[EN/OP7] The Waifu Blue Deck: Boa Hancock


What’s up Blue Gang, this is Daniel Lee aka Hyubushu.

I live in Dallas Texas, home to a great community with many great players. I'm also a fanatic of all things Blue and will only play Blue color decks in any game, lol.

Currently, I am playing Boa Hancock- the Waifu Blue Deck of OP07. I've been waiting since set 1 for Boa to come out, and now that she's here, I have tried my hardest to get her the love she deserves.

The Leader effect makes it so that when you remove a character from your effects and you have 5 or less cards in hand, you draw a card. This effect costs zero don so it’s very cost efficient and allows you to have a healthy hand size throughout the match.

The deck is decent at flooding the board thanks to the New OP07 warlord card Jinbei, and slowing down the pace by either stopping attacks with the 6C Boa Hancock character or bouncing and bottom decking with removal event cards like Red Roc and Gravity Blade Raging Tiger. The deck can sometimes brick with non counter cards and most of the characters are very easy to remove from their low/mid cost and power.

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What I'm looking for in my starting hand is getting a Sengoku or a Doffy Blocker, and depending on the match up, either a Pudding or Gravity blade. These 2 cards are the best addition to any Blue deck, making it a viable pick into the OP7 meta. Jinbei is probably the best card for your 4/5 don turn, as it gives you 2 characters on the field to take the tempo of the game.

The Sengoku on your 1/2 don turn gives you the option to find the missing combo piece like Jinbei or Jinbei targets like Crocodile, Gecko Moria, and the Doffy blocker. 3C Doffy Blocker is great on your 3 don or Jimbei combo, as it lets you rearrange your next draws or bottom those cards and keep searching for the cards you need. It's fine to counter early as we do get some draw power mid game due to our leader ability.

Mid Game:

Once you've rearranged your deck, you should be able to take control of the game until you hit your 9/10 don turn. Gravity Blade is a very powerful event card that bottom decks 2 characters of 6 cost or less, slowing down your opponent. If you’re in the lead, you can even flood the board more with the Jinbei combo, getting 5 characters on board no problem and swinging 5k all day. If your opponent is taking life and has a healthy amount of cards like Enel, Pudding kills their tactic since it makes them shuffle their entire hand into their deck and draw 5 new cards.

The new 6 cost Boa Hancock character is a great addition to blue decks as well. It makes a character on the opponent’s board unable to attack next turn and bottoms a 1 cost character to the deck. You can even bottom deck your own single costs such as Sengoku or Kaya to draw a card if there are no other targets. This synergizes well with our leader.

Late Game:

Once you hit your 9/10 don turn cards like 10 cost Kaido's come into play and depending on the situation, either versions can do wonders. OP5 Kaido draws you 4 cards as long as your opponent has 3 life or less, this keeps your hand size healthy and having a big 12k body on board is a good spot to be in. The OP4 Kaido is a field control card capable of removing an 8-cost and a 3-cost, thus triggering the Leader’s draw effect, but the downside is that the opponent still gets to keep the cards in their hand. However we can play Gum-Gum Red Roc to remove a threat and still have enough Don to play one of our 4-cost Characters like Jinbe to throw down more units, Gecko Moria to get cards from our trash, or Doffy to rearrange the deck again.

Match Ups:

Red Purple Law:
Best cards to see in this match are Gravity Blade and Jinbei. Gravity Blade hits everything Law puts out. Try to counter early and drop Jinbei to have board control as we are mostly trying to slow them down and take tempo, focusing on clearing their board until we get to our 9 or 10 don turn. It’s difficult for them to bottom deck an 8k Boa and/or a 12k Kaido.

Black Yellow Luffy:
This match is heavily in our favor and the cards you want to see here are Pudding and Gravity Blade. Usually you want them to take their own life while you build a board yourself but try not to swing too much, as it gives them a window to have key pieces in their trash. Once you see them at 10+ cards in hand, you can drop Pudding and make them go back to 5 cards. Afterwards, you can Gravity Blade targeting Sabo, Ace, and Luffy cards, putting them in an awkward situation of not having 5C brothers in trash to use the leader ability.

Black Rob Lucci:
Our worst match up; almost unwinnable in my opinion, as they have so much cost efficient removal and can flood the board better than you. My advice? Pray you don’t get paired into one. But if you do, I find the most promising method is aggro. Try to find your Jinbe's and throw down 5 units and swing like a Zoro player. It keeps them pressured and puts them in a pickle if they are low on life on their big 8/9 don turn.

Yellow Enel:
This match is 60/40 in our favor. Cards you want to see here are Pudding, Kaido's, and Red Roc. It’s pretty much the same strategy in the B/Y Luffy games. You want to get them to 2 Life and just start building a board for yourself as most Enel players will take early life hits and forget Pudding is a possibility. Once you Shuffle their hand back to normal size, you can start clearing their board until you get to your Kaidos and Boa's.

Leaving them at 2 life makes it where 9C Yamato doesn't get full value, and makes them decide to heal or rush with the new 10C Ace. Once you’re in the late game, the main objective here is to clear their board with big bodies and Red Roc for easy removals. Once they are starved out, it’s game over for them.

Green Bonny:
At first I thought this matchup was in their favor with the existing Green vs Blue history; however, with the addition of Pudding and Gravity Blade, I believe this is now in our favor. We can easily remove all of their 2-6 cost blockers and if they have a healthy hand from their searchers and life, Pudding can make them go from having 10, back down to only 5.
6C Boa slows down the tempo of the game by stopping one of their big monster cards, like Zoro, from attacking while also bottom decking their 1 cost searchers. And finally, we have Red Roc, that says bottom deck any of their 8-10 cost bodies.

Final Thoughts

That’s about it! Feel free to reach out if you have any questions. My handles are: https://x.com/Hyubushu1

Special shoutout to the DFW gang and people close to me like Paul Fortin aka the Green guy
Kyle Waple (all around best player I know)
Mayra Velazquez (Best female player of Dallas)

Jose Regino Bravo (tamales) Diego Dimas
Aaron Gonzalez
Juan Flores

3 thoughts on “[EN/OP7] The Waifu Blue Deck: Boa Hancock”

    1. Does this leader prefer to go second? I feel as if it's almost dependent on the curve the opp wants.

      1. we can go either 1st or 2nd, but preferably go 2nd. our curve is much better going 2nd.
        going 1st aint that bad as well, as we have Doffy blocker to fix what we draw next and gravity blade on curve is nice to have.

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