it easily. Let doffy take your life as you need cards in your hand to support your 8c kid.

Law : keep his board small he eventually will run out of cards and then you can finish him of easily. Okiko , Hawkins , 7c Kid and 8c Kid are all great to make sure he can’t attack too much. Early hand you want Neko , Straw sword and Izou though.

Kaido : hardest match for us. Mulligan for 7c Kid. Play nothing till turn 4 and then play 7c Kid. All the turns before you swing 2 times to his life so he is forced to use 10c kaido. Once it drops play another 7c Kid, Hawkins or 2 Okiko. Keep rushing for his life don’t interact with his board unless you have Hawkins then you swing freely into his board.

Matches in tournament where a lot of Kid and Law so that should be your main focus. Adding a extra Hawkins and Straw sword is possible by cutting 4x Drake. Luffy is upcoming but they need to Jet pistol your cards at the right time and mostly they miss this window.

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