[EN-OP4.5] Giovanni won Liverpool Regional with ST10 Red Purple Luffy

Invited Author:  Giovanni

Country: Italy

 Hi everyone, I'm Giovanni and today I'll once again have the pleasure to write an article for one piece top decks, but this time with my liverpool regional tournament winner decklist, red/purple luffy.

Deck and Strategy

In preparation for the liverpool regional I was testing supernova kid but when st-10 came out my friend Bubo introduced me to the deck, and I quickly realized it had a lot of unexplored potential, especially since I thought doffy g/p and law r/p were gonna be the most rapresented decks at the tournament, both of which luffy r/p should beat. Another important element that lead me to play luffy was the surprise factor, I knew I was going to bring an almost optimazed version of the deck with a plan for every match up, which people were not gonna be used to play against.

Click into the image for decklist in One Piece Top Decks

The deck main strategy is to ramp as fast as possible in order to get to your late game boss monsters and use them to pressure your opponent life while defending optimally with cards that boost you leader (like 7 cost kid) or efficient blockers (like queen or law) that let you ignore the opponents board. In every match up the most important card, by far, is 7 cost kid, when played on curve it limits the ability of your opponent to attack your leader, making you save a lot of cards defensivly and also pressures offensivly forcing the opponent to deal with a guaranteed 8k and 7k attack every turn. 7 cost kidd also gives you the ability to play at 11 dons once you hit 10, using his ability you -1 and with the leaders ability you immediatly ramp that don active. 

VS KATAKURI: this is a slightly negative match up, you prefer going second, since you are gonna be able to play you 7 cost kid before your opponent has 8 dons, which means they are not gonna play kata and bottom life it. 

The key in this match up is to be as aggressive as possible, counter the first lifes, establish your 7 cost kid on curve, if you have a second one play it, otherwise play bullet or 10 cost luffy and pressure the opponent as much as possible, when you hit 1 life you can start playing your blockers, mainly queen, as it can also be an attacker in the next turn in case you have to go for lethal. 

In this match up is also very important to keep in mind how much counter power you need for the opponent turn, so if you don't need to leave a don open for the 1 cost counter, or you don't need to play blockers, don't do it and make sure to use your dons to attack as optimally as possible. 

VS DOFFY G/P: this is luffy best match up, you prefer going second and again the best card is 7 cost kid, when you see atleast one of him you should never lose, another important card in the match up 10 cost luffy, as it basically forces your opponent to counter attacks insted of blocking them, making them play unoptimally. 

When you don't see your 7 cost kid, you should be very carefull of you opponents spamming 6k attacks with their film chacarters, which they are gonna flood the board with very early with brook, when this scenario happens you are gonna be in a racing battle with your opponent for closing out the game, in which bullet can be crucial, since he ignores blockers and gets double attack. 

Also note that in this match up you should almost never trade the opponents characters since most of them are 5k and your leader is 6k, if you start trading insted of going for life, you are gonna give your opponent too much value and end up losing. 

VS LAW R/P: this is a slightly positive amtch up for luffy, you prefer going first to avoid the opponent getting the 4 cost law effect off, which is one off their win conditions in the match up. You should mulligan for 7 cost kid and 9 cost whitebeard, playing htem allows you to pressure the opponent making them either resolve the character, which is gonna cost them the whole turn without attacking the leader optimally because of the boost, or if they can't do that they will have to go aggressive on your boosted leader, which is gonna be very easy to counter. 

This is bullets best match up, when you don't see your leader buffers nad the opponent is pressurung your leader too much, you can play bullet, which is most of the times gonna be cleared only by round table, and have the option of going for lethal the next turn.

Tournament Matchups

My match ups and results were: 

Swiss: 1 katakuri (win);  2 mirror (win); 3 zoro (lose); 4 kaido (win); 5 katakuri (win); 6 doffy g/p (win); 7 film kid (win); 8 law r/p (win); 9 katakuri (win); 10 law r/p (lose) 

Top cut

top32 doffy g/p (2-0)  top16 law r/p (2-0)  top 8 mirror (2-0) top 4 doffy g/p (2-0) 

final law r/p (2-1) 

My swiss in this tournament was quite diverse, with some spicy decks like zoro(pretty strange to say) and kaido. 

Easily the worst match up is zoro, with their leaders ability they are able to spam 6k attacks too early and too optimally and also going for the game is gonna be very difficult with all of their defensive events. 

Kaido can be difficult if they see their onigashina and ramp early to ten, but is still a favourable match up if played well. 

In the katakuri match ups I was able to always go second which was really important since it's a slightly negative match up. 

Doffy g/p match ups were pretty easy, even when i didn't hit the ramp or the 7 cost kid (that's why i played this deck).

Law r/p was the most interesting match up, most of the games feel different and have a lot of important decisions to make, unless you hit the nuts have have both 9 cost whitebeard and 7 cost kid to play back to back.


Finally i want to shout out my team: K2 (roberto, matteo and nino), we had the goal to prove that we can top with all different decks and we proved it, also shout out to my friends and testing partners: Gianluca(who got top4), Luca irano, Mattia Merdosa, Pasquale Ingenito, Lorenzino Messi, Luigi Amato, Emilio Vitiello, Antonio Festino and Catello (incredible player who can't play events) and finally my local store and community: il tempio di kronos.

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