[EN-OP5] Bing Tsang: Enel Leader

Hello, I'm Bing Tsang from Canada. I started to play One Piece Card Game from OP-03 , and I really love this card game.

Enel Deck Strategy

I used Enel leader and won 1st place in our local recently, the matchups are 4-0: Win: Katakuri, Enel, Sakasuki, Whitebeard.

The strategy is pretty much depending on the opponent. Of course having Ohm and Holly at hand can bring a lot of board pressure to opponent.

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For Sakazuki, I will not attack the leader until i hit my 7/8 Dons turn but will play some 4/5c body like Ohm/Holly/Gedatsu on board for opponent to pop. Try to control the board and his hand below 5 that he can't smoothly play the combo he wants. After hitting 7/8 dons, play Big Mom or Enel, probably around 1 or 2 life. Play Yamato next round and keep pop his 3/4c he played on board before.
Then keep play Kata/Yamato and control the board until you have 3 or 4 8k characters. Then go for life or end the game.
200m V Amaru may help when a 4c blocker is on block.
For Katakuri, I will go with face as much as possible to create blood pressure. Ohm/Holly/Gadatsu will be my good friend to pop his 3 or 4c characters. The only thing I don't want is to drag the game to Big Mom time. That will be tough for Enel. Play 7c Enel instead of Big Mom to prevent 8c Katakuri.
For WB, find Ohm in your hand and play it as a 6k body. Have to see if opponent is RushBeard or The Classic One. For Rushbeard, maintain 2 life will be safer. Swing 6k every turn to decrease the hands from Whitebeard. I personally don't swing to any Marco. Play 7c Enel for more pressure, probably WB will play 7c Ace/ 9c WB too. Just let go if they go against the Enel, it is not necessary to trash life for it. Play 9c Yamato at 1life at always to keep safe and create life pressure. 200m V amaru will be good friend for 4c Marco.
Enel mirror, personally don't go for life first to make sure there are sth I can pop with Gadatsu and Yamato, yellow blockers are 4c, play the 8k/9k body wide on board until hands are low and only 1life (which means 2 hits if no trigger). Enel have no answer to active characters that 5c or above.
For Purple Luffy, they played pretty straight. Take lifes and ramp Dons. Go aggressive as much as you can before the 7c Kidd. After the 7c Kidd, 8c Kata it to bottom life. Keeping a 2 life, you probably will be safe next turn because of 9c Kaido. Do not try to win the board, purple Luffy probably better (Uti and Page One). Go against life, and good luck on the trigger.


Big thanks and shout out to One piece community in Vancouver, they helped a lot on my deck and gave practical experience. Most important things are a friendly gaming environment is always the best and motivating. 

2 thoughts on “[EN-OP5] Bing Tsang: Enel Leader”

  1. Can you please give advice for how to counter Rebecca and her board control with either Kat or Enel? How do you deal with Kuzan, including 10 drop Kuzan? What would be your strategy in that matchup?

    1. Didn't have a match up with Rebecca after op05 so i can only guess on it, usually rebecca s life will be 3 or less when it is your don 7/8 turns so you can drop the big body as always. If u are sure she have a 10c kuzan, drop enel instead of others. For 4c kuzan, it s usually drop at her don 4-6 turns. u can still play gedatsu to kick his ass out. What I think i will do is the same with saka, they re pretty much similar style, I will drop 4c ohm and holly for her to pop and waste her hands. Then play 7c enel for board and pressure her life, 9c yamato to make u safe and triggers. Hope it help mate 🙂

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