[EN-OP4] Trevor: an 3v3 tourney report (PPG: 200+players)

Trevor and his friends, Mohammed Fattah and Colin Wong, teamed up and participated in the PPG 3v3 (200+ players) (North America) tournament and took the 10th place with the team score result 5-2.

In this article, Trevor will share with us his experience with this tournament.

1. Tell us something about yourself? and before this tournament, do you have some other (personal) achievements?

Hello, my name is Trevor. I haven't been playing TCGs for long. I would say One Piece is my first and I started back in starter deck format. I did not start taking the game seriously until set 2 before my online Treasure Cup, first big event and ended up placing 16th there with Zoro. From there I was hooked and wanted to get into more set 3 events which included two in person regionals, a in person Treasure Cup and an online regionals. 

I got my first shot at my nats invite with the online regional and ended up top 32 there. That following weekend I went to Gen Con which was a major success with me getting 4th at the regionals and the next getting top 64 at the Treasure Cup. Orlando was my last set 3 event and that ended with me getting 15th. I am hoping to get into future set 4 events and keep up the good work I have been doing. 

Trevor WB deck, click into image for decklist
Colin Wong: Katakuri
Mohammed Fattah: Zoro

2. Will you share with us about the strategy of the team, deck choice before the tournament?

Going into this we wanted to make sure I was in the middle on Whitebeard my strongest deck so I can end games quickly and help my teammates ASAP. I chose to run Pure Whitebeard as that version felt the most consistent into the meta for me. Glad I did because the Whitebeard cards were MVP. Next decision we're the other two decks and what seats. We chose Katakuri for C and Zoro for A. If we could do it over again I would only change Zoro for Rebecca. Our Player A ran into mostly Red, Ivankov and G/P Doffy. 

3. How was the matchups result for each deck?

Player A Mohammed Fattah on Zoro

Round 1 vs WB Loss

Round 2 vs WB Win

Round 3 vs Katakuri Win

Round 4 vs Zoro Loss

Round 5 vs Ivankov Loss

Round 6 vs Zoro Loss

Round 7 vs G/P Doffy Win

Player B – Trevor Nemcovic on Whitebeard

Round 1 vs Zoro Win

Round 2 vs Rebecca Win

Round 3 vs Whitebeard Win

Round 4 vs Law Win

Round 5 vs Zephyr Win

Round 6 vs Whitebeard Win

Round 7 vs Law Win

Player C Colin Wong on Katakuri

Round 1 vs Katakuri Win

Round 2 vs Katakuri Loss

Round 3 vs G/P Doffy Incomplete

Round 4 vs Whitebeard Loss

Round 5 vs Croc Win

Round 6 vs Law Loss

Round 7 vs Katakuri Win

Team score was 5-2

4. Share with us the experiences, tips and hints to the players/team who will participate in the 3on3 event in the future?.

Try your best to sit the decks that will have a good consistent match up into anything. Our Zoro faced a lot of the mirror and we weren't prepped for that, Neither were we in Seat C. Use communication it's one of the most important tools one of the reasons we won most of our rounds. Middle player being a consistent player helps with that.

5. So now you guys will head for the final, any plan to practice or deeper training?

If I do any more 3v3 which I probably will. I will be doing more meta research for these things and even 3v3 practice with other teams.

I would like to thank my team for asking me to come out and play with them. They killed it being this was last minute with little time to prep. Would love to team up again with them in the future. Go team Sunshine Games!

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