[EN-OP5] Jason Pan: 1st Place OCE Treasure Cup with P Luffy

Hello everyone, my name is Jason Pan. I’m from Australia and I’m apart of Team PX3. 

I started off playing Zoro with my highest achievement being 3rd place at Treasure cup.

1. Tournament and my choice about the deck.

With this tournament being an online tournament, I knew I had to win every game in order to be champion. Therefore, I wanted a deck that was consistent and could beat everything else in the meta. 

I have a personal preference for playing aggro decks (played Zoro before), consistency and efficiency are 2 important factors I look at when choosing a deck to pilot. So, looking at the current meta, Purple Luffy (PCP) was the best choice for me. 

PCP is efficient in most if not all areas. Defensively, being able to play 14x 2k counter, 2x blast breathe, 2x jet gatling (which doubles as clearing any dead cards in hand) means you’re able to protect your life and characters. In turn, this creates pressure for your opponent. Having access to some of the best blockers in the game, specifically, 5 cost kid and 5 cost queen which double as attacking threats. Offensively, having access to Paulie, Kaido and Magellan allows you to gain tremendous advantage by simultaneously ramping, clearing board, and messing up opponents’ curve whilst establishing a big body that’s difficult to remove and hit into. 

PCP is without a doubt one of the most consistent decks within the whole game. Having an inbuilt ramp system that doubles as a card draw is ridiculously powerful. Although it is limited in card draw, this can be alleviated through the use of queen and Kalifa. 

The typical gameplan is 1 -> 4 -> 7 -> 10 or 2 -> 5 -> 9 (if going second). Ramping as fast as possible to 10 don is typically the gameplay as then we’re able to drop multiple 5c bodies which creates even more pressure.

Click into the image to see decklist in One Piece Top Decks

2. Match ups on the day

I versed 2x Sakazuki, 2x PCP, 1x Katakuri, 2x Enel and 1x RP Luffy (which I wasn’t expecting this especially in round 7). Below I’ll briefly go over my match ups on the day and strategies going into these match ups.  

Round 1 – Sakazuki 

Magellan + ulti page one -> Kaido FTW 

Round 2 – Sakazuki 

Saw all my Sundays and played them all, which allowed me to have great hand advantage and take a gamble with dropping Kaido to swing for game.

Round 3 – Katakuri

Paulie MVP

Round 4 – Purple Luffy mirror

Magellan MVP

Round 5 – Enel

This was a close game, as I didn’t see any 5 cost blockers. But my board was wide enough to swing for game. 

Round 6 – PCP mirror

Opp pressured me very early on by dropping ulti page one turn 2, I managed to stabilise and set up lethal for the next turn and dropped 7 cost kid, which ensured he couldn’t kill me if he went game. And if he didn’t go for game, I could still get lethal. 

Round 7 – RP Luffy

Always ensured I was cautious of 10 Luffy turn (staying at 2 life) and slowly chipping away cards in his hand. 

Round 8 – Enel  

Paulie -> Kid + queen -> kid + queen 

3. General Guide

I’d like to start off by saying one piece is a very situational game, the same play may not be optimal in every situation. Please take the below only as a general guide on how to play your turns. 

Sakazuki – Without a doubt the hardest match up for PCP. Ice age, great eruption, hina, lucci, and hound blaze are great tools Saka can use to clear our board. The game plan is to apply pressure and establish board faster than Saka can clear. 

Going first – your curve ideally is 1-> 4 -> 7 -> 10 -> 10 

4 don – Play 4 6 vanilla (Apoo). Typically, I wouldn’t play page one here as he’s an important combo piece for later on. You can play one of the 4 cost blockers if there is no Apoo in hand. Important to note DO NOT use law effect even if your opponent has 7 cards in hand as this will hinder your curve. 

7 don – Paulie or miss all Sunday to ramp. If opponent has 4 cost Borsalino it means our 4 drop we played the turn before is still alive. In this scenario definitely drop Sunday and use extra don on characters/leader to swing. If no Sunday dropping Paulie to ramp is still good. 

10 don – Magellan + Ulti page one is our absolute best play we can make here. Not only are we establishing 3 bodies on field, but our opponent will only have 7 don to play with. Alternatively, queen + ulti page one is also good. We must ensure we play at least 2 bodies down which forces an answer from our opponent. I would avoid dropping Kid + queen as most likely these blockers will go to waste. If hand is bricked dropping Sunday + Paulie (no effect) is ok. 

10 don – Depending on the board state drop 2x 5 costs is good or kaido or don on characters  is good. It is very situational and I’m unable to give a best answer. 

Mulligan – Paulie/Sunday, ulti /page one 

Going second – Ideally ramp 2 -> 5 -> 9 -> 10 

5 don turn – Sunday/double finger to ramp or Magellan (if playing Magellan you’ll be at 7 don next turn see above)

9 don turn – Kid (or any 5 cost that doesn’t neg don) + ulti page one, once again by having 3 bodies on field we create pressure for our opponent. Try to avoid playing Magellan/Queen + ulti page because then our next turn, we’re at 9 don. However, everything is situational and sometimes mag + ulti page one is the best play. 

10 don – 2x 5 cost or Kaido, situational once again. 

Mulligan – Magellan/ Sunday, ulti + page one.

Uta – I didn’t verse on the day, but with uta’s rise in popularity I thought I would include this.  I would say uta can be a hard match for PCP depending on what each player sees and if uta is playing 10 doffy. 

Going first, the curve is mostly the same as above. However, sometimes on 7 don it’s better to drop one of the 7 cost characters in preparation for 8 cost kid. Even possibly dropping Kaido without using effect can sometimes be viable. 

Going second dropping Magellan on 5 is so powerful and it delays 7 cost Luffy and 8 cost kid by a turn. 

General tips – swing for 6k is ok as uta only runs 8x 2k counters. Be cautious of life as uta can always 2x 12k with leader with I’m invincible. 

Mulligan – Paulie/Sunday, 7 drop. 

Kata – Establishing a wide board and chipping kata’s hand size whilst praying for no TB trigger LOL. 

Going first – 1 -> 4 ->7 -> 10 

4 don – Any 4 cost.

7 don – Paulie, Sunday, 7 kid, Urashima  

10 don –Kid + queen 

Mulligan – Paulie/Sunday, Kid/Queen 

Going second – 2 -> 5 -> 9 -> 10 

5 don – Magellan, Sunday, kid 

9 don – 5 cost + 4 cost, Paulie. Situational  

Mulligan – Paulie/Sunday, Magellan, Kid/Queen

RP Luffy – I’ve read that this is a bad match up for PCP but I wasn’t really expecting to vs into it so didn’t test into it. 

Be careful on how many times you use leader ability, establish 6k bodies and being aware of 10 luffy turn is important. 

RP luffy is a strong deck but is quite linear. Predict what RP luffy can do next turn and play around it. 

Mulligan – TBC need more testing. 

Mirror – I’d say it’s the most coin flip mirror in the whole game, mostly dependent on what each players draws. However, there are still things you can do to make it more favourable for you. 

Going first – 1 -> 4 ->7 -> 10 

4 don – Any 4 cost 

7 don –7 kid, Urashima, Sunday 

9/10 don – 2x 5 costs. if you only have one blocker in hand, try to avoid dropping as this is easy Kaido target. 

If your opponent plays Magellan on their second turn, the curve is in their favour. Ideally you Magellan them back or play Sunday. 

Mulligan – any 4, Magellan, Sunday, Kaido 

Going second – 2 -> 5 -> 9 -> 10 

5 don – Magellan, Sunday, kid – DO NOT play a 4 cost as this is an easy Paulie target. 

7 don (if played Magellan) – 7 cost 

9 don – 5 cost + 4 cost 

Mulligan – Magellan, Sunday, Kaido 

A well-timed Kaido can turn the tide in your favour instantly, choosing the right turn to ulti + page one and 4 cost law is also very important. 

Enel – by far the easiest match up for PCP. 

See Katakuri 

4. General Tips

  • Defend life as you’re taking life through leader ability.
  • Knowing when to don characters and swing big vs playing extra character is important knowledge and situational. 
  • Swinging face the vast majority of times and using Paulie and Kaido for board clear, sometimes you need to swing board though.
  • Playing Kalifa on 4 don to help cycle hand and also double as a target they must attack into next turn.
  • Take your time!!! Think about each move you can make (this doesn’t mean slow play LOL) just think of each play you can make; what your opponent can do in response etc. I typically try to predict 2/3 turns ahead. The first play that comes to your mind might not always be the most optimal. 

5. Conclusion

Although PCP may seem like a linear deck, sticking by the same play each and every game will not always guarantee the win. Being able to change your gameplan and adjust is a very important skill. I’m unable to explain everything in this article but feel free to ask me any questions on X (twitter) @Px3_Pan (https://twitter.com/Px3_Pan) 

Alternatively, my team (PX3 – https://www.facebook.com/TeamPX3) is pleased to announce we now offer coaching! More details can be found on our Facebook page, feel free to PM us any questions!

Thank you for taking time and reading my article, I’d like to give a massive shout out to my boys Choyang Yu, Kevin Ngo, Zhao Tee, Shannon Cole and Brandon Ngo. Also, to my teammates Nicholas Koh, Kenneth Chiew, and boss man Jimmy James for the constant testing and support throughout the day and in general. Shout out to the whole Perth community! And a massive thank you to our sponsors Eternal Magic (William Chong – https://eternalmagic.cc) for the team drip (playmat, deck box), Beyond Odyssey and Team Card Titan. 

Finally, thank you to One Piece Top Decks for giving me this opportunity.

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  1. I am Glad this is out, I love the purple Luffy deck I built it not because it is meta but because it is pretty versatile. Uta has been a slight problem to me recently and I did have a feeling that it is a rogue deck that a lot of people were sleeping on. I truly appreciate this article and strats as I am currently a bit struggling to make my deck better

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