[EN] Marcelo with RedGreen Law Control

Invited Author: Marcelo Patino
Country: Mexico


Hi everyone, I’m Marcelo Patiño from Monterrey, Mexico, I'm a YuGiOh player and now I’m trying OPCG because when I participate in the demo day it looked intersting for me this new type of game (and also that I like the anime hehe).

So I have been playing my last 2 tournaments Law control and had been working really good.

This is not my own build, this is the build that won one of the tournaments at Singapore, I wanted to try the build because I was searching in the Law deck something less aggressive that could control more as the kid Green deck.

So far maybe for me I will do some adjustments like 1 of them like cutting round table (maybe add another zoro/bege/brook 4 (the one who reduce life) / Luffy 5) and see if I can add the brook 4 or the last bege.


The matchups I have been playing this last 2 tournaments were:

Red Zoro
Blue & purple crocodile
Red Zoro
Green Kid

Purple Kaido
Blue Doflamingo
Red Luffy
Purple Kaido
Purple Kaido

All these matchups the deck won.

I think you should know how to play against each deck, for an example , against a Kaido you will look to see the Rush and really quick damage with 5k attacks. These matchup is difficult if you can’t make quick damage or get the Jet Pistols for removing the Queens. (And as everyone knows, it will become more difficult if the opponent open with Onigashima)

Against red Zoro/Luffy, you will have to protect yourself if you can until late game and see how can you avoid your opponent's pistols and Otamas. These matchups are really difficult if you can’t prevent for the fast damage that the red decks normally do. (Here is where the cost-1 Characters will shine like a diamond)

Against Green Kid you should try to keep your Pistols and Otamas for Hawkins and 8-cost Kid. I think this matchup is not that difficult if you found the way to save those cards.

Against blue Doflamingo you can play until you reach the 8-cost kid and know how to protect and not rushing in attacking. Also, I think the Doflamingo deck have a tough time against Kid 8.

Against the crocodile bio-color, I don’t really have a way to play since my opponent didn’t open with the Robins but maybe one advice could be is attacking with 7k to waste their events quickly .

The deck is really really fun and it is also a deck that makes you really think your plays what to put up (since maybe one wrong move you wouldn’t be able to have a come back in some cases), when to attack, when to defend, etc.

Perhaps this is one of the most difficult or interesting decks that I have played.

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    1. I normally prefer to go first, so i can start playing the lvl 1 monsters and get my field full the must fast i can. I havent think in go second in any of my matches so far.

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