[EN/OP7] Rhys: Blue Yellow Queen reached 27th place OCE Treasure Cup

Hi all, my name is Rhys, I played queen in the 22nd June OCE treasure cup, and placed 27th

Deck Profile

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Queen is a deck that revolves around playing defensive and starving your opponent while using proactive removal to be able to stabilise in the late game, allowing you to play back to back 8/9 drop characters for huge tempo swings and staying alive with leader effect.

I’ve played Queen on and off since set 4 and I made a lot of changes to the deck going into this treasure cup due to the meta decks usually not being good matchups for Queen, as well as i built the deck a lot more around going second to take second off RP law/BY luffy/Enel, with cards like Hiyori and Aramaki and Sanji blocker, as well as cutting Mihawk 9c, and any small blockers that will get bottomed by Law for free.

Mulligan/Early: You really wanna see at least one deck rearranger with either Doffy blocker and X drake, Gravity Blade is exceptionally important in a lot of matchups so I keep it if i have a rearranger + counter power to not brick, Hiyori + Onami/red roc is excellent in opening hand against a lot of the meta right now especially if you can get second off RP Law/Enel/BY Luffy.

Mid Game: If you've rearranged your deck ideally you're in a position where you have seen a gravity blade to be able to stabilise and playing these on curve is very powerful, playing blocker after blocker is also a great fall back plan. Do not swing mid, can take one life against 5 life leaders in this meta.

Late Game: Best result is Sanji 9c into Yamato, being able to develop two big bodies is very hard for any deck to deal with and almost guarantees one to stick around, which will allow you to utilise leader effect, should try and keep one 8c+ standing so it cannot be swung into, once opponent is low card count you can swing, but pivot to clearing board when the opportunity arises.


BY Luffy – is by far the easiest matchup in the meta they play for late game and so do you, gravity blade removes all of their bodies easily except gecko, must be aware that you can get rushed down if they see all ace, aramaki on 8 don clean blocks ace

Uta – cannot be starved easy, hard matchup, outs are developing more big bodies if you can stabilise mid game, dont swing until very strong board position to be able to yamato KO effect the luffy or even the kid, need to save red roc for kid/zoro otherwise zoro will kill you instantly

Gecko Moria– is a lot easier post ban due to blockers not being removed early without GE, less ice age in the lists means our big bodies have a better chance of surviving, must find red rocs/katas for the geckos

Enel – starvable, try find pudding to slow them down, dont swing until strong board position to force them to trash life with kingdom come on your big bodies, stay alive and develop multiple big bodies and it should be a pretty good MU, beware of ace and enel rushdown, aramaki mvp for countering an aggressive start. Try to keep a good mental with this matchup, no matter what you see there is a 95% chance this match will go into overtime.

Rp Law – hard matchup, must see a really good curve, eg Doffy >, Gedatsu/X drake > Gravity Blade > Yamato if going second want to try to find Hiyori to put Red Roc/Onami in life, Aramaki MVP here on second as it clean blocks kid killer, Kid blocker is a high priority target here also as it allows them to swing bigger every turn burning your resources quicker.

Perona – develop your blockers to be able to spew out your big bodies safely, must be cautious of 10c doffy as it will lock you out from gaining life, must consider playing around it as soon as they hit 10 don, usually keep 1 big body standing at all times, gravity blade is excellent here for removing ryuma/brook/sabo/borsa also

General Tips

– Must remember the way you rearrange and what you put into your life, might seem like common sense but this will allow you to very effectively plan out your turns and consider if you want to counter or take life, allowing you to capitalise on your triggers

– Don’t forget about any gain life/draw effects when stacking your deck with the rearrangers, a miscalculation could mean you’re putting 9c’s into life and drawing bege…we've all done it…

– There is space in the deck for a lot of tech options, consider playing around with some of the matchup specific cards like pudding if you need answers for specific decks in your local meta.

– Plan turns and think about how your plans could change depending on opponents plays with what theyre capable of. Queen naturally goes close to overtime or into overtime, especially in an online environment. Planning out your turns ahead of time will allow you to make fast plays in the later stages of the game.

– As we are playing Gedatsu and Yamato currently it's important to not swing into leader early.

Queen is not particularly good in this meta but I wanted to have fun in a treasure cup for my first online event. Its biggest strength is its resilience and the fact it can catch people off guard. I had a lot of close games and had a lot of fun. I will continue to cook with this deck in the future and push this deck as hard as I can for some events. If you'd like to discuss the deck in further detail you can hit me up on X.

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