[EN-OP2] Shannon: 5th Place OCE online treasure cup with Green FILM Kid

Invited Author: Shannon from Team PX3

Country: Australia

About me

Hey, I’m Shannon from Team PX3. At the OCE online treasure cup this list placed 5th going undefeated until the finals, ending 7-1.

Previous event placements:
DLB: 6th
In-person treasure cup: Top 64
Online Regionals: 5th

Check out the deck profile here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qS6kYGdBlTU&ab_channel=TeamPX3

Why Film Kid?

I was originally going to play Zoro for this upcoming event but was getting bored and made a last-minute switch to Magellan the week before hand. The night before this event at 7:30pm I made an even more last-minute switch to this deck! I played 5 games on the sim and 2 on discord before sleeping and getting up for the event. 

Although I had limited time testing this deck, the concept seemed simple enough to me and I felt like it would have a good matchup into the meta red decks out there. The ability to cheat out units or generate card advantage can win you games if you get lucky and even if you don’t get lucky your leader ability allows you to change your game plan.


I almost exclusively used bonnie as a turn 1 or 2 play against most decks. I don’t care if they want to swing at it, that’s just a +1 in my head. It isn’t your engine like it is in law. However against a deck like smoker or WB if you can start a bonnie train then it can be a way to outvalue your opponent.


This card can win you games just by giving you a strong early game, a killer turn 2 when you go second. 


An important card that can win you back the board, apply pressure, and give you some extra defense. Don’t fall into the trap of always having to play this card, I trashed it plenty of times even when I had the combo; if I thought leader ability was a stronger play.


A great tool to generate more cards, but once again don’t fall into the trap of activating her ability every turn. Sometimes one don elsewhere can be crucial to clearing board or adding more pressure. 

Punk Gibson

An absolute must have 4x in the deck. For 2 don you can cancel out 2x attacks from your opponent or rest a blocker that sets up lethal. A common late game play for me is to swing 9k or 10k twice and leave just enough open for punk Gibson which will protect me to do 2x 12k swings next turn.


An amazing 2k counter that can be played too. If you need to clear a priority character early or rest a blocker later, it can win you games. I won a smoker game because I rested his Borsalino with Izou.

Paradise Totsuka

This was my deck-tech against Marcos that you would find in Hybrid-Beard and Boat-Beard as I thought I would run into a lot of these. Only investing 1 don to rest a blocker means you can do 2x 11k swings. I ran into zero Marcos this tournament, but the card did win me a game against a Kinemon.

Mulligan/Turn Order

I choose second against all decks (except Luffy). Going first or second is fine though. A premium hand has your combo pieces like Brook + Nami, or Luffy + Zoro as well as a bonnie. If you have a decent curve (eg. going first you have a Nami into Franky) it can be worth keeping.

Tournaments Matchups

  1. Win Law
  2. Win Film Kid
  3. Win Luffy
  4. Win Zoro
  5. Win Kinemon
  6. Win Strawbeard
  7. Win Smoker
  8. Lose Law

How to play each matchup

Zoro/Luffy – These are some of your easiest matchups. Take life early down to 3 or 2 if you are comfortable, but if they pressure with lots of 5k’s you should counter some of these. Focus on clearing board early and getting your key combo pieces down. You want to deal 2/3 points of damage to their life with cheap hits. Once they give this to you start swinging with large double swings using leader effect and any characters on board. These decks don’t run many blockers so they can’t handle these swings, and even with their leader buffed to 7k from 9c WB they won’t have enough counter.

Whitebeard – If you know this matchup it should be in your favor. It’s important to find out if your opponent is playing Straw-beard, Hybrid-beard or Boat-beard. You like to go tall(hitting for large numbers) against straw-beard and wide (multiple low numbers) against boat/hybrid. A bonnie can get you lots of value if they don’t play a Nami as it can soak up a 6k swing. Brook/ Luffy are great for filling board to get multiple swings into WB. If they are going to drop a Marco it’s important to hold a Paradise Totsuka/Izou/Punk Gibson so you can rest it.

Smoker – This matchup can be difficult. As you run lots of plain bodies, your characters being K.O. can really hurt. If you were to play a Franky at 5don and your opponent plays a Sakazuki then you are in rough waters. I would look for cards like bonnie and brook, as these cards give you value for a low cost and then you can try and run them out of cards. If you are in a tricky spot I would start going for their leader with double swings and hold a resting card like Totsuka/Izou/Punk for a Borsalino.

Kinemon – This matchup can also be difficult. Brook is good here, but also big bodies are as well, like Zoro, Franky and Luffy. It can be a battle of how many blockers they draw to defend your leader attack hits. Doing two large attacks with leader the turn before they play Oden can put them in a very difficult spot, as they won’t have don left over for events or blockers, meaning they are in danger of another double swing.

Law – This was the most difficult matchup for me. You don’t have too many great options to shut down their board, and with how many searchers they run they are just playing their own game. Brook is a must in this matchup, getting two attackers out early will be what can keep you in the game. Because they run so many blockers, doing multiple attacks is how you will beat them. If they run out of small blockers, then you can turn to your leader effect to pressure them or force them to block with blocker-law.

Any changes I would make to the deck?

Check out the Deck profile for what changes I would make: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qS6kYGdBlTU&ab_channel=TeamPX3


Inspiration was taken from CrossAi, check him out!

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