[EN-OP4] Giovanni: 2nd Place in Noheros Regional (1024 players) with WB.


Hello everyone, I’m Giovanni Salvatore Oliva from Italy. I firstly want to thank the One piece top decks team for letting me share my decklist and experience in the most recent noheroes 1024 players online regional.

I got introduced to the One piece card game by my friend and neighbour Roberto Rondino (#3 ranked Europe) even before the starter decks came out in Europe, and we instantly fell In love with the game and started playing it more and more everyday, which led us to become quite good at it, getting results right from the start of the game.

Since the start of the game i managed to rack up three top 4 finishes, One top 16 at offline events and the most recent 2nd place in the noheroes online regional with whitebeard


I started playing WB After the OP3.5 restriction list came out, because it was making waves here in the Italian community, and I quicky recognized how the banlist only benefited whitebeard, by not relying on the 9-cost WB anymore, and having more of a rush/beatdown strategy which really abuses some of the leader’s core mechanics.

Click into the image for the decklist in One Piece Top Decks

The deck main strategy is to rush your opponent down, pressuring their Life cards, with big vannilas and rush characters like 5-cost luffy and 7-cost ace.

The strength of the deck is the ability to set up a big board while taking every direct attack on your leader, once you get to turn four, ideally, you should start to pressure your opponent with Luffy rush, and follow up with or another Luffy/Ace the turn after, placing a blocker down or leaving Just enough dons up to make sure your opponent can’t attack your leader efficiently and respond to the threats on board at the same time.

Matchups (Regional)

My match ups were: – katakuri (win) – law (win) – katakuri (win) – law (win) – whitebeard (win) –whitebeard (win) – whitebeard (win) – Black luffy (win) – law (win) – zoro (lose)

The match up against katakuri is a favourable one, when going second I play sanji First turn, or nami in alternative, then establish my 4/6000 and 6/8000 on curve, and from turn 4 start attacking leader with as many 7k attacks as possible rushing them down. Going first the gameplan is similar but It can get difficult, esplecially if they trigger a thunderbolt from life, turn one nami, turn two sanji and 7k Attack or 5k attack with nami and 6k with leader, turn 3 4/6000 and 7k with leader, from turn 4 you need to really start pushing for their Life playing luffy rush and focusing on 7k attacks when is don efficient.

Law is a tricky match but still favourable in my opinion, going first 5 cost marco is key, chaining two in a raw on turn three and four is usually the best play. Going second the best play is to set up your 4/6000 and 6/8000 on curve and start pushing with luffy on turn 4. One Key concept against law is to not be afraid of attacking with 6k, esplecially if they have a blocker law on board.

The mirror (White Beard) is an unexpectedly skillfull match up, even though going second and seeing 9-cost wb is a big advantage, usually the best player wins, being able to recognize when to attack and how to get the most resources out of your characters Is key. And this depends on the key cards of the match up you get dealt from your deck (luffy rush, ace, 9-cost wb). To prove this point I won two mirrors going first in this tournament and have an incredible winrate in the mirror in major tournaments.

Finally, zoro is a really interesting match up, for me the key to win is to spam 6k attacks (especially if they have dons open) and develop too wide of a board for the zoro to respond, the key cards for this strategy are luffy rush and chopper, which allow wb to be aggressive while blocking out important damage while being really don efficient. Also don’t be afraid to take the Life when they swing for it in the first turns.


I wanna thank my whole local community, the team I practice with, they all help creating a really competitive enviroment while still keeping It incredibly fun to play in. Honorable mentions for my teamates and friends: Roberto Rondino, Matteo Longhin, Antonino Borzi, Antonio Festino, Luigi Amato, Gianluca Noviello and Luca Irano.

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