[EN/OP7] A Short Article for Sabo Leader from GoblinRoy

GoblinRoy, Twitter Account @GoblinFL, won a local tournament on Tuesday with R/Y Sabo, went 4-0 beating the worst matchups. He shared his decklist, and a guide "how to play the decks curve and thoughts for OP07" in his Twitter/X account. And here we have it.

Deck Profile

Click into the image for decklist in ONEPIECETOPDECKS

Matchups result in local:

R1 – Birdcage Doffy  

R2 – Gecko Moria  

R3 – Uta

R4 – Gecko Moria 

At first when envisioning Sabo, I thought of him as a hyper aggressive deck that needs to end the game as quickly as possible. While that is true sometimes, the leader skill makes it where you can outgrind a majority of the leaders and play for the long game while still triggering bodies, rushing board and life and applying nonstop pressure similarly to a more aggro deck. This makes matchups like Enel a lot better than I initially thought because you don't have to worry about getting starved and can clear his board while healing with trigger bodies every turn.

Regarding turn order I believe that Sabo doesn’t have a preference besides stopping the curve of the opponents to prevent their big body or a set back in their curve. The only preference I would say sabo has is going 2nd to use 2c event on your opponents first swing to determine your life for the game, using that card as quickly as possible is important so that you don't play a gamble whether your life is a trigger body or a top life 0c event, you give up a bit more aggression in the early game but it's easier to play a character and still have the don to put it in life that same turn.

General Tips

– Your goal with this deck is to get your opponent to 3 life before getting attacked at MOST once, try not to get hit until your opponent is at 3 life because 19 of your cards trigger when your opponent is at 3 life.

– A majority of the time you want to put your characters in life even if they don’t get buffed or played by trigger. You get to counter wimpy 5k’s for your leader and still have an additional life with that card going back in hand without fear of it getting popped.

– Don't put Denjiro in life if he will get popped, instead play him and give him 2 don so he doesnt get ko’d by effects

– If you have 1 life and have Kawamatsu on board, hiyori in hand 0c event in hand. You can play hiyori , put 0c in life, swing 7 with kawamatsu, trash 2 cards from hand, put hiyori in life, leader skill put kawamatsu in life. Go from 1 > 3 life in one turn, guarantee a 2k, trigger body and an additional life trigger. If you're at 0 life start of turn, you have to use sabo effect first then do the combo.

Game Plan and Curve

If Going 1st:

T1: Nothing

T2: Swing lead, play Kawamatsu/Zoro swing (You would play kawamatsu if you know he can survive 1 turn, that's all you need him to do), leave 2 don up for 2c event if you have nothing else

T3: Force swing at your opponents leader to put them at 3 life ASAP, then if you can put your character in life no matter what. Pressure your opponent's life as much as you can. If no better play, leaving 2 don up for 2c event on your opponent's turn is a massive power play as well since it lets you reorder your life in the midgame.

T4 and after: This is when the game relies less on the curve and more on your life, board control/life pressure. Always try to keep 1-2 rushes in hand/life since you want to attack at least twice per turn.

If Going 2nd:

T1: Leave 2 don up for 2c event, always use it if your opponent attacks

T2: Play Kikunojo/Zoro/Inu/Neko

T3: Same combo as going first. Except you can play Kiku/Kawa/Zoro and put them in life in the same turn if you don’t have any characters or wanna buff what's on board.

T4 and after: Same deal as going first.

Final Thoughts

That's my RY Sabo guide, let me know if you have any questions.

I plan to go into OP07 with the current decklist, Lucci might be tough but still doable and Bonney is probably unwindable since Uta was already hard as it is because of 8c Kid. I'm gonna test with OP07 cards like Dragon.

Thank you for reading.

Note – I had a single reject in my deck for 3 rounds since I forgot to take it out, didn’t play it besides trigger r1. Found out after R3, told the TO, Got penalized for it, still won R4 without it


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