[EN-OP6] Leon and Whitebeard: TAK Oceania Regional Winner

Hello everyone, I'm Leon Chan from Melbourne, Australia. I started OPTCG since OP01 release and have topped 6 major tournaments so far including the recent Oceania Championship Finals and OP06 TAK Regional, both with Whitebeard.

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Deck's Strategy

Whitebeard is an old deck with pretty much zero support in recent sets, so I will just go over some of the important tips that people might overlook.
Early game: I keep my opening hand if I see a searcher (Naimi/ Izo) and a rush Luffy. You want to play your Nami on turn 1 and search for a rush Luffy. If you have rush Luffy in hand already, play Izo instead to search for Ace or Edward Newgate. Playing the 2k Sanji on 2/3 dons is acceptable if you don't have a searcher. Losing a 2k counter is fine, remember that Whitebeard takes a life every turn so it is just as important to finish the game as soon as possible.
Mid game: When your opponent starts attacking your leader, you will need to decide on your game plan of whether to take life. This decision largely depends on what cards you have in your hand.
A lot of 1k counters – Defend early if your opponent is swinging 6k at you, because you will be in trouble if your opponent starts attacking you above 6k when your life reaches zero
A lot of counter events – Make sure you don't reach zero life too soon or else you won't have active dons available after you played your character down
9c Edward Newgate – Defending your life early allows you to lock your life at 1-2  
Late game: One common mistake that people make is they reserve the incorrect amount of active dons for their counter event cards in hand. Always calculate how much damage your opponent will do and reserve the correct amount of resources that you need. You may also want to think 1-2 turns ahead if you don't think your opponent will "all-in" you this turn and should plan accordingly.
Another common mistake is that people think it is always valuable to play out your searchers, but you have to ask yourself what exactly do you need to search for. Being just a 1k counter in hand is perfectly fine. There is no difference between 1k and 2k counters when your opponent is just going to attack you with 6k.
Saving these 1-2 dons allows you to attack for 7k instead of 6k which can be game changing.
These are only some of the things that Whitebeard players should watch out for. Although Whitebeard is a relatively simple deck, there's still a lot more that you can do to gain advantage as a Whitebeard player.
– Being a 6k leader is really strong on decks that rely on 5k characters
– The deck is very consistent with the amount of draws and searchers
– A lot people don't know how to play against Whitebeard optimally
– Simple to pilot
– Despite how consistent this deck is, you can still brick with a bunch of 0 counter characters and counter events.
– Very predictable for your opponent

Matchups in Regional

In this regional, I played against 5 Moria, 1 Sakazuki, 1 Katakuri, 1 Reiju, and 1 red purple Law.
Moria is supposed to be a bad matchup for Whitebeard as they can drain our hand with Perona and spam us with 6k attacks. Although it is tempting to clear their 5k characters on the board, a lot of times it is better to just ignore them.
B/B Sakazuki in my opinion is a 50/50 matchup if the Sakazuki player knows how to play against Whitebeard. 7-cost Bosalino allows them to clear our 5-cost character easily while establishing a 8k body, so playing rush Sanji on the 6-dons turn is important to play around that.
Katakuri used to be our best match up due to the amount of blockers that we could play. However, the addition of Amaru makes our blockers useless and therefore this can be a challenging match up depending on Katakuri's triggers. Most Katakuri lists play only 2-3 Amaru so dropping 2 blocker Marco on a single turn should be safe. Moreover, no one runs Thunder Bolt anymore so leaving Katakuri on 2 life is a viable play against Amaru.
Reiju is a very challenging matchup due to the amount of 2k counters and draw power they have. 7-cost Ichiji also puts a lot of pressure on us and can clear our characters very easily. If they can play Judge while having at least 2 lifes, it is pretty much over for us. So please rush their life to make sure they don't have time to play Judge. Ace also is very important to respond to their Ichiji.
R/P Law should not be too difficult for a 6k leader as they do not have a lot of dons to work with. Playing 9-cost Edward Newgate and bumping your leader to 8k should seal the game.


Shout out to all my TCG friends in Australia, all my opponents during the event, and Palms Off Gaming for providing me with top quality deck boxes and sleeves. I will most likely put out an in depth Whitebeard guide soon so please look forward to that. :>

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