[EN-OP4.5] Benjamin (2nd place Liverpool Regional) I built ST10 Law to destroy Katakuri

Invited Author: Benjamin

Country: France

I started play One piece the 10 may 2023 thanks to my friend Trec! And I really love this game, what make me so happy with this game is how easy it is to understand the game but hard to master.

So far my achievement in One Piece Card Game is: Top 16 LaHaye; Top 16 Online; Top 8 Alicante; Top 8 Milan; Top-2 Liverpool Regional.

Deck and Strategy

I choosed R/P Law for this tournament, because I hate katakuri so much and I wanted to play a deck which can destroy katakuri, and Law RP has a very good match up versus katakuri. We practice with Trec the same deck and decklist during One week i would say.

Click into the image for decklist in One Piece Top Decks

The global deck strategy : you need to see early Bepo or Saschi to shamble on early turn and put a lot of pressure quick (on 4 don or 5 don). A nice play on 4 dons is Uti page One and shamble or Trafalgar law remove one character and shamble (always put saschi first). Another nice play on 5 dons is Zoro 6k remove a character and shamble with Bepo or Saschi (always shaschi and penguin first).

Vs Katakuri you want to see your character who reduce the power of katakuri character, most of katakuri character are 5k and you can remove it easily even if they trigger. The best card in this match up for katakuri is big mom 7, randolph and perospero 8k With gordon and another reducer you can remove litteraly all threat of katakuri, so keep your gordon or put it on late turn when your opponent doesnt want to use streusen or amande on it.

Vs Doffy : Law -2k , Zoro -2k Brook, are key cards because they allowed us to developped big board stage and reduce the power of doflamingo board. Your 6k attacker are really good in this match up, because it's really hard for doflamingo to remove your 6k attacker because he has to invest more don on it. Often best doflamingo do not attack your life and try to starve you, that's why you can wait and shamble later if you don't see shachi or bepo, and use more Don to developed your board.

Vs RG Law all you need to see is Bepo or Shachi, you can shamble on 4-5 Dons put a lot of pressure, keep Gordon to remove Law blocker. This matchup is a really good match up for RP Law

Vs RP Luffy, you want to maximize your board and attack with a lot of 6k, that's why heat, zoro, Page one are really good cards in this match up. Do not hesitate in this match up to use a 2k counter early to defend against a 6k attack and keep life high.

With RP Law you will often accept to take your two first life even sometime 3 first life if you have blocker in hand, because in exchange you can put a lot of pressure on your opponent and if your opponent decide to go for a lethal, you don't have that many bricks and you have a lot of blocker. (Queen) and you can shamble your law/uta/blackmaria

Tournament Matchups

My friend Trec (finished 5) and my matchup are: vs Doffy (8-2); vs Luffy (5-2); vs Katakuri (4-0); vs Kid (1-0); vs Rebecca (2-2); vs Law RG (3-0); vs smoker (1-0); vs crocodile (1-0); vs queen (1-0); mirror (2-0).

Vs crocodile queen katakuri law, these are a really easy match up just shamble on 4 with shachi or bepo and the game is win.

vs Doffy this match up is really good, there is key card you need to see to put pressure and deal with the board, 3 very important card are : Gordon, Zoro 6k, Brook 5k (brook/zoro very strong in this match up)

vs Luffy : (hard match up if two kids or kid + 9 drop) you need to see your 6k attackers (heat, page one, zoro, queen) and you want to do everything possible to remove the 7 cost kid. (gordon otama law, put brook the turn before)

vs Rebecca : hard match up, but there is one strategy where you don't put board except zoro rush and you attack with big numbers every turn.


Thank you to Yamii corp my team with a lot of good players and good guys! Thank you Trec who made this RP Law decklist and french community for the support they gave me ! See you in utrecht I will qualify for the world championship.

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