[EN-OP6] Gianluca: 1st Place Milan Regional with Green Uta

Hi everyone! I'm Gianluca Mercuriali, I'm from Italy and I'm happy to be here ūüôā
I began playing OP card game when it first was born with OP01 Format. My first deck was Purple Kaido and I didn't gain any valuable wins in local tournaments.
In OP02 Format I played Purple Magellan and also in this case I didn't gain any big win.
But with OP03 Format I played Yellow Katakuri and I positioned myself among the first places in local tournaments and I participated in my first regional tournament in Bologna, Italy last summer and I ranked top 128.
In OP04 Format I started winning more and more frequently during several local tournaments and started finally getting the hang of it. My deck was Green Purple Doflamingo, Film version.
Regarding Meta OP05 I didn't feel confident with it and got quite demotivated playing with Purple Luffy. In this timeframe I played very little, due to personal reasons especially with university, to the point that I didn't even participate at local tournaments but I was focusing more on studying the Green Uta deck, since it used the same archetype of Green Purple Doflamingo.
In the current OP06 I completely fell in love with Green Uta, since I find it extremely fun to play with. With the release of ST-12 that powered the deck with the introduction of Mihawk character that  makes this deck very versatile.

Why Green Uta

I decided to choose this deck for the regional tournament since I find it a very strong deck, even if very underrated by many. It can beat Sakazuki and Moria through the use of Mihawk character that is recognized as a Key card of the deck against them. At the same time, against every other deck the Key cards are Nami, Luffy Blocker and Kid Cost 8.
I prepared by playing with friends that played almost every deck and my deck always played well with each of them.

Matchups in Milan Regional

Deck's Strengths and Weakness

The strength of this deck is certainly the fact that the Leader effect is Draw 1 Film Card and that you can play two ways depending on the Leader enemy.
You can slow down the matchup with Luffy and Kid or speed it up with Mihawk character and Brook.
The weaknesses, even if only a few, if you need both Mihawk and Kid cost 8 and you cannot search for them.

Mulligan and Tips

I don't mulligan for depending if I'm first or second, I focus more on my opponent. If he is Sakazuki or Moria, I muligate for Mihawk. For all the other leaders, I muligate for Kid cost 8.
For EB-01 format this deck takes a consistent power-up and I suggest playing other than Sanji +2000 Counter and Blueno Blocker, but also Mihawk.


I would like to thanks every team mate that helped me to reach this great result.
I will start from Vincenzo Sannino, that tested with me playing Sakazuki and I never won with him: the best Saka player in my opinion, and also one of my best friends.
Thank you to Gionatan Parisi (The Dark Mentalist) for his magic, thanks to Lorenzo Moretti (Gecko Moro)¬† and Nicolas Rossini (Nick96Ross) for testing with Moria, they are best Gecko Moria players of Romagna. Thank you to Nicolas Parisi (ThisIsNick) for inspired me to play Green decks from the beginning, for coaching lessons about Uta deck (and more…). Thank you to Marco Tonetti that helped me to build correctly the deck list and for the big amount of great testing with him with Katakuri and Reiju and thank you to Andrea Mosca (MoscaCulo) for the hard test with Perona.
Thank you to my other friends that helped me to play and test, like Matteo Bianchi, Matteo Maraldi, Jacopo Santeroni and Luca Calonici (IlDuty).
Thank you for all guys from YouTube Channel Legendary Crew (link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPhOQiEn5WF0bjQ_b0x_iBA)
There you will find every deck profile of our big results and soon other guides for OP07 and more…

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