[EN-OP5] Felipe Arze: Winner of OP Latin America Final with Purple Luffy

Felipe Arze is the winner of One Piece Latin America Final with his OP5 purple Luffy Leader. There were 512 players participated this tournament.

1. Quick self introduction (when did you start to play OP card game) and your achievements

Hello to all!. My name is Felipe Arze and I am from Santiago, Chile. I started playing OPCG 2 months ago in the last part of Op04 playing Rebecca.

I do not have any previous achievements in the game since this was my first major tournament and dont play any other tcgs at the moment (Last one was WWE RAW DEAL like 20 years ago =P)

2. How do you generally play this deck?

I love Purple Luffy because of his versatility and strategy. You can be very defensive or really oppresive if you want to depending on the match-up.

The principal advantage is you can get to 10 Don by turn four either going 1st or 2nd using the leader ability and the cards in my deck. The MVP of my deck is Paulie if I could run more copies of him I definitely would!. 5 cost characters are the heart of this deck, like Queen, Kid, Magellan leaving my big bodies to go for the finish.

I play Kaido and Luffy G5 Nika, which is an excellent card in my worst match up Sakazuki

Click into the image for the decklist.
3. Generally how do you deal with all the current tier-1 decks (Sakazuki, Katakuri, Purple Luffy , enel etc)
Sakazuki: I truly believe is PLuffys worst matchup and the main reason it wasnt so favored prior to Finals by many top players. Basically you have to draw perfect and expect an average or less draw by the Sakazuki player. My main tech in this matchup is the Luffy G5 and Sheeps Horn so I can go for game in a turn in which the Sakazuki player isnt expecting. This won me 2 out of 3 of the sakazukis I played on the swiss wounds at Finals.
Katakuri: I believe is a favorable match up, and the only thing as with all yellow decks are the triggers luck that you can encounter. You should try to anticipate those possible triggers, and be very aware of what the player does when he uses his leader ability. My main strategy is try to make a big board and leave Kaido in my hand in case there are last minute triggers like Bege, Sanji or Brulee.
Enel: Also a favorable matchup, however the most difficult game I faced on my way to the championship was the top 4 against Mexican player Agustin. The pressure of the rush Enel is really something that makes you lose the game especially when there is more than one on board. My main strategy is to be really aggresive from the beginning attacking life from the start and not letting him get resources at hand.
Mirror: Like every mirror is a lottery and usually results in which player had a better draw or won the dice roll. I always prefer to go first on the mirror since I can start to put pressute frome the start and not let him ramp comfortably. Usually the one who finds Kaido first has a big advantage
4. What do you think is this deck’s weakness?

My deck weakness is concistency since i dont have searchers to look for the cards I need. In that regard cards like Kalifa and Queen let me cycle and are really important. My main weakness is Sakazuki since he can basically answer all my bodies including Magellan

5. How were your matchups during the Latam Final and how did you play to win against those opponents?


R1 Katakuri W
R2 Enel W
R3 Sakazuki W
R4 Katakuri W
R5 Enel W
R6 Katakuri W
R7 Sakazuki W
R8 Pluffy W
R9 Sakazuki L

Top 16
Katakuri 2-0

Sakazuki 2-0

Enel 2-1

Enel 2-1

My main approach was not a competitive one, I just wanted to have a nice time and that took a lot of pressure out of me so I could play really confortable and secure.

The only match I experienced real pressure was the top 4 against Enel, where I had the second game dominated and my oponent made a remarkable comeback.

6. Any tips or hints that you want to share with other players?

Play the game for love, for fun, to have a great time, to make friends, to enjoy. Not to win prizes or prove you are better than everyone.

Be friendly with your opponents, be a good sport and the result will eventually show up.

8. Do you have any message or shoutout to your team or your local community?

Shoutout to everyone who supported me this weekend, my wife, my kids, my brother Matias, my friends Seba, Manu, Cedric, Carlos, Nico, Javier etc. Big shoutout to Poison and Potion my local store and I will see you all at the World Finals!

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