[EN-OP5] An Interview with Pierre Breuil, The winner of Paris Treasure Cup

Hello everyone, We would like to introduce Pierre "Trec" Breuil, a player from France who recently won the Paris Treasure Cup (438 players) with leader Sakazuki.

His matchups is tournament is: 11 win – 1 lost. He won 6x Sakazuki, 1x Enel, 1x Katakuri, 2x NewGate. He lost 1 game in Swiss round, against a player with Sakazuki leader.

1. Please introduce yourself? What is your achievement in Onepiece Card Game so far ?

Hello, I'm Pierre "Trec" Breuil, a French player and content creator (Coaching, Articles, Videos). I started One Piece at the beginning with the Super Pre Release. I won 4 Serials: 2 Luffy (2nd place Kinemon at Birmingham ; 2nd place Ace 3o3 at Glasgow) and 2 Shanks (5th at Liverpool with RP Law ; 1st at Créteil with Sakazuki).

2. How were your matchups in the Paris Treasure Cup?

I faced 7 Sakazuki, 1 Ener, 1 Katakuri and 2 WB.  Yellow is always feared because of the triggers. WB is hard if he goes with a good game plan / decklist and the mirror match is a chess game.

3. Was there a moment that you almost lost the game, but you managed to come back with a win?

My second match was against a Katakuri. Fortunately I was second and I got a Kuzan4 because I didn't see a single blocker the whole game. I needed to be aggressive: pushing life, taking the damage from 7cost Bigmom and protecting this Kuzan until the end.

4. Is there any game/matchups that left a strong impression, and why was it?

My day2 was only Sakazuki mirror matches. After each match I looked at my next match and I was like: “aaaaaah, Sakazuki again without the dice”. I had very good matches, 2 bo3 were streamed and I liked them a lot. I think I will try to see them again and maybe spot mistakes we made.

5. Will you continue with Sakazuki or will you try a different leader for another big tournament in OP5 meta?

I like to play every leader to have a good knowledge of the game. I will continue to try and cook stuff because I don't like to play like the other players. Sakazuki was the easy choice this time and if I don't find something else it will be him again. Well played, this deck is amazing.

6. So what is your goal with One Piece TCG?

My goal is to have a Serial each expansion. At this moment it works well. My dream is, of course, to go to the Worlds in Tokyo but it will be really hard. No one, at this moment, can say "I will be in".

7. Is there any message or shoutout you want to say to your friends or your local community?

I want to thank my community, students, and friends because they helped me improve. This first year of One Piece was amazing and I hope it will continue the same. I met a lot of good people. I had good results this time ; a lot of good players didn't. Stay focused and passionate, my friends, even if it's hard, even in dark times. Success will come. I also know a lot of good players will come soon so we all need to continue to improve.

Thank you very much and Good Luck !

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