[EN-OP6] Elliot Charters: 1st Place TAK Regional with Gekko Moria

Hi! My name is Elliot, I used to play competitive league of legends and world of Warcraft, and now i play card games! I have amassed 7 serials in one piece and won a 3v3 event, but this is my first 1v1 victory.

The deck is a strong midrange deck with powerful card manipulation and KO effects. It plays around tempo and uses your hand and trash as a resource, allowing strong players more lines based on the gamestate. The decklist is from SGAhIce, and it is a very standard decklist focussed on consistency. It allows you to see a good mix of cards in every game, and does not run un-necessary bricks.
Click into the image for decklist in One Piece Top Decks

I personally play this deck for a strong board presence. I like to put my opponent on the back foot, which allows me to play more efficiently for them, and makes them play sub-optimally which puts me further ahead. By the end of the game, they generally need to make risky plays, but by this time I can set up a strong defense of blockers and counters in my hand.

Matchups in TAK Regionals (383 players)

The main decks that I navigated well this tournament were katakuri and BY Luffy. Katakuri is a deck where you want to take first vsing them, defend your life, and play around sabo. The card is insane, and I did not lose a kata game where I played sabo. Next was BY Luffy, which is a deck that needs to be starved. My plan was to spam blockers and Perona in the early game, followed by Moria to recycle cards and make a 9k body which can swing into their buffed leader naturally.
I reccomend mulliganing for Perona and Cindry going first, Brannew Absalom Borsalino and Great Eruption going second, and bonus points if you can get strong cards for your 3rd, 4th and 5th turn. When in doubt, play on curve for tempo!


Shout out to my sponsor Eternal Magic, and shout out to my friends from my 3v3 team OP07 Waiting Room. I also do coaching and patreon, so please check them out if you want to learn more from me !

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