[EN-OP6] Joshua: GY Yamato Fortress, Top-16 OCE Regional

Hello everyone my name is Joshua Jeffery and I only recently started getting into properly playing the OPTCG. It's been a very fun experience learning this game over the last few months and if you put in the effort you can definitely start to see results quite quickly. This most recent placement of mine that I will be discussing today is my best to date, 14th in the online Oceania regionals. While I still think I have a long way to go and are by no means at a pro level yet, I still hope you will find some useful information in this article. 

Yamato Leader

Fortress Yamato, It plays exactly how it sounds really. But being able to get all your pieces set up and knowing when to play cards, counter, take life etc will really affect the outcome of your games. It's still something i'd like to get better at. 

The basic idea around this deck is to use that juicy double attack on the Yamato leader to reduce our opponent's life so that we can play 8 cost Kid on curve and be able to attach the 2 rested Don from our leader's other ability once we have our opponent at 3 or less life. Which incidentally is what will happen no matter what granted you get one swing through regardless of if it's a 4 or 5 life leader you are facing. With our supporting little blockers, searchers and some great cards such as banish Onami and our late game lethal in Hody Jones in the mix this deck is overall just super fun to play and is quite adaptable to whatever your playing into.

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So the general gameplan is early turns try to use your searchers to find key pieces. If you don't get a Kid in your starting hand you want to at least have the Bonney searcher so you can still find one. Then we want to be swinging at the opponent's leader to try to get at least one hit through. Against certain decks, which I will go into later, using our Sugars and Izo to rest 4 cost or lower blockers to get swings through is also viable (we actually drop the whole fortress plan entirely sometimes but I will go into this further at the matchups part).

As we get to our 8 drop Kid turn we can be using Onami to double attack banish, Gedatsu to KO some on the board if we are starving them or even throw down a blocker and or another searcher or two if the situation suits it.

By the time we get to our 8 or 9 don turn we ideally want a big hand and be able to attach that rested Don to Kid. So as long as you have the hand to defend the Kid, having your life all the way down to 0 or 1 is actually ideal because that's where you will be getting more cards. So then we can play our Kid down, use the card effect to rest the kid and play out a cheap blocker, ideally Rosinante which is a disgusting combo and honestly will do most of the heavy lifting in winning you games. If you didn't know the Rosinante blocker has an effect on it where if one of your rested characters were to be KOed (Kid) you can trash Rosinate instead.

Outside of the few direct KO and bottom deck cards that can just take Rosinate off the board this is an extremely powerful combo, because even if your opponent uses something like Amaru to rest your Rosinate you can still use the cards effect. 

So by now you should have an established board with one or more blockers along with your essentially now 8k leader Kid. With your hopefully large hand full of 2k counters to make sure kid stays alive; if he makes it to the next turn your in a really good spot. This is where we go for lethal with Hody Jones. The over MVP of the deck. This card is actually so good and has won me so many games do not sleep on it. Being able to just play it out to rest 2 characters and or don is actually insane and taking your own life if you even had any left is fine too since it just adds more cards to hand and we have a kid on board. One small  note is to not forget you are able to rest don with Hody also. This is so so useful against decks like Whitebeard and Zoro that run lots of counter events, so don't forget you can do this, especially against those decks.

So ideally by this point using a combo of Hody Jones resting blockers and/or don you should be able to swing for lethal. If they still have 2 lives and a low hand size you can try swing for 8 with Yamato after using 7 Don to rest any blockers with Yamato. Or if not just swing Yamato first then play the Hody for 7 Don, then attach those 2 rested don to Kid to try swing 10k for lethal and to make sure if they survive this onslaught the kid ability is still active as he has don on him.

 That's a very basic outline but as we all know one piece games can change on the fly and its never as easy as just mindlessly “following the plan”. Certain matchups actually can change what our entire deck is built around to the complete opposite. I will go into detail now on how to handle and adapt to the current meta leaders in the game and you will see what I mean.

Matchups in OCE Regional

R1: RP Law – Win

I'm still not 100% confident playing against this Leader yet so this game was probably a little closer than it needed to be (I will have another article for Yamato Fortress guideline where I write details about game plan to each popular leader in OP6 meta). But I stuck to resting their stuff early on to get the counter out of hand and was able to pull off the win with a Hody resting blockers along with the leader swing. Low key the kid might even be good to use as bait almost because he used an Otama and Gordon to remove it then during my turn when I got the win he said if he kept the Otama he would have been able to counter out so there you go. Going to keep working on that matchup.

R2: Moria – loss

This was a rough one. I just couldn't get the cards I needed and had no way to remove his Kuzan. So it just kept getting rid of my Kid and my board. It was close by the end and quite a grindy matchup but he just had the slight upper hand the whole time, felt like I was always slightly behind. Again a matchup I want to work on more and one I have already begun to find a better way to beat and am already more confident in it.

R3: Sakazuki – win

This one wasn't too hard, just mulligan for a good hand with an Izo and Sugar in it and top decked a Hody 2 turns later so everything was set. My opponent did get pretty unlucky early on with bricks in hand as both my turn 2 and 3 swings landed so by 4th turn he was already at 0 life. All it took was playing out the Izo and sugar that turn to rest two blockers swing with lead, forcing the counters out. Then the following turn they didn't have the answers for my rush hody swing at life

R4: Katakuri – win

Again a pretty simple match just followed the basic plan and got my Kid down on curve and had everything I needed to defend him and slowly grind out the game till i won. Now funnily enough this player actually was running the 8 cost sec Katakuri so that could have been scary but he didn't find it and I checked after and he was only running it as a 1 of so wouldn't have been that much of an issue anyway

R5: Yamato (sky island) – win

I mean this matchup just isn't fair if i'm being honest. As I stated in the yamato mirror matchup, as long as you don't get run over and have enough counters by the time you drop your kid you basically can't lose. That's exactly what happened. I just had my kid down, kept protecting it, playing out an extra blocker each turn until they had nothing left and going for the game was free.

R6: Whitebeard – win

This was a really interesting one because I was not expecting to face this at all. I have played against enough on the sim to understand how it goes on a basic level so that was good. Honestly though its really not that bad if you can get at least one double attack through by the time you go for your game winning turn they will be at zero life. Hody is the undoubted MVP on this matchup, being able to rest don against white beard is so so powerful.

The turn prior to my winning turn I had the Kid down with a Monet blocker (the one that can rest a 4 cost of less on block). He has a Marco blocker on board and the Nami searcher. He played down the 7 cost ace that gives -3000 power and has rush, so he did that to my kid and attacked it first. So I just used the blocker to get out of the attack and rest his Marco blocker. Then just countered out of the leader swing onto kid. He then left up 2 don and passed. He had no life by this point so it was basically over from there. I just played the hody to rest the don and swung at lead with everyone and he didn't have enough counter. Now to be fair his small mistake in letting me rest his blocker did help me win but honestly I still think i would have won even by only resting 1 don and blocker. So for this match up really keep in mind don there leaving up and use hody to rest it. 

R7: Sakazuki – win

This was a much closer game then the first Saka match, coming right down to a couple counter difference. My opponent was clearly a very good Saka player and it definitely showed here. I went with the usual game plan against saka but this player had much more counter and blockers this time round. I also didn't get as many Sugars and Izo as I wanted. So instead I was swinging with some don at lead forcing them to use blockers or counter out and using the rest of the don on a lot of my searchers to build up my 2ks, which is a big reason for the win. It was very grindy and came right down to his turn when we basically had to swing with everything and hope he could win on that turn as he wouldn't be able to survive the next one.

Now the interesting part about this was that he assumed i had a hody to rest his blockers which i actually didn't so this win may also be partly due to his small judgment error. Nonetheless he swung with everything he had on board including the blockers and I just had enough 2ks and life to get out of it and just swung all in at lead next turn. So that's another good tip for saka, if you can't keep resting blockers to swing life try to use up your searchers and get lots of counters for the late game.

R8: RP Law – loss

Very similar to the first RP law I faced and won but this one just didn't go in my favor as much. Also my opponent was very good, he came 8th overall. Skilled RP law players are scary lol. But yeah I went with a similar plan and it was working but i just simply didn't have the cards I needed to get over the line this time. Still very close though, I basically was forced to go for a hody to rest the 2 blockers and swing 8 with leader to hopefully take their last 2 life and swing 10 with hody for game. But he just had that one extra 2k that got him out of the leader swing and it was over from there. It was actually a card he considered playing the turn before but decided against it and it won him the game. So still close but i have to work on a more solid plan for that pesky law.

R9: Yamato (wano) – win

This is basically the same as the other Yamato game its pretty much a free win. This player was running sanji blockers which really heeded by progress and actually got one as a trigger on his last life that saved him for one more turn. But at the end of the day it's the same story, they dont have big bodies outside of Hody to swing at your kid and you will have the counters and blockers to deal with whatever they throw at you. It's just more a time thing and slowly getting there resources down until they have nothing left.

Tips or Hints

I feel I have shared most tips throughout the various sections so I will use this to briefly talk about playing and improving at this game as a whole. Believe it or not I only started fully playing this game 2 months ago. But I think I used my time and practice effectively to be able to pull an amazing result so soon. There are so many incredibly talented people at this game who make invaluable resources for you to get better at the game. Use these, watch plenty of youtube videos, if you can afford to spend a bit of money on patriots from qualified players. It truly will drastically help you improve, at a pretty quick rate might I add. I mean even the goats over at one piece top decks. I checked this website daily and still do to keep up with the meta in the east as well as seeing now ways to improve current decks, as well as reading through similar articles to this one to help with more specific things. 

Make sure you are going to as many locals as you can also. Playing in person is really different to just playing on the sim. It's small things but remembering to actually do every action is crucial, there are little things you can forget because you're used to the sim auto doing it. Speaking of the sim, make sure you're also grinding this out. Its an incredible resource to just constantly get games against all types of decks and skill levels. Lastly use the tcg matchmaking discord to get some ranked sim practice in. People will generally try a bit harder in these and use meta decks so it's a bit better practices.


If you have somehow made it to the end after reading all that I do appreciate it and I truly hope you learned at least something from this. Once again I dont think I'm even close to being at a top level, I have so much further to go. But thats thats the beauty of this game its just so damn fun and addicting to play and get better at. So i just want to say if you have any amount of competitive drive and enjoy playing the game go for it. You will see results if you put the effort in

I don't have too many shoutouts for right now as I'm still fairly new to the scene but my local area in Canberra has been amazing so far so shout out to any of the Canberra locals. It's been super fun to play and improve at the locals.

I plan on posting more about yamato fortress and just opctg in general on my twitter so please go follow it @Redzoptcg (https://twitter.com/Redzoptcg)  if you have any interest and any questions at all feel free to jump over there also and ask away

Finally i'd like to thank One Piece Top Decks for giving me the opportunity to write this i very much enjoyed it and make sure you keep supporting these guys they do so much for the community.

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