[EN-OP5] An Interview with the 1st Place Team in CoreTCG Regional

Hello everyone, One Piece Top Decks had the chance to interview the team that won 1st place in Los Angeles Regional hosted by Core TCG. The tournament happened in Dec 16th with 142 teams (426 players).

The team members are:

A – Adam Cisneros – Nami
B – Dylan Chu – Sakazuki
C – Nicky Goldman – R/G Law

1. Tell us something about your team?

Nicky: We are all sponsored by ProjectCCG. Were all really close friends and test together. Even the 2nd place team is part of our local One Piece group, so it was amazing that we all could get the last serial Luffys.

Adam: We all started out with yugioh and have been in and out of various tcg's. One Piece really brought us back together and we have been so excited to finally compete at a premier event locally and showout for it.

Dylans: My teammates are all my friends that I see/talk to basically almost everyday. Even the team we played the finals I would consider my teammates as we’ve all formed a connection through One Piece. 

Adam Cisneros - Nami

2. What is your Achievement with OP TCG so far?

Dylans: In Solos I have two Top 8s and two Top 32s in One Piece. 

Nicky: I have 5 singles top 8's and 2 3on3 tops in One Piece. With Adam, we have gotten 3rd and a top 16 at other 3on3 events with the same leaders we used for this event.

Adam: I only have one premier top which was the 3v3 cup in Pittsburgh earlier this year where we finished 3rd by .00000000001%. Individually I Finished Top 32 Long Beach Treasure Cup and the 1500 player Pasadena Regional.

Nicky Goldman - R/G Law

3. Tell us something about your deck choice? Sakazuki is good, But why Nami and OP1 Law?

Adam: Nami has such a positive win spread versus the current meta. It was already a solid pick before OP05 but with even less whitebeard and R/G Law represented, this gives Nami an even better chance to shine.

Nicky: We have always considered Nami a respectable deck and we've concluded that the only match up you insta lose is against Law. Back then, Law was probably on most teams, so you had at most, a 33% chance of hitting the Law player as Nami. This format is different and better for Nami. Law does not have as much representation this format and Nami has a good match up against most of the new meta decks right now. Fun fact, Adam's winrate vs. Law with Nami is positive somehow, so props to him. 

Dylans: It was an easy choice because my teammates are the best Nami and Law players I know. Outside of the reasonings stated by my teammates I felt like they’re insane players that would do well piloting any of other decks.

Dylan Chu - Sakazuki

4. What is your tips for Nami and Law leaders  in current meta (and what to look for in mulligan)?

Adam:For Nami, you really want to see cycle more than anything but having at least 1 bounce card is also very crucial. Depending on the matchup you also have to hard mulligan for Nojiko since she is not searchable. The tempo she buys you is equivalent to a cycle card or more in some cases.

Nicky: As the Law player, what Im looking for in my opening hands are a Bonnie and/or blocker Law + a playable early game curve. Against Sakazuki, Im trying to find as many searchers as possible so I can mitigate Sakazuki's destruction.

5. Could you share the matchups result of each deck in this tournament?

Adam: Nami Finished 5-1: (Win: Saka Zoro Saka Saka Whitebeard; Lost: Enel X)

I could have finished undefeated but I made a critical error in how I stacked my deck with desert spada but luckily my teammates won out that final round.

Saka and Enel are some of the Easiest matchups for Nami. Whitebeard was the hardest matchup of the day. The consistent big body rush swings and zeff being a non factor, make this matchup very difficult.

Nicky: OP1 Law win: RP Luffy, Sakazuki, Enel, RP Law, P Luffy, Lost to Sakazuki.

Both Adam and I went x-1 and Dylan went x-0 Sakazuki is definitely Laws worst match up, but its not an insta loss. In my experience, I think Law can win at least 50% of the time. I personally dont like those odds, so I may consider swapping decks.

Dylans: Sakazuki Finished: 6-0.

Win: Bello, 3x P Luffy, Enel, Sakazuki

The hardest match up for Saka is definitely either Nami or Wb so I got lucky and didn’t see anything throughout the day. The easiest match up is Pluffy and in my person opinion, Enel as well.

Message and Shoutout

Dylans: Much love for my teammates and people in our play testing group (3 of which we played in the finals: Brian, Henry, and Kyle). Shout out to these stores having the best locals: Project CCG, Wildcardcyclone, Game Cellar, Top Choice Gaming, and CoreTCG. RIP Boba Ave W Valley.

Nicky: Huge shout out to our local community in social. All the people that go to ProjectCCG, CoreTCG, and WildCardCyclone. Huge congrats to the 2nd place team: Kyle Vo, Henry Pham, and Brian Huynh. And to our boy Jackie Moc that also got 2nd in the regionals. Also shout out to the sponsors, Dylan and ProjectCCG.

Adam: OP has had some of the most supportive people out of any tcg I've played, from my short travels I've had the chance to hang out with complete strangers who are just so hospitable and kind. So shout outs to those people, they make playing the game that much better. Also shout outs to our Sponsor Project CCG, they've supported our team and testing group the whole season and we hope to bring home more Wins, not just tops.

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