[EN-OP6] Kyle with Moria: 1st Place at the Santa Clara Regional!

Hi I’m Kyle and I started playing towards the end of set 2. Since then I’ve gotten 6th at the first Pasadena Regionals, 2nd at Fort Worth Regionals in set 4, 2nd at the Los Angelas Regional 3v3, and 1st at the recent Santa Clara Regionals.

Deck Strategy

Gecko Moria’s strategy is to flood the board with bodies that have amazing effects.

-Early Game you would like to play Cindry on 1 don or Brannew on 2 Don. On 3 Don you really want to play Perona because it doesn’t put any cards back in the deck for it’s effect and it stops them from gaining card advantage through taking life.

-Mid Game you would like to remove bodies by using an event card like Great Eruption or Ice Age and Absolom or Rob Lucci. If you don’t have 8c Moria in hand you want to try and add it back with Hogback and you want to trash Rob Lucci with Leader effect to set up 8c Moria.

-Late Game is all about 8 drop Moria. You want to use event cards and Geko to play Rob Lucci + Helmeppo to keep board advantage.

– Good Combos would be Brannew + Lead effect on 5 Don to maximize mill and board presence. Lead effect + Sabo on 8 Don in the mirror to make their Moria awkward since they can’t pop anything. Playing two 4 drops on 7 don with leader ability to gain tempo. If you are able to make one of these 4 drops Borsalino or Kuzan this will apply extra pressure while gaining extra value.

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Matchups in Santa Clara Regionals

-R1 Perona: Go second and try not to give them too many cards and starve you of your life. Also try to hoard 8c to match their 10c Doffys.

-R2 Kata: Mulligan for Perona and set up Kuzan before 7mom turn. Borsalino is also big in the early game.

-R3 Gekko: Go 2nd and Look for Borsalino and Perona.

-R4 Reiju: Mulligan for Ice age and play for 8c Moria. Don’t take too many lives in case they Pudding you and don’t prioritize summoning Perona.

-R5: Kata

-R6: Kata

-R7 Enel: Perona is the only thing you wanna do in the early game. Later in the game it’s just about Ice age and 8c Moria.

-R8: Gecko

-R9: Gecko

Tips: The biggest tip I can give is to play for resource management. Black has the most broken value cards so we just want to out value our opponent till they have no more resources.

Moria Leader Guideline: Game Plan against Meta Deck

Against Sakazuki you really need to find more 8c Morias than they do. Because your leader can recur him from the trash while they can’t you should hopefully have more at your disposal than they do. Black matchups are all about resources so you want to try and not drop to less cards in hand than they do. Because you are a 5 health leader you should take hits to life as they provide card advantage.

-In the mirror match : 4c Borsalino and Sabo are huge because they prevent your board from being KO’d. It’s also similar to Sakazuki where you don’t want to drop to less cards and hoard your 8c Morias.

-An important combo in both match-ups is when the opponent drops their Moria. You use a 1 don minuser (great eruption or tsuru) on Moria, Ice Age the Moria, then drop your 8c and play Lucci and Helmeppo. Helmeppo to minus the 4c they played off of Moria and Lucci to pop both.

For yellow match ups I mulligan for Perona because Enel and Katakuri end up with large hands over the course of the game. You also want to set up Kuzans to counter their big drops and hoard ice ages. Moria on curve is really huge but Sabo is also really important to keep yourself alive from any reject/amaru plays.

For R/P Law the only thing that matters is minusers (especially great eruption) and poppers because their board is their life. Usually you will only resolve one Moria in this match up so make sure to have 1 but ditch the others.

-Deck's Strengths: I think the deck’s biggest strength is that he is a 5 life leader that runs twelve 2K counters making him one of the hardest leaders to kill. This gives him a strong match up vs Red and Yellow leaders that pray on 4 health leaders. The deck’s second biggest strength is being a leader that can consistently dig for 8c Gecko.

Deck's Weaknesses: I think this deck doesn’t have many weaknesses besides being at the mercy of your mill sometimes. I choose Geko for Santa Clara cause I believes it has little to no bad matchups.


I want to give a shoutout to my sponsor ProjectCCG in Alhambra CA. My friends Dylan, Nicky, Adam, and Jackie for supporting me and giving me amazing practice. Also shoutout to CoreTCG for hosting the event and OP Top Decks for having me.

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